Is God for Trump? – BFL 158


Is God for Trump?

What is a Christian voter to do? Sit this year out? Do we vote for the lesser of two evils?

We look for God’s hand in everything. Does He have a favorite in this historically unique election. Dr. Issam Nemeh plainly sees God’s hand in this polarizing time. So, is God for Trump … Hillary?

Interestingly, in a year marked by new lows in ugly political nastiness, the song that bubbled up in Philip Keller’s head has us asking ourselves questions about our own ugly silent thoughts.

Miracle MomentBrian

Brian Bielak, age 20, was in the hospital for 27 days with a liver issue that put him on the liver transplant list. Brian and his mom, Cindy, tell the remarkable story of what happened during just one Skype call.

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