Here I am Lord … Ordained at 71! – BFL 46


Ever feel you missed it? You know, missing what God wanted you to do with your life? Fr. Dave LinkHere’s the story of David Link. At a time in his life when most people are retired or planning to retire, he became an ordained priest! Where is his church … a maximum security prison. Age is not a barrier when God is directing.

So what about you? Are you waiting for God to tell you what to do next? Has He been telling you, but your receiver is in the “off” mode? This episode will enlighten you and help you connect to God’s will for you.

Miracle Moment – Fr. David Link paid a visit to Dr. Issam Nemeh’s medical office and his leg pain issues are now gone.
(Segment begins 20 minutes)Elizabeth

Issam’s Insight – Been ‘Sleep Walking’ through life? Dr. Nemeh will help you wake up.
(Segment begins 48 minutes)

3 thoughts on “Here I am Lord … Ordained at 71! – BFL 46

  1. I just love, love, these podcasts and look forward to hearing the next one. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  2. thank you always, words can not explain the benefits of these podcasts to me and my husband. My life is BLESSED.

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