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BFL_AnythingIsPossibleAshley Nemeh’s song, Anything Is Possible,’ is the cornerstone of this episode. With God, all things are possible. We see this in the miracle stories that we present here. We see this in our daily lives. The song was released as a fundraiser for the three women who had been held captive for nearly a decade in Cleveland, Ohio. This week, as two of the women, Amanda Barry and Gina DeJesus, release their story in a book entitled, “Hope,” it seems only fitting that we all remind ourselves, that no matter the pain, or how we can feel forgotten by the world, and drained of almost all hope, with God, anything is possible.

Miracle Moment
“My oncologist says I am a miracle.” Joe and Peg EilermanJoe Eilerman was told by two hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic, that he had only two to four months to live. That was in 2009. The cancer just refuses to spread like doctors expected to. Joe believes that the prayers of Dr. Nemeh and his own inspired ministry, to help those in need around the world, are keeping him remarkably healthy.
(Segment begins at eight minutes)

Issam’s Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Anything is possible. Genetic issues are being reversed. Fingers and toes are growing back. This is not science fiction. This is the ongoing refrain, ‘on earth as it is in heaven.’ This is heaven and earth colliding on a daily basis.
(Segment begins at 12 minutes)

Keeping it Real with Kathy
(Segment begins at five minutes)

Also in this Episode Deborah Wenger
*Deborah Wenger shares her miracle and a supernatural experience.
(Segment at 21 minutes)

*Ashley Nemeh’s new inspirational album ‘Rise Again,’ is now available on iTunes. There is a sneak preview in this episode. There will soon be a CD available. Here is the link to the album in the iTunes store.

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  1. Wow I just saw this for the very first time. I believe I need to have another MRI done on my back. Story to be continued! Thanks Trapper !

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