The Holy Spirit is Not in Every ‘Christian’ – BFL 168


Holy Spirit is Not in Every ChristianNot in Every ‘Christian’
Just because we call ourselves Christians, does not mean that the Holy Spirit dwells in us. Dr. Issam Nemeh provides new insights into what makes a real Christian.

Miracle MomentPatton
Pat Patton has been walking with a 45° tilt in her back. Pat and her daughters, Donna and Sharon, were shocked beyond belief as the ‘leaning tower of Pat’ was righted with a single prayer from Dr. Issam Nemeh.

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1 thought on “The Holy Spirit is Not in Every ‘Christian’ – BFL 168

  1. Loved this!
    Especially hearing Dr. Nemeh speak of the marking of the soul and Spirit within.
    To hear him explain discernment of recognizing this within others was so powerful. So deep but actually informative in a very comforting way. The mind of God, the Holy Spirit!
    The Bible says my people die for lack of knowledge. Is this God’s wisdom that we are to ask for abundantly?
    Your questions, Philip, to Dr. Nemeh are exactly what flow through my mind, one after the other. You both make a good “team”.
    Thank you both!

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