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Colton Burpo with Dad, ToddOur instructors today are two 4-year-olds. For both Colton Burpo, who is depicted in the movie, “Heaven is for Real,” and Akiane Kramarik, a gifted painter, their visits to heaven either happened or began to happen at age four. Their stories intersect with a painting that Akiane created when she was eight years old. Akiane KramarikThe painting, entitled “Prince of Peace,” is exactly what Jesus looks like according to both Colton and Akiane. Yes, it is significant that both were four years of age when heaven was unveiled to them. Jesus said that we all need to be children in order to reach heaven. What does that mean?
(See Issam’s Insight below)

Miracle Moment – Sara has suffered for years with nerve damage causing headaches and paralysis of her left leg. Her doctor recommended that Sara come to a Dr. Nemeh healing service as some of her other patients have had remarkable recoveries after seeing Dr. Nemeh. Add her to the list. I talked to Sara right after her prayer at a healing service in Columbus, Ohio, and again on the phone a couple of days ago. She is still in shock! Sara smile…it’s all real.
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Issam’s Insight – Why would a heavenly experience happen for a four-year-old, but not for you or me? Those experiences are actually possible for all of us. Listen as Dr. Nemeh explains what happens to us at about age five that can limit our spiritual experiences. The key is to keep our spiritual side always open, so that Angels, Saints, and Jesus Christ himself are always a visible possibility throughout our lives.

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