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WandStarsNow that is a headline worth a conversation in the Christian community. A God that puts things into motion and then drops the wand.

Dr. Issam Nemeh prays, things happen. Miracles happen, in the name of Jesus Christ. God is the Healer. Each week, I document at least one Miracle Moment. God is the most amazing magician of them all! And the beauty is,there is no deception. When the individual being prayed for is open and loving, coupled with the prayers of a man with unshakable faith, God manifests with a miracle. Why?Because God is love, and miracles get our attention. Miracles point the way to Jesus Christ.

Being a Catholic (and former ‘cafeteria Catholic’), where I would pick and choose which Christian teachings were right for me, I get it when someone decides that Genesis doesn’t fit their thinking. However, it’s a bit disturbing when it comes from the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics.

The slippery slope …
So, if Genesis isn’t true, what other parts of the Bible aren’t true? Dr. Issam Nemeh has been warning us for some time now that the church would be becoming more bold in its separating itself from Jesus Christ, in order to embrace the concept that all faiths serve the same God. Not so. Our God is a Trinity.

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh – Although the Pope’s comments are saddening, it is yet another sign that the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit is all that much closer to us. The divide in the church is coming.  Our job?  Follow Christ.
(Segment begins at 20 minutes)

14_1104 CollageMiracle Moment – Just wandering down the hallway at a Dr. Nemeh healing service gives us five more beautiful miracles. They came from California, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio. Covering a wide spectrum of physical issues, I thank Dr. Bruce Rind, Lisa Stanley, Jeannellen Kessing, Debi Armbruster, and Tatiana Kostanian for sharing their miracle moments.
(Segment begins at 14 minutes)

3 thoughts on “God Is Not a Magician? – BFL 68

  1. I believe that it’s unfair to say that about the Pope because of one sentence and he should have an opportunity to clarify. I’m on board that evolution and big bang don’t conflict scripture, although he didn’t mention scripture is important. We have to notice who his audience was, the Academy of Science, so he used scientific language. It doesn’t mean he’s against Jesus … And, about the magician thing, I think he’s referring to concept people think God can just pop in out and do whatever we want him [to do,] like entertain us with the supernatural … Dr. Nemeh has said … God gives us the laws and the major scientific theories are inspired, so I don’t see the issue. The Pope should say, of course, God put everything in order… and through Jesus all was made … and this science we study is God’s science from the Father. Son. And the Holy spirit. I don’t know why this is a bad thing, or why this podcast was so negative toward what he said. He isn’t limiting God, he’s telling us science reveals the complexity and intelligence of our God. You should allow the Pope to clarify himself and not assume based on a statement.

    I asked this question before, does science conflict with scripture? And Dr. Nemeh answered ‘no’, so I’m confused, does it? Your podcast seems to suggest so, if you can please clarify.

  2. Today Dr. Nemeh said the devil is the god of this world. I am confused. There is only one God and there shall be no strange gods before him. The first commandment of ten. Please explain. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for addressing this issue with the Pope’s comments, I belive that anything that goes astray from the bible’s teaching, goes against Jesus’s teachings.

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