Good or Bad Baby? Who Chooses?


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Good or Bad Baby?

When do you know if you have a good or bad baby? That is, when exactly does a baby start leaning toward good, or to bad. Is it a completely environmental issue? Does the baby choose if it is going to be good or bad? What does the spirit in us know, and when does it know it? Also, in this episode … Prefigurement. That is, those big moments in the Bible that are repeated. In a more perfect way.

A baby with a Halo? Really? Both parents saw this remarkable event. Kathy Nemeh reveals the story of a little baby with a halo around it’s head! The sign was stunning for the parents of this very sick child.

I’m Sorry


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Two of the most difficult words for many of us to say are… ‘I’m sorry.’ If we are not saying these words to Jesus, we will be missing out in the upcoming big event within the church. Continue reading

A Critical Message from Jesus


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Message from Jesus
Pointing again to the importance of our times, Jesus seems to be appearing to more children. Four-year old Aiden Kuack was one of those who saw Jesus in the sky above Continue reading

The Fragrance of Saints


dr. nemehIssam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh – The Odor of Sanctity
Add Mother Angelica to the list of future Saints. Her very distinctive scent was detected by Dr. Issam Nemeh while praying for her on Good Friday, 2016. Others, who were Continue reading

The Joyce Riley Interview


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh on Joyce RileyDr. Issam Nemeh
Are There Atheists, Muslims and Jews in Heaven? This provocative question was posed by Joyce Riley, a nurse turned broadcaster. Riley hosts the popular syndicated radio show, The Power Hour. Dr. Nemeh’s response to the Continue reading