Miracle Moment – A Dog’s Healing


As Jenny Shanahan was telling me about aDarbynumber of her own Miracle Moments with Dr. Issam Nemeh, she mentioned the eye popping healing of a dog. With a car full of kids, Jenny accidentally ran over a stray dog, breaking one of the dog’s front legs. What to do? Call Issam and Kathy Nemeh. What happened next was something Jenny and her children will never forget.

Message from Mary – BFL 88


Blessed MotherHad I somehow upset the Blessed Mother? I will take you through the song, the steps, and the message that Mary had for me, and perhaps for you.
(The photo to the left is from our backyard)

Miracle Moment – Lucy Tommasulo lived in a wheelchair because of Scleroderma. This potentially fatal disease Continue reading