Can Prayer Change the Weather?


Can Prayer Change the Weather?Can Prayer Change the Weather?

Issam’s Insight: People were going to die. Listen as Dr. Nemeh and I discuss the night a killer storm was headed in our direction off the Great Lakes. The television meteorologist was counting down the minutes and then seconds of the storm slamming into our area. The meteorologist warned viewers to head for shelter. I then watched as a stunned weatherman reported that the storm didn’t hit. It was wreaking havoc in communities all around us, but not here. He appeared bewildered.

Unbeknownst to me, less than a mile away, Dr. Issam Nemeh stood in his front yard. Moved by the Holy Spirit to pray, Nemeh did so. He and others then watched as the storm rolled back like a massive giant carpet. The storm was kept at bay over Lake Erie.

Dr. Nemeh, moved by the Holy Spirit to pray, saw death and destruction if he did not.

My Dinky Prayer

We can feel so small, so dinky, as we pray for huge changes. What difference to God does my little prayer make, compared to the massive effect of evil and negativity? History and scientific studies tell us that we are selling ourselves short! Whether we are praying for big changes in health issues or in a world crisis, we can have an enormous impact. Collectively, our prayers can change the course of America … And, yes, the world.

‘God Bless America. God Bless the World.’

Every day at 3 PM, that notification pops up on my phone. A reminder. I take a moment and pray for America and for the world. Care to join me? If 3 PM doesn’t work for you, pick a top of the hour that does. It’s always 3 PM somewhere! You will be joining others in praying for our country and for the well-being of the entire world. The Bible tells us that we will have a huge impact because God does answer prayers.

Individually, our prayers matter. Collectively, we can be immensely powerful against world forces, physical disorders … Even against killer storms.

Also, listen how the Holy Spirit physically orchestrates Dr. Nemeh and in turn orchestrates the person receiving the healing. He moves. They mimic the move. Dr. Nemeh describes the process.

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