A Visit to Heaven – Part Two


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Issam Nemeh
Wondering how a visit to heaven would look and feel? These recent Issam Insights will get you there. Three times Dr. Issam Nemeh has been taken to heaven, not just in spirit, but in body. What he saw, felt and was told are in these two podcasts titled “A Visit to Heaven.” This is a visit to heaven, part two. And, here’s the link to part one if you need to revisit it.

The Prayer Device
This episode is where Dr. Nemeh first mentioned the possibility of creating a device that any one of us could use and experience much of what Dr. Nemeh experiences during a healing. A gizmo that would assist us in directing our intentions of love in a more perfect way. Sounds like crazy sci-fi, but it is now being developed.

Mary Wearing a Gold Crown
Plus … Mary, the Blessed Mother, appeared like never before at a recent healing service. Is this yet another sign of the urgency in Mary’s message.

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