Is Your Faith ‘Normal’? – BFL 73


NormalWe feature more than 100 real miracle stories. Does ‘normal’ faith bring about these impossible physical healings? Is your faith normal? Every day, Dr. Issam Nemeh prays for people. Every day, things happen. Miracles happen. Is that normal?

Kathy Nemeh thought she was going to live a normal doctor’s wife existence. Then, she watches her husband swim out into the ocean to find his lost glasses. Is that normal?

Every week, a different song pops into my head and won’t let go. The lyrics lead the way to that week’s topic of Blind Faith Live! Is that normal?

The Miracle …

Sue Chillemi

In this episode, Sue Chillemi tells us that the greatest blessing she has ever received from God is when she got sick. Is that normal?

Heather LightMy former radio producer, Heather Light, never prayed and never went to church. All of that changed when a handsome stranger sat down at her dinner table. Is that normal?

There is nothing normal about God. You can’t put him in a box. He is the God of surprises. Always loving and directing us to his son. This is a special Advent episode. Advent means ‘something’s coming’. Yes it is.

Keeping it Real with Kathy Nemeh
(Segment begins at 2 minutes)

Miracle Moment: Sue Chillemi
(Segment begins at 9 Minutes)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
(Segment begins at 23 minutes)

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  1. Thank you Philip for the podcasts. I’ve been listening for the past few months and have appreciated all the testimonials. Through your work and Dr. Nemeh’s insights, I have certainly grown in my own understanding of faith. May God bless you and guide you as you journey.


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