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46 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hey Phillip…Would you ever consider Making a podcast with a Recitation of the Rosary that we can pray along with? Especially the “full” rosary with all of the Mysteries? Im always thrown off because of the way you are supposed to do certain mysteries at certain times during the liturgical season..

    • Gloria,
      Thankfully, there are so many apps and YouTube videos with the rosary prayed and mysteries explained, that we will defer. We feel our role is to encourage praying the rosary. It continues to be a very strong message for us to share. Thank you Gloria!

  2. Hi Philip. I listened to your podcast regarding your broken rosary and laughed out loud. You see, I too have a very special rosary from Lourdes, France that broke a few months ago on the 4th decade. I was disappointed when it happened and still haven’t fixed it. It does however, sit on my bedside table as a reminder to be sure to say the rosary. Thank you and Beth so much for all you do to bear witness to the Love of Jesus at work in our world 🙂 You remain in my prayers!

  3. Phillip, I just want to thank you for doing these podcasts. They have seriously been LIFE CHANGING for me. I find myself more and more with that steady mindset that Dr. Nemeh talks about. The mind of Christ. I am learning more and more about dying to myself, and not allowing myself to get shaken by the storms. This Christian walk can certainly feel like walking on water sometimes, but the more I step out in faith, the more and more amazed I become at how Christ meets me there and assures me of his presence. It is remarkable. I look forward to the new podcasts daily, as they have been major nourishment for this soul. Thank you for your “yes” to God! May the fruits of your work be far reaching!

  4. Beth, your comments are so helpful to people. You and Philip are examples of following God in a big way. We all admire you both for what you do, especially when you seem to be experiencing some dryness. I keep thinking of all the people and saints I have read about that experienced dryness like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St.Therese of Lisieux. I went through some dryness (putting it mildly) in my life and relationships. “Love isn’t always a feeling” is my mantra and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I believe God is getting you ready, as Philip thought, for something big! I will pray for you both and I hope others are as well.

  5. Phil,
    I would like to know where I can purchase a picture of Christ that was painted by Akiane Kramarik. It is a beautiful picture and would love to have one.

  6. Nothing shakes a person”s fate more than the loss of a child.
    Is there any way someone can see this as more positive than negative a happening and not get mad at God for allowing it to happen?

    • Tony,
      There are no words that could repair this kind of pain. It is very natural to be saddened and angered by the loss of a child. Could anything be more painful?Christ will help us through these most difficult tragedies. Mary watched her innocent son die as He was nailed to a cross. She too will help us with our grief. They both remind us that we are eternal beings. We all live on.
      Our hearts and prayers go out to all who are suffering.
      — Philip

  7. Doctor Nemeh mentioned in his last podcast the ” we will be out of here” before antichrist comes. …it sounded like rapture but we catholicks do not believe in rapture …
    It confused me …
    Please help !

    Ps I love Kathy and doctor Nemeh!!!

    • Although Dr Nemeh is Catholic, he believes that the Bible makes it quite clear that the church will be raptured.

  8. so missed you at 102….but God obviously has you where he wants you!!! LOVE listening to the podcasts…gives me much hope and I pray for you unceasingly!!! God bless you!!!

  9. Thank you so much for the podcast! You guys have been such an inspiration to me and have brought me back to my faith. I too was raised catholic and drifted away from church when I was 18 or 19, now after many years of good intentions my wife and I are attending church with our boys. Even if some days it feels like you have not been able to make the impact you would like I am here to tell you that you are touching lives that you can’t even imagine.

  10. Be Still and Know That I Am God !
    I too am a weekly listener of the podcast and have enjoyed each one. With each podcast, I Listen and Pray carefully for Gods Messages of Love and Mercy. It gives us the mind/senses to Connect with our Creator. When this Connection occurs , Gods message of Love and Mercy becomes so Clear!

  11. In your last episode there was a gentleman who every time he heard the song “Amazing Grace” he thought of his grandfather. I was just wondering if you have ever seen the movie called “Amazing Grace”? It tells the story of how that song came to be and it is truly an incredible one. That song has more meaning for me now and it may for that gentleman as well. (I have seen it at the library) It truly is uplifting.

  12. Hey thanks for answering my questions the cool thing is the podcast opened on my birthday so it was such a gift to here the answer to the Catholic Protestant confusion I was having I took that as a sign 😀 . But now I have another question how can a christian who was once in fire for God fall into a state of indifference and if Dr nemeh has insight on how to rescue those in indifference and bring them back to the fathers love again I know God loves them but I don’t think they know. It hurts me to see people myself included love God so intimately just to become numb to his love Thanks Philip

    • Thanks Reuben. Dr Nemeh often speaks of the danger of being lukewarm. He will address the question from the angle you mentioned in an upcoming episode.
      God bless,

  13. Thank you Dr Nemeh and Philp for such a informative knowledge.
    Iam going to listen all episodes soon..Iam blessed to run into you..
    love and peace

  14. I’ve thanked you before Philip, but I am thanking you once again for your work and podcasts. What a spirit lifter when life just seems tough. You, Terry and Jim were so missed when WDOK changed direction…but you are so where you need to be and where God wants you to be! I hope your current work gives back to you as much as you give to all of us.

