Are Ghosts Real? – BFL 67


Mary Ann WinkowskiMary Ann Winkowski, who inspired the CBS TV hit  series Ghost Whisperer joins us to answer the question, are ghosts real? For 25 consecutive years, Mary Ann ‘the Ghostbuster’ would join me on the radio Halloween morning. We would take calls from listeners who believed they had a ghost in their house. Some did. I would push Mary Ann to prove that she could see what she said she could see. She did so with dazzling accuracy. Mary Ann joins us on this episode of Blind Faith Live to share some stories, but more importantly, to demonstrate what happens to us in the afterlife when we are too connected to the stuff of this world.  (Segment begins at six minutes)

Mary Baniewicz & FamilyMiracle Moment – Sara Baniewicz and her mom, Mary, both enjoyed divine intervention at a recent Dr. Nemeh healing service. Mary’s ongoing chronic pain was relieved, while Sara, dealing with a tumor that took away her peripheral vision ten years ago, regained her sight. As I talked to the family, it was still very new and very emotional.
(Segment begins at 40 minutes)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Are the earthbound spirits that we talk about in this episode stuck somewhere? Are they living in heaven or hell? Without a doubt, they are stuck to the stuff of this world. This episode sends out a warning to us, but also demonstrates the incredible mercy of God.
(Segment begins at 43 minutes)

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  1. Incredible show! The most wonderful thing I am learning is that the mercy and love of God is infinitely greater than we can imagine. I am learning to see that my problems are a blessing and bring me closer to God. I should be thankful and accept that they help me grow spiritually. My acceptance and thankfulness in trial is important very precious to God. Satan brings the evil in as do our sins, but God is always merciful and never stops loving us and trying to get us to become more like Christ to live with Him forever.

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