What Happens When I Die? – BFL 63


Angels? Heaven? Jesus? Yes, to all the above.

I was listening to another podcast, TED Talks, and heard Matthew O’Reilly, a critical care EMT, discuss his observations in watching people transition at accident scenes from the living, to the dead. He noticed the need of the individual to be forgiven, to be remembered, while at the same time accepting their fate with peace.

I share my own very personal story of a close friend who did not accept his fate of death. He was angry. Through him, we learn more about Angels, Jesus, and the importance of our state of mind in determining our destination following death. We also learn that our prayers for our deceased loved ones have enormous power.

Miracle MomentRoy & Bonnie NuttFifteen years of pharmaceutical’s most powerful pain drugs still left Bonnie Nutt, a nurse, in excruciating pain. An automobile accident, in 1999, had left her spine in the shape of an ‘S’. In Dr. Nemeh’s medical office, the Holy Spirit took Bonnie’s body and began to shake it back into place. The experience initially frightened Bonnie, as she witnessed what the Holy Spirit was doing to her and for her. Bottom line … the pain is gone!
(Segment begins at 23 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Sometimes it’s not a straight shot to heaven. What happens in Purgatory? Why do souls get stuck there? A person can see the goal, heaven. He an also see what he is still attached to on earth. It can be a very seductive place of its own that is difficult to escape.
(Segment begins at 33 minutes)

Here is a link to two of our previous episodes with Vinny and Lori Brezec, as they, too, are excellent examples of what the Holy Spirit can do. Vinny, a paraplegic, watch the Holy Spirit move his legs up-and-down and even kick without his participation. Lori, sat in a chair with her legs straight out in front of her, for an hour and 20 minutes! Both, powerful examples of the Holy Spirit’s role in healing.

Also, you can learn more about Purgatory in Episode 29 – Proof of Purgatory and Episode 49 – Devil in Disguise.

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