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BFL America's Final DestinyAmerica’s Final Destiny
Ironic isn’t it? Our vote (or not voting) for one of the two most disliked presidential candidates ever, will determine the final destination for the USA. This podcast episode, originally airing on Facebook Live, pinpoints the huge differences in America’s future, depending on the outcome of Donald versus Hillary.

Miracle Moment
Here are three more Miracle Moments from a recent Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service.

Sheila Hardin suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome. Dry Sheila Hardinspots on her eye’s lens caused friction every time Sheila blinked. The vision had become blurred and Sheila faced a future of failing eyesight and chronic discomfort. Sheila’s doctors admit that they have never seen anything like Sheila’s reversal.

Maria and Gonzalo Lopez presented a number of health issues that the two wanted healed. Sciatica back and leg Maria Gonzalo Lopezpain, glaucoma, and a malfunctioning hand were the reasons for Maria and Gonzalo to attend a Dr. Nemeh healing service. The couple expects miracles, and my how they do receive them.

8 thoughts on “Election Will Determine America’s Final Destiny – BFL 169

  1. Dr. Nemeh, said both candidates are the same.
    In fact, we are all the same, sinners, and no matter what, sin separates us from God. So, whether it be the government, church, work, or at play, our accountability to God is the same. Most important, (and remains the same), is what binds us to God, and according to Dr Nemeh, is love. God is love and HE remains the same, the Bible says HE changes not. What also remains the same, and will continue, are the choices we make. God gave each one of us a brain to do so. The Bible says to Choose life, how can anyone vote for Hillary! We will all one day stand before God for our choices.
    I pray forgiveness for all the wrong ones I’ve made while here.

  2. Thank you for your advise in this election. Trying to decide who to vote for has been so difficult. I have voted Democrat and now am changing to Republican. What D. Trump did in the past, ask for God to judge him. What H. Clinton has done and will continue to do will destroy any Christianity we’ve had. To say a baby can be aborted anytime before it’s birth shows how she has no human dignity for our lives. God Bless You for your work spreading God’s word. God Bless America and all those that have no voice in this decision.

  3. Economy: Donald Trump filed for bankruptcy three times even though he was born with a silver spoon, his father gave him millions to begin with. He cheated thousands of workers who build his Trump towers by not paying them for their labor. He has not paid taxes for 19 years. He runs the lowest level of a campaign in history with name calling, crazy accusations and comes across as a person who is totaling self absorbed in his own make believe world and argues like an immature child.

    Abortion: A small issue compares to Donald Trump’s attitude on the use of nuclear power like some kind of game “if we have it, why not use it?”. His short fuse and the lack of accountability for his decisions is a danger to the existence of the human race. His need for self grandiosity is pathological.

    When you have so many Republican leaders refusing to support him, as well as many highly successful billionaire businessmen who can gain tax advantages under Trump spoke out against Trump because he is a DANGER to the world!!!

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