In the Beginning, the Nemehs


in the beginning, the nemehsMiracle Moment
Thousands of miracle stories could be told, but how were things in the beginning? How did the Nemeh healing ministry get started?. Dr. Issam Nemeh and his wife, Kathy, pray. Things happen. Miracles happen. Miracle prayers are being answered. Let’s take a look back through the history of this humble ministry.

Philip and Elizabeth Keller met Issam and Kathy Nemeh in January, 2000. Nothing has been the same sense. When you see lives being transformed in front of your very eyes, the obvious question is, why? What is different about their prayers versus mine? How is it that these two people have such powerful miracle prayers in their arsenal of reversing physical and spiritual weaknesses.

Looking Back
News media, Dr. Oz, and the author of Miracles Every Day, give us their take on the miracles surrounding the Nemehs.

The Healed
At the core of Blind Faith Live, are the miracle stories that prove to us that Jesus is still walking with us. The healings are God’s greatest manifestations of His love and truth. The miracles also tell us that the insights of Dr. Issam Nemeh should be listened to by all. You will hear just the tip of the mountain … a mountain of miracles. Real people telling us their real miracle stories.

6 thoughts on “In the Beginning, the Nemehs

  1. Dr Nemeh and you Philip rocks! Due to those great podcasts So many ppl now understand what is really going on and go back to our creator JC.

  2. Nothing but the work of the Holy Spirit could offer an explanation for all of these miracles! I can’t even imagine how many more miracles there are, that are not mentioned here. The moment I received my first prayer from Dr. Nemeh, my life changed forever. The podcasts are life changing as well, and keep the momentum going. Happy New Year and all God’s Blessings to the Nemeh’s, the Keller’s and all who are touched by them!

  3. Hi Philip,
    Love your podcasts. Thank you for all of your good works. God Bless You!

    I have a favor to ask, would you consider turning the background music down a little bit so hearing impaired people can understand the words better.

    Thank you kindly and God Bless You!

  4. I just want to say that I have never been more thankful for all that I have been given since the day I barely could walk into Dr. Issam and Kathy Nemeh office feeling so sick and hardly able to focus with the migraine from hell and feeling nauseous with the help of my dear friends Klara and Frank Palatia who got me the appointment to have my treatment with Dr. Nemeh. I’ll never forget that day in my life. I truly can say all that I asked for in the treatment room was please God let me be here for my family. I didn’t ask for God to take my lupus, fibromyalgia, sjorgens disease, vascularilitus, stenosis of the spine, diabetes, and now my lung cancer. There was never a day I didn’t hurt but if I could get out of bed I gave thanks. My time with Dr. Issam Nemeh will be with me forever. I treasure the day I had my appointment and for all that Dr. Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh have given and taught me how to be open to the Holy Spirit. I have said in all my years of going to church I have never known the true meaning or understanding of what God truly needs from us all. With the help of Philip, Elizabeth, and now Steven Keller with the most amazing Pod Cast BLIND FAITH LIVE . COM I truly for the first time understand so much better in my life how important it is to FORGIVE and have LOVE in your heart. I’m so greatful for all that I have learned and hope to help my family, friends, and anyone I come in contact with to understand the true meaning of what God wants from us all. I hope and always pray that I can be here for Dr. Nemeh, Kathy Nemeh, The Keller’s, my family and for God to always give back for my Beautiful Miracle that the Holy Spirit with the Help of Dr. Issam Nemeh that was given to me to help all that I can. Thank you all for all that your doing in helping us all stay focus on what is important. I’ve learned the rosary is our best weapon and to always pray at 3:00 for God Bless America 🙏And God Bless The World 🌎 🙏Each and everyday as I also pray for you all to keep healthy and continue the work of God to help us all have a better understanding the importance of Forgiveness and ❤️ Love for all. This is by far the most helpful Pod Cast to share with the world 🌎 to help others understand what we already know about Dr.Issam Nemeh and thru the healing services, Pod Cast BLIND Faith Live. Com, and all of us who share our stories that Miracles Happen Everyday!!!Amen. Love to all thank you Keller family and may God keep blessing you and the Nemeh family always.Happy New Year 🎈😘Love the Kuack Family

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