Following Our Lady: A Road Trip with Mary – BFL 147


Following Our LadyFollowing Our Lady: a Road Trip with Mary
Signs in the sky. Our Experiences at Marion shrines. A huge miracle of a painful irreversible disorder. Learning what actually happens to Dr. Issam Nemeh during a following our ladymiracle prayer. What a weekend! Click play and join us on our road trip.

Miracle Moment
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) attacked Bonnie Glick twelve years ago with a vengeance. “It felt like my head Bonnie and Bill Glickwas doused in gasoline and set on fire,” exhorted Bonnie. “For the last 12 years I have prayed to God that the doctors and nurses who did this to me would be hit by the same disease.” The healing of Bonnie during the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh, was far greater than just the physical healing.

Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
If you have seen the Tom Hanks movie, The Green Mile, you will understand the analogy made of what happens when Dr. Nemeh prays for someone.

Heavenly PaintingsSun Montrous
The ride home provided an interesting collection of heavenly paintings.

1 thought on “Following Our Lady: A Road Trip with Mary – BFL 147

  1. May God ‘s blessing continue to bless all of you.
    Philip Keller you are are a Blessing and a joy to listen to. I just want you to know how I appreciate you taking the time to gether all the information to put together this podcast. I just cannot wait for Tuesday to come to hear the broadcast of all the miracles that happen
    During Dr. Issam Nemeh healing section. I pray to our God all Mighty to continue to give Dr. Nemeh the strength and courage so he can continue providing all this miracle threw our holy Father.
    Keep doing what your doing Philp, your work is awesome.
    P.S : Is there any time in the future Dr. Nemeh coming to IL. 😞

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