We Reflect the Light – BFL 148


we reflect the light“Okay Jesus, where are we going today?” With that prayer, Kathy Nemeh begins her day. Today, Kathy comes to the rescue of a beautiful, lost, young woman. The lady Continue reading

Who are You Bringing with You? Helping Others Get to Heaven


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh
We can be the doorway for others to see Christ and to join us in an eternity of joy. It’s not enough to merely save ourselves. Who are we inspiring? Are we leading and helping Continue reading

I Wished I Was Dead


Miracle MomentI Wished I Was Dead

“I Wished I Was Dead. I could hear whispers from long distances. I smelled tobacco from a hundred yards.” This was not a good thing, unless you are CIA. Doctors are not sure what to call this rare disorder that has attacked Mariusz Continue reading