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46 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Phillip, I just want to thank you for doing these podcasts. They have seriously been LIFE CHANGING for me. I find myself more and more with that steady mindset that Dr. Nemeh talks about. The mind of Christ. I am learning more and more about dying to myself, and not allowing myself to get shaken by the storms. This Christian walk can certainly feel like walking on water sometimes, but the more I step out in faith, the more and more amazed I become at how Christ meets me there and assures me of his presence. It is remarkable. I look forward to the new podcasts daily, as they have been major nourishment for this soul. Thank you for your “yes” to God! May the fruits of your work be far reaching!

  2. Beth, your comments are so helpful to people. You and Philip are examples of following God in a big way. We all admire you both for what you do, especially when you seem to be experiencing some dryness. I keep thinking of all the people and saints I have read about that experienced dryness like Mother Teresa of Calcutta and St.Therese of Lisieux. I went through some dryness (putting it mildly) in my life and relationships. “Love isn’t always a feeling” is my mantra and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I believe God is getting you ready, as Philip thought, for something big! I will pray for you both and I hope others are as well.

  3. Phil,
    I would like to know where I can purchase a picture of Christ that was painted by Akiane Kramarik. It is a beautiful picture and would love to have one.

  4. Nothing shakes a person”s fate more than the loss of a child.
    Is there any way someone can see this as more positive than negative a happening and not get mad at God for allowing it to happen?

    • Tony,
      There are no words that could repair this kind of pain. It is very natural to be saddened and angered by the loss of a child. Could anything be more painful?Christ will help us through these most difficult tragedies. Mary watched her innocent son die as He was nailed to a cross. She too will help us with our grief. They both remind us that we are eternal beings. We all live on.
      Our hearts and prayers go out to all who are suffering.
      — Philip

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