Coincidence or GODincidence? – BFL 83


BFL.GODincidenceI didn’t used to like that word, Godincidence. I would roll my eyes and think “C’mon, sometimes stuff just happens.” But, when you begin to realize that God’s hand is in everything, your eyes are opened to new possibilities. This episode is full of Co-GOD-incidence. How do you explain Bishop Roger Gries calling me within minutes of my telling a Bishop Gries miracle story to a radio interviewer. Better yet, how does Valentine’s Day keep getting turned into Groundhog Day (the movie)? And, how does Barbra Streisand figure into all of this?

Miracle Moment – Once again, a Valentine’s DayGreg & Julie Spohn blizzard has brought me, Akron Ohio pediatrician, Greg Spohn; his wife, Julie, a former nurse; and Dr. Issam Nemeh together. The Great Coordinator has utilized the worst weather possible to bring about the reversal of fourteen years of brain damage.

The key to it all, is making sure that we are on the same page as God. When we are, the people, places and events that are necessary to create His will, are set in motion in a way that will bless us. It becomes a very easy and natural way to live! As Charlene Kalo said in the last episode, “Well, Jesus, today is your day, not mine.” Not a bad daily mantra.
(Segment begins at 11 minutes)

In Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh – He reminds us of the huge difference between the mind and the brain. Julie Spohn’s brain needed some healing, but her mind was in full working order and completely aware that she needed help from Dr. Issam Nemeh.
(Segment begins at 27 minutes)

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