Election Special: Now What?


Special Edition: Now What?

Election Special: Now What?
Are you still in shock? We thought you would enjoy the reflections of Dr. Issam Nemeh on the most improbable presidential election in American history. Here is the Blind Faith Live Election Special… Now What?

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Did the power of prayer put Donald Trump over the top? Dr. Issam Nemeh discusses the role Christians played in the 2016 presidential election.

Where could we plainly see the hand of God in this decision? Will America reverse the downward slide of the past many years? What becomes of the extraordinary amount of hate that is being felt in the election aftermath?

7 thoughts on “Election Special: Now What?

  1. Dr is so correct about everything he said. All those people protesting and most news media networks are just part of wrong mind, (not Christ our Creators mind). A long time ago I learned NOT to listen to any Main stream media(MSM) and I switched to alternative media. Thanks again Philip and Dr for such a wonderful podcast.

  2. Awesome podcast Phillip and Dr Nemeh!!!
    I knew we could do it. I prayed many times a day asking Christ to help us and the whole world. Now we must pray more for more blessings. This Network ROCKS!

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