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PhilipWhat happens when I never turn the digital recorder off?
This episode is like no other episode of Blind Faith Live. During this past week, seldom was my digital recorder in the off mode. I recorded everything. You can call it a week in the life of Blind Faith Live. You will follow my wife, Elizabeth, and I, as we go through our day and our conversations discussing why Blind Faith Live is not where we believe it should be. Some of this isn’t very pretty!

I feel that I’m being redirected by God and that I am to show you the process. My question throughout the week has been, ‘What is victory for Blind Faith Live’? I am hoping that you have an answer that can help us.

Special Moment – In a follow-up conversation with TatianaTatiana Kostanian, from last week’s episode, she shares more about Blessed Mother’s appearance while Dr. Nemeh was praying with her. (Segment begins at 10 minutes)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh – His message at the most recent healing service is feeling more intense than ever. It’s important that we are listening to our role in muting the influence of the fallen Angels. We all share the same mission in this life, to end this evil age. (Segment begins at 34 minutes)

Keeping It Real with Kathy – Bonus (Segment begins at 43 Minutes)

Miracle Moment – Mary Denise Safie, Jeff and Kim Hazel, Jeff & Kim Hazeland Mary Denise SafeyMary Ann Miller share their healing moments at a Dr. Nemeh healing service held in Livonia, Michigan. Pain, blindness, and addiction are the disorders being put into order thanks to the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. (Segment begins at 46 minutes)

8 thoughts on “What’s Missing? – BFL 69

  1. Hello Phillip,
    The reason that I am commenting on such an old podcast is because I decided to listen to all of them from the beginning, so I just got here. I am not sure if you will hear this, but I felt it was important that I let you know that nothing is missing from your show. Absolutely nothing. The Holy Spirit is working through you and drawing those who will hear the message. The reason I say that is that I too have told everyone I know about you and Dr. Nemeh. Of those who have chosen to listen, none have really been drawn to the message in the way that I was. I believe that the truthfullness of the message is such that only a few can accept it. I can tell you that your show has completely changed my life. I have been a believer for years, but it never reached a level of power where it actually fundamentally changed my behavior until I listened to your show. I believe I recieved a spiritual healing through listening to the podcast. This has led to a deepening of my faith and that of my family. I learn from you, your guests and Dr. Nemeh. The way that I stumbled upon your show was that I have been going through one of the most difficult storms in my life. In desperation, I searched for “Blind Faith” because I knew that is what I needed and it led me to this priceless treasure. I am still in the midst of the storm, and your show has literally been a lifeline. instead of turmoil and despair, I have found joy and peace. If I start sliding into a dark place, all I have to do is listen to the next episode. Remember that God does not view things as men do. Your success is in the spiritual realm. Look at how patient you have been. Look at how you have persevered. God is working through you and also in you. He is building up your spirit. This life is passing. You are building true treasure. I know this is hard, I am going through difficulties as well, but I also know that God loves us and He knows exactly what we need. He is mainly concerned with our eternal life and is molding us in just the right way. Anyway, I am currently donating, but I will be donating more when I find a job. I am very grateful for everything that you and Dr. Nemeh do. Satan will try to get you to doubt and despair because he knows the power of your work. Reject all those thoughts. You are gathering for Christ. Just be certain of that. Also remember that many saw the miracles of Christ. They walked with Him, heard Him and felt His presence, but how many truly followed Him? The reason is that it is not an easy teaching. It demands action and attention. The masses are not ready for that, but you will be drawing those that are ready to hear it. I am convinced that my storm occurred so that I could find this podcast which led to my true conversion. God bless you-you are always in my prayers. With love, Aurora

  2. Phil,

    I do not know what I would do without your podcasts! They are wonderful and I love the way you use music and are very transparent with your own journey. I have been to Dr. Nemeh 3 times now and follow him through you. I brought 3 of my friends and one of them Debi Armbrister, you had on your podcast. Please keep doing what you are doing!!! We love you. Patty

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