Child Prodigy and the Day the Music Died


Miracle Momentday the music died

Eric Woodruff is 9 years old. He is being called a musical child prodigy. Eric and his mother, Sarah, share the young boy’s musical gift with us.

Eric has also been labeled autistic. Brilliant original compositions pour out of his fingertips on to the piano. Unfortunately, when there is no piano, disruptive noise pours out of Eric’s mouth.

Initially, it took Dr. Nemeh only moments to see the problem that needed to be reversed. But there has been a surprising update this week. There has been more healing for Eric … but also a death of sorts. The day the music died refers to this week’s shocking update from Sarah.

1 thought on “Child Prodigy and the Day the Music Died

  1. Fascinating. What intricate interesting mysteries we are, the spirit within us manifested in such diverse ways yet We are the very same at our core; and the one thing we all can be healed by is love.

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