Miracle Moment – Chuck Slaby


Heavy narcotics and Chuck’s brain wired to a couple of gizmos Chuck & Anna Marie Slabyimplanted into his hips, that were designed to tell his brain that there was no pain, all of this to counter RSD. Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy was the irreversible disorder that had plagued Chuck Slaby throughout his body for thirteen years. How did just one prayer reverse everything? The remarkable story is told by Chuck and his wife, Anna Marie.

Send in the Clowns – BFL 84


BFL.ClownsTragic irony. Just one day after posting the heroic efforts of Dr. Greg Spohn in bringing healing to his very ill wife, Julie, Dr. Spohn died of a heart attack. We are shocked and crushed by the news. Our prayers and sympathies go to his wife, Julie, and the Spohn children. The ripple effect Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – What’s Wrong with Reiki Prayer?


The Church has come down on Reiki prayer. Dr. Issam NemehWhat’s the problem? How does it differ from the prayer Dr. Nemeh is talking about? Also, with the Lenten season here, let’s explore how the Holy Spirit attempts to nudge us and reveal to us what God wants us to know.

Miracle Moment – Patrick Coleman


Being a firefighter and a police officer, Patrick Patrick and Cameron Colemancould not afford the weakening of his body that he was experiencing because of celiac disease. The super sensitivity to gluten had made Patrick very sick. This episode demonstrates what happens when we say ‘no’ to God, as well as a most peculiar way of testing a healing.

Coincidence or GODincidence? – BFL 83


BFL.GODincidenceI didn’t used to like that word, Godincidence. I would roll my eyes and think “C’mon, sometimes stuff just happens.” But, when you begin to realize that God’s hand is in everything, your eyes are opened to new possibilities. This episode is full of Co-GOD-incidence. How do you explain Continue reading

Looking for a Speaker … I have a Story to Tell!

I am blind. I thank God every day for the blindness. Why? Philip KellerThe blindness led me back to my faith.

Are you in need of a speaker for your group or organization? I have a story to tell that will inspire and transform. Using my trademark wit, I tell the story of leaving the Church for 15 years. What brought me back? My future Continue reading