5 More Miracles


MaryLouRichardKayMiracle Moment – Here are Five More MIracles

Kathy Nemeh looks around the room of a Dr. Nemeh healing service. The miracle stories are everywhere. Real people. Real miracles. More miracle stories join us out in the hallway. Kay Bevan and Mary Lou Higgerson have recovered from disorders like peripheral neuritis of the legs, complete loss of feeling in the legs, one leg being longer than the other, as well as a bevy of other back, leg and hip maladies. They both sing the praises of what can happen under the prayerful care of Dr. Issam Nemeh.

1 thought on “5 More Miracles

  1. I wish God put someone like dr. Nemeh in every country in the world so that many more would receive the miracle of healing and many more would or could receive the message of truth.

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