  15. Hello I was raised Catholic but in my teenage years I become a Protestant Christian and I feel like I have been taught to think that Catholicism was from the devil , a lie and that it is man made but thinking that always made me feel guilty or just not right but using scripture I was talked into it. I used to try to make my mom who was a loving Catholic understand it was wrong and I felt that I hurt her faith and now feel bad. Dr. Nemeh was able to introduce Catholicism in a way that finally made sense and I can speak for catholics when they are judged unfairly now. I corrected her out of ignorance and an opinion of some pastor rather than love. I apologized and have reconsidered my decision for turning anticatholic my question would be why do some protestants who claim they are spirit led see Blessed Mother and the Saints to be false teaching? And to ask Dr Nemeh why he is catholic and not Protestant? And why does the Holyspirit not reveal Blessed mother to protestants even though they say they have the Holy Spirit ? It would really help me allot Thank you

  16. Hi, I just want to take this opportunity to ask for prayers of healing. I just recently diagnosed with a fatal lung disease ” pulmonary fibrosis”. My only hope is God’s grace, mercy and compassion. I call to all my brothers and sister to please pray for my healing. Thank you, very much to all of you. And God bless to all!
    NENA from Australia

    • Nena,
      Absolutely. And anyone reading this, kindly do the same. We all need to pray for each other.
      God bless,

  17. Dear Philip,

    I look forward to every episode and have learned so much.

    Could you please ask Dr. Nemeh about the three days of darkness? I have read that we can only light blessed candles and should not look outside. Is this true? I would like to hear more clarification about the warning, the examination of conscious, and the second coming. After the three days, is that when Christians are taken to Paradise?

    I was also wondering if Dr. Nemeh has found a location to build the church and if so where? Thank you so much for doing the podcasts!

    • Dr Nemeh’s comments in episode 44 will tell you everything you need to know about what is to come. Remember, there is nothing to fear. Keep your eyes focused on Christ. He is Truth.
      God bless,

  18. Dear Philip,

    I want to thank you for the beautiful Good Friday Shroud of Turin and
    the Miracle of the Holy Fire Broadcast, it brought me to tears as do
    most of your broadcasts. I also went to see the movie Heaven is for
    Real and was very touched and grateful, it was well done. I wish you
    and your family a blessed Resurrection Sunday.

    God Bless You,

    • Mary,
      Thank you so much! I also thought that it was an extremely powerful episode. Whether it’s the Shroud, Heaven Is for Real, or the miracle stories that we highlight each week, God’s breadcrumbs are everywhere for us to follow and find the truth.

  19. Can you ask Dr Nemeh about the Pauline Christian? Since Dr Nemeh is direct communication with Jesus, can he tell us if Paul was a charlatan? The more I learn the more I believe its true.
    And thank you for everything you do.

    • Dr Nemeh has the highest respect for St. Paul and quotes him often.
      Issam has little regard for those who would twist and turn the words of St. Paul into something that they are not. Stick with the Bible, stay away from the fringe.
      God bless,

  20. I love listening to Blind Faith Live and especially hearing from Dr. Nemeh. The only thing that really bothers me is the fact that he charges (and it is quite a lot) to go to a healing service. I just feel that if it is truly coming from God, why would he charge people? I am sure there are many, many people who need a healing that simply could not afford to go to his office or to a healing service.

    I do have a question as well, what does Dr. Nemeh think about those who say they talk to those who have died? Does he feel that those people who have died can communicate to those here on earth? Can they “visit” earth?

    Thank you for allowing us to listen to these podcasts. I truly am enjoying them!

    • Denise,
      Thank you so much for your comment in question. I always ask people if they would mind holding the Rubiks cube for just a moment. Dr Nemeh takes his ministry throughout the country. He travels with a very small team, but it does require airfare, hotels, meals, ballrooms, and the most expensive of all… Closing his medical office for 2 or 3 days. It gets very expensive. In fact, it’s not unusual for him to lose money at many of these services. If you see another way of doing things, let me know and I’ll pass it on.
      In answer to your question, I’m not sure what you mean by ‘talking to the dead’. I believe my parents are in heaven, but I do talk to them. If you are talking about things like a séance and conjuring up the dead, the Dr. has spoken out against those kinds of activities. If you need further clarification, please feel free to ask another question. Thank you so much again for your listening to these podcasts and becoming an active member of our Blind Faith Live community!

  21. Hello Phillip! I read this today and it reminded me of you – A blind person asked St. Anthony, “Can there be anything worse than losing eye sight?” He replied, “Yes, losing your vision!”

    You have found a way to maintain your focus for the betterment of mankind. Your vision has remained on the greater prize and I thank you. For if you would not have stayed focused, “we” the audience, would not be experiencing this great gift you bring weekly.

    Thank you!
    Michele Holler

    • Michele,
      Thank you so much for listening! This is all such a blessing. I feel everything up to this was all preparation for this … and for what is to come.
      God bless,

  22. I heard you speak at St. Noel this past Wednesday (3/12). Thank you for such a moving talk. I do wish to purchase the cd of your talk. How do I place an order.

    • Thank you. It was my pleasure. I believe you need to contact Ray with Breadth of Life. He recorded the talk as he does every month.

  23. Hi Philip,
    March 12th I heard you speak and you mentioned several books.
    I would like to read them. One of them was called Proof of Heaven.
    WHO IS the author.
    Thank you and God Bless you,

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