Issam’s Insight – Women are the Target of Evil


Dr. Issam Nemeh did not have any special devotion to the Dr. Issam NemehBlessed Mother until she appeared to him and his family in October 1988. This changed everything. She made herself known in every aspect of his life… Including the plans for a church that will be built. This is a great lesson, especially for those who, like Issam, didn’t get the ‘Mary thing.’

1 thought on “Issam’s Insight – Women are the Target of Evil

  1. Thank you once again Philip for helping me to trust Holy Spirit more and continue to “try” to surrender. Dr. Nemeh, Kathy and you know so much more than you are telling. Holy Spirit will allow us to know when we need to. Oh how we need Blessed Mother now, more than ever. Maybe one day we will all be graced with a visitation from her. God bless all the Nemehs and Kellers. With love,

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