Laughing & Sleeping Through Childbirth – BFL 99


Shannon Cain“I was belly laughing Stephen out of me!” said Shannon Cain. The biggest regret of the delivering doctor was that the moment was not caught on video. Watching Kathy Nemeh pray with Shannon through the contractions, followed by ten-minute comedy antic segments, was something he had never witnessed before.
(Segment begins at six minutes)

“What drugs are you on?” Doctors assumed that Lisa Bates must Lisa Batesbe on something because she was not experiencing any pain during contractions. They ceased their accusations once they understood that Lisa had just been prayed over by Dr. Issam Nemeh. End results … a no-pain delivery, with a nap!
(Segment begins at one minute)

Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam