Don’t Fence Me In – BFL 183


dont fence me in

Hey pardner, ever tried to throw a lasso around God? Good luck! Don’t Fence Me In, is a reminder that we cannot keep God inside the corral. Our perfect God will always break away and do things His own magnificent way. He will never think like us. He is unlimited in his many ways of directing us back to Him. He is a God of surprises. He will heal some people instantaneously while making others wait … Until they surrender to His will just a bit more, or learn just one more beautiful lesson.

In this podcast episode, God remains unpredictable as He…
… Gallops off the reservation and speaks truths through a five-year-old named Aidan.
… Interrupts Philip Keller with a special message that arrives through Dr. Issam Nemeh, the physician of unshakable faith.
… Delivers an impossible miracle to a man whose body is completely broken, right after that very same man has turned his life over to Christ.
… Heals a young man with Holy Communion, the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
… Blesses America, and redirects it through a most unlikely new President.

Miracle MomentDont fence me in
Multiple car accidents and freak happenstance had destroyed the body of Russ Austin. Seven herniated discs and two arms that were torn apart led Russ to massive amounts of pain killers and alcohol. Hearing the words of Dr. Issam Nemeh on local television led Russ Austin to a healing service and a complete conversion which accompanied this incredible Miracle Moment.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Fence Me In – BFL 183

  1. I felt like Dr. Nemeh during the inauguration. It was overwhelming to see God exalted, included and acknowledged by our new president. The bible history demonstrates how God sometimes uses the imperfect and unqualified in His plans, and Donald Trump is sure one that many are questioning. I pray everyday for America and for those in charge. Thanks Philip and Dr. Nemeh for emphasizing how our prayers and thankfullness, can help America and our world.

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