Three Local Women Who Heard God Call – BFL 96


BFL_GodCalledIt doesn’t get any simpler than this. Let’s stop talking about what it takes to experience the heavenly supernatural. Let’s show it! Here are real life examples of God communicating Himself directly with those who choose to love God and everyone around them.

God, You Choose – BFL 95


BFL_GodYouChooseThis week, I stumbled upon an extremely powerful prayer. While trying to decide on which Miracle Moment to use, I said to God, “You choose.” I received an immediate response. The song that began playing in my head gave me my answer, as well as the lesson in this week’s episode. In my super Continue reading

Looking for a Speaker … I have a Story to Tell!

I am blind. I thank God every day for the blindness. Why? Philip KellerThe blindness led me back to my faith.

Are you in need of a speaker for your group or organization? I have a story to tell that will inspire and transform. Using my trademark wit, I tell the story of leaving the Church for 15 years. What brought me back? My future Continue reading

Miracle Moment – Mother and Daughter


Phyllis Miller and her daughter, Tricia Kaman, Phyllis Miller, Tricia Kamanshare their miracle stories that involve the Blessed Mother at The Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio, and healing services with Dr. Issam Nemeh. Serious issues of dementia, kidneys, and ruptured discs have been healed.