No Doubt About It – BFL 66


One of our biggest daily enemies is doubt. DoubtWe doubt ourselves. We doubt God. We have that inner voice incessantly talking to us and dragging us down. That inner voice yammering away in our mind has a job to do … create doubt. According to that inner voice, we are too old, too young, not smart enough, not worthy, etc. etc. Our prayers are worthless and let’s face it, we are worthless.

Why do we let that inner voice keep yapping away? Why don’t we stop it? In this episode of Blind Faith Live, I give you a technique to stop that inner voice from taking over and limiting the creation God has made … YOU. It’s yet another battle over our minds. The key is to instantly crush the inner voice that is constantly trying to crush us.

Mary Lynne Clifford
Miracle Moment – Two of the scariest words on earth … Pancreatic Cancer. Death sentence, right? Mary Lynne Clifford was given that sentence in 2010. Three healing services with Dr. Issam Nemeh and the doctors can’t understand how Mary Lynne went into complete remission.
(Segments begins at 8 minutes)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh

    • Dr. Nemeh sleeps on the streets
    • Peace is greater than happiness
    • Surrender is the key to peace
    • Surrender kills doubt
    • Don’t complain … accept
    • ‘I refuse to look at evil, I see only Jesus’
    • The real ‘Flying Nun’

(Segment begins at 15 minutes)

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