A Happy God – BFL 139


A Happy GodA Happy God

“Oh how happy you have made me.” The message this week comes from a happy God. The lyrics from a song by Shades of Blue, remind us that we are God’s weakness. Anytime, in this world of evil influence, that we turn towards Him, He is a happy God.

Gizmo Update

We also sense a particular happiness in the scientific strides made by Dr. Issam Nemeh. The ‘gizmo’ that we discussed in earlier episodes is getting closer. It is a device that will allow us to experience much of what Dr. Nemeh experiences when he prays. The device will actually train our mind where it needs to be during prayer. The result will be a much more powerful prayer delivered through a higher connection with God. It’s real science fiction stuff. He still has a ways to go but it is coming together.

Miracle MomentHelen Meacham

Helen Meacham has suffered for 20 years with painful rheumatoid arthritis in her feet. Helen’s feet and toes have been like stiff boards. One prayer at a Dr. Nemeh healing service has Helen talking about going to dances again. Listen as Helen is in awe of flexing her toes for the first time in decades!

Your Questions

Elizabeth and Philip Keller answer your recent questions. They also discuss upcoming events and developments with Blind Faith Live.

5 thoughts on “A Happy God – BFL 139

  1. I so enjoy listening to both of you Philip & Beth😀. Beth should join the program more often.
    And I’ m so looking forward to Dr. Nemeh’s gizmo hope it’s available soon.
    Thank you for your podcasts❤️.

  2. Another podcast that is fortifying me with hope.i intend to listen to this more, as I hear more each time. Thank you Dr. Nemeh for sharing this now. And Phillip for being the conduit for him. Blessings to you all for helping us open to the spirit.

  3. Is this going to be available to everyone ? That thing dr. Nemeh is talking about? Is this for all the people around the world?

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