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BFL_LostFoundAs I listened to a third grader read the Scripture about how God, as a good shepherd, will leave the flock in order to find the lost sheep, I couldn’t help but remember how he came to find me back in 1999. As I eagerly followed Him back to the flock, I looked around only to find that my wife wasn’t on the same path. Spouses often travel down different paths at different speeds. What does God do with that?

Would you put yourself in the ‘lost’ or ‘found’ category of faith? Solid or confused? Sometimes it seems to change day to day.

In this episode, my former radio mates, Jim McIntyre and Terry Moir, join me to share their stories of being lost and found. Both have been strengthened by the Insights of Dr. Issam Nemeh.
(Segment begins at 28 minutes)

Miracle Moment – Amy Ruvolo found her way to a closer Ruvolo Familyrelationship with God through a healing service. And now her baby, Camden, just had an eight-month condition reversed in the blink of an eye.
(Segment begins at 23 minutes)

The good shepherd reading also mentions how God will administer to our wounds. I certainly don’t miss the correlation with the work Dr. Nemeh is doing in his medical office and at healing services. Hundreds of thousands of people have grown stronger in faith thanks to the blessing of a physical condition that needed to be addressed.

Welcome to God’s Lost & Found Dept.!

3 thoughts on “God’s Lost & Found Dept. – BFL 78

    • This is a photo of the altar in the chapel at Maria Stein Shrine of the Holy Relics in Maria Stein, Ohio. It’s quite remarkable as are the many relics that are on display.

  1. Thank you, Philip, for another wonderful podcast. I would rate this one as one of the best podcasts. I’m learning more and becoming more attuned to the true definition of faith.
    Peace and God’s Blessings to You, Harold

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