“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil …


“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil”I Saw Mother Mary

… I almost fell off the table.” – Tatiana Kostanian

Tatiana, a patient of Dr. Issam Nemeh, describes the moment the Blessed Mother appeared in the treatment room during her appointment. Tatiana, up to that moment, had questioned any role the Saints might play in our lives.

Also, in our Miracle Montage: Just wandering down the hallway at a Dr. Nemeh healing service gives us five more beautiful miracles. They came from California, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio. Covering a wide spectrum of physical issues, I thank Dr. Bruce Rind, Lisa Stanley, Jeannellen Kessing, Debi Armbruster, and Tatiana Kostanian for sharing their miracle moments.

3 thoughts on ““I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil …

  1. I never heard of the Blessed Mother wearing a black veil. Could she have seen a saint that would be wearing a nun’s veil? A black veil does not make sence?

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