Holy Spirit Moves Legs of Paraplegic – Blind Faith Live 59


Vinny Geiger was injured four years ago in a cliff diving accident. He has felt nothing below his naval since then. Things changed recently during healing services near Cincinnati, Ohio.


Vinny, in awe as he watches what the Holy Spirit is doing to his legs!

His feet and legs began to move up and down and even kicking. The muscles in his legs grew and became sore. In the shower, he could feel the water hitting his legs and the temperature change. Even in the hours between his prayers from Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh, the Holy Spirit continued to move his legs.

Vinny has become quite emotional as he realizes that God is touching and healing him. We will update as Vinny begins his medical treatment with Dr. Nemeh.



Jessie & Jerry SarlesMiracle Moment – We highlight three employees of Jay’s Furniture in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jerry and Jessica Sarles and Justin Sheets were touched by healings of the eyes, stroke symptoms, forgiveness issues, and the healing of the mind.
(Segment begins at 7 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – These are the things that matter. The topics include…healing, the Fallen Angels, Christ becoming man, our role in redemption, how to live in heaven now, and how love is the key to everything that God does.
(Segment begins at 27 minutes)

Let Go My Ego – Blind Faith Live 58


Do you need to sit on your ego?

“All sin is vanity,” said St. John. That’s ego! Doesn’t it seem that everything in this world pushes us to expand our ego? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, it all says ‘I am important!’

But Jesus said to put God first and to love everybody as you love yourself. Conflict? I will continue this post in a moment, but first I need to tell everybody on Facebook that I ‘like’ coffee and then take a picture of my food, and share it.

Miracle MomentDr. Patricia KaneDr. Patricia Kane is finally being highlighted!

She is one of the reasons why Dr. Issam Nemeh received national attention three years ago, by appearing with Dr. Nemeh on the Dr. Oz show. Her terminal case of Pulmonary Fibrosis, scarring on her lungs, disappeared with her visits to Dr. Nemeh’s office. You will hear the stunned response of Dr. Oz in this episode.
(Segment begins at 20 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – The role that ego plays in heartache.

  • Is there any conflict between scripture and science?
  • What is the message when all the signs (God) point you in one direction, but you are still hit with failure?
  • If the prayers of Dr. Nemeh are enough for healing, why does he use medical tools in his office?

(Segment begins at 36 minutes)

Bombs Explode Next Door – Blind Faith Live 57


Kathy Nemeh had us all in tears at Sunday’s healing service,Kathy Nemeh
as she recounted when she and Dr. Nemeh were on a Skype call with Issam’s parents in Syria. During the call, bombs rained down on the building next door in Damascus. Only death and destruction remained.

(Segment begins at 8 minutes)

Christine & Alan Derry


Miracle Moment – A montage of healings of individuals, moments after receiving a prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh at a healing service. My thanks to Alan Derry, Neil Aldrich, Colleen, and Sara Shirak.

(Segment begins at 2 minutes)


Issam’s Insight – We continue our conversation on the Middle East. Topics include:

  • Martyrdom in Iraq. When does a Christian know that prayers aren’t enough in our efforts to help?


  • How the miracles through the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh have changed in the last ten to twenty years.
  • The soon to be ‘mini-rapture’ that is addressed in Chapter 12 of Revelation.

(Segment begins at 18 minutes)

Follow God’s Signs…Find Your Way – Blind Faith Live 56


Miracle Moment – Multiple Sclerosis, Scoliosis, Lupus, Brain Aneurysm, have all been reversed in Erica Mileti! There are no symptoms anymore … even Erica’s neurologist has to admit she’s had a miracle and is now on board with believing that Dr. Nemeh’s prayers have worked. All the signs point to a loving, powerful God.
Erica Mileti
Erica is one of those undisputable cases where it’s easy to see that 1+1=2. All the disorders that were there are gone, thanks to the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh, known as ‘The Physician of Unshakable Faith.’ This one is a no-brainer. The ‘before and after’ makes it easy to see how the power of prayer healed Erica. The signs are right there before our eyes! God’s beautiful design.
(Segment begins at 15 minutes)

This leads us to Atlanta’s International Airport. Say what? I couldn’t help but think of God’s intelligent design in the world when I heard this story. The job of a professional ‘Way Finder’, yes, that is a real occupation, is to guide you from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ without putting up a big sign that says ‘go thataway’! These environmental graphic designers use our natural instincts to route us. At the new terminal of Atlanta’s International Airport, that experience begins with ticket counters that are angled in order to subliminally push us towards security and ultimately our jet. Plus, black and yellow tiles in the floor are silently whispering ‘this way’ to you gate. God is trying to get us to heaven in much the same way.

Miracles Get Our Attention

God has certainly left us with plenty of words to guide us to Paradise. But He has also given us a plethora of signs to point us in the correct direction. Are we seeing them? The miracle stories documented here each week are a powerful testimony to God’s presence and love. He is the Master ‘Way Finder’.

Issam’s Insight – We focus on the Christian martyrdom in Iraq. Where’s our church? Where is our country? There will be a price to pay for silence.
(Segment begins at 34 minutes)