Broken or Blessed?


Broken Rosary
Philip Keller’s rosary is broken. Or is it? A closer examination proves that it is even more blessed. Can you see it? Was it a supernatural event or a mistake at the factory? Is it broken or blessed? We see God’s hand in everything. We should be able to see the blessing. We see heaven colliding with Earth. We see Mary acknowledging that prayers are being answered. See it yet?

Broken Wife
Philip’s wife, Elizabeth Keller, is also a bit broken. They both received a redirection (discipline) from God. Hers lasted a couple more days than his. What did they do to deserve the corrective action? Philip and Elizabeth felt a push from the Holy Spirit to do His will, but, they refused to budge. So, physical pain was delivered in a most unusual way. A beautiful blessing from God that let both know that He expects more from the Kellers.

Miracle Moment
Sandra Sadowski had terminal uterine cancer. She was given four to six months to live. The cancer was also in her lymph nodes and bone. A second opinion duplicated the first.

Dr. Nemeh healing services and visits to Nemeh’s medical office turned everything around. Sandra Sadowski and her husband, Tim, say the doctors were shocked when multiple scans displayed zero cancer. Sandra is cancer free.

8 thoughts on “Broken or Blessed?

  1. My mother found her rosary was broken this past Sunday in the exact same spot. She did not gain a bead, however. There was no visible damage to the links. It was just separated. She has had this rosary since she made her First Communion. And then she listened to this episode. Amazing!
    Wondering what this all means??

  2. I just happened too see Broken or Blessed! I was so awestruck and I’ll relay my story. Sunday January 29, 2017 I started to say my rosary and I was stunned, it was broke. So I tried to see what caused it to break, but nothing was visible. I therefore went and fixed it and it broke again!! Right at the Assumption mystery and the Our Father bead. I did not get any extra beads and I’ve had this rosary since my first communion, 60 years ago.

  3. WOW, what an amazing story, thank you for sharing!!!

    three things:
    1) Thank you again so much for sharing your story Philip. This story Really Really spoke to me today. Only just yesterday I alllllmmooost didn’t follow with a prompting of the Holy Spirit, and hearing your story affirms how vigilant we need to be as vessels for the Lord, it is a small sacrifice (really a blessing). As a side note, in the concept of One Body One Mind, your stumble wasn’t actually a failure at all, it was a lesson and gain for others. So thank you for your stumble, and with continued repentance, prayers, and Love for the Lord, we pray that the Lord can work together in us all to stumble juuuust a little bit less as time goes on. God Bless!

    2) I really love that the Lord put the pain in the same exact place in your backs. This is assimilates to the concept that when you get married you become ONE BODY.

    3) In addition, in regards to your broken Rosary. Mary gave this vessel the chills, and thus you should bring the broken Rosary to Dr. Nemeh’s next healing conference, I believe it’s in the beginning of February. Jesus is going to fix the Rosary for you. God Bless!

  4. How do you know the pain in your back was from God as a punishment? Is it not the devil who brings pain and casts doubt? Isn’t it we who condemn ourselves? Jesus did not come into the world to condemn the world. What ever it was you believed you were supposed to do, seems to have occurred without your participation, right? So God’s will was done. God made us, he understands how weak we are. He forgives us. I don’t understand your concept of punishment.

    • Cindy,
      I don’t remember using the word ‘punishment.’ I use the word discipline. He is my father. He is perfect in his redirection of me … and my wife. Beth and I are in this together. He drew us together and directed us. It doesn’t get any better than that. I see nothing but love in His actions.


    • Joanna,
      I did put the rosary back together. It broke again. In the same place. And then it broke again. However, there is more to this story and it will be told shortly. Mother Mary’s wishes are in the process of coming to be. It is very exciting. Stay tuned…


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