Why are We Born to Forget Heaven?


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Forget Heaven?Dr. Issam Nemeh

It’s the stuff that movies are made of. Young children having heavenly experiences. Moments with Jesus Himself. Why are kids having these experiences and why does amnesia of the events occur after about age 5?

We begin to forget heaven as our origin. In this podcast, Dr. Issam Nemeh reveals the heavenly blessing that accompanies the forgotten time with God.

Is Dr. Nemeh the only person walking this earth that is talking about ‘the matching?’ Is anyone else speaking out about the followers of Christ matching a fallen angel, one for one? The ultimate goal being the muting of any evil influence in this world.

Our first in-depth conversation about the gizmo. The device that will enable any of us believers to experience much of what Dr. Nemeh experiences during prayer and healing.

Those who benefit from a Dr. Nemeh prayer will often thank him for his ‘gift.’ Does he have a gift? Dr. Nemeh doesn’t think so.

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