Election Will Determine America’s Final Destiny – BFL 169


BFL America's Final DestinyAmerica’s Final Destiny
Ironic isn’t it? Our vote (or not voting) for one of the two most disliked presidential candidates ever, will determine the final destination for the USA. This podcast episode, originally airing on Facebook Live, pinpoints the huge differences in America’s future, depending on the outcome of Donald versus Hillary.

Miracle Moment
Here are three more Miracle Moments from a recent Dr. Issam Nemeh healing service.

Sheila Hardin suffered from Sjogren’s syndrome. Dry Sheila Hardinspots on her eye’s lens caused friction every time Sheila blinked. The vision had become blurred and Sheila faced a future of failing eyesight and chronic discomfort. Sheila’s doctors admit that they have never seen anything like Sheila’s reversal.

Maria and Gonzalo Lopez presented a number of health issues that the two wanted healed. Sciatica back and leg Maria Gonzalo Lopezpain, glaucoma, and a malfunctioning hand were the reasons for Maria and Gonzalo to attend a Dr. Nemeh healing service. The couple expects miracles, and my how they do receive them.

9 thoughts on “Election Will Determine America’s Final Destiny – BFL 169

  1. Anyone who choses to close their eyes, and cover their ears are as good as those who allowed Hitler to rise to power. This man has no respect for anyone. When was or wasn’t America great! Time marches on, technology and the internet has robbed us of most of our jobs. Manual labor is few and far between. No one wants to get their hands dirty. Only in the third world where it’s a matter of survival do people eak out an existance just barely above the poverty level. American industry chose to abandon us by chosing to establish themselves overseas for bigger profits. As Mr T said, because they were “smart”. The same with taxes, offshore bank accounts etc. because they were smart. No loyalty to America and trying to help sustain our infrastructure or to keep jobs here. These wealthy individuals could and many have contributed. Mr Trump did the same when he chose to have his clothing line made overseas. Always profit over supporting and building within the confines of America.
    I think it’s terrible the way he can call the system “rigged” making the ignorant believe him anytime the situation doesn’t go his way. The problem is never his fault or his failure. Our democracy has been admired and has been a template for nations struggling to afford people their equal rights as the individuals they are, along with the freedom to exist and share in this God given planet.

  2. Thank you Dr and Philip. What a GREAT knowledge! I have woken up to the truth and often connect to the H.S. As long time Democrat I had CHANGED and now voting as Republican for Mr D Trump to make it easier on this country. Less of the evil. God Bless Dr Nemeh and his family and you Philip. I love Dr Nemeh very much for his honesty and wisdom which comes from Holy Spirit. We must listen to H.S. who knows it all!

    People this is our last shot be wise and listen to Dr N. God bless us all and whole world!

  3. Anyone who would vote for Trump must be like him; he is the most evil person – ever – anyone who would sexually harass women is evil – he is a predator. USA would be a disaster and would be respected by no foreign countries. Hillary has done LOTS of GOOD things for many needy people and has sacrificed lots.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Philip and Dr. Nemeh. The one fact that Hillary is the “darling” of Planned Parenthood and in favor of the re-definition of marriage is Plenty of reason to vote Trump. He is a sinner. Hillary is evil, and more. God bless America. God bless the world.

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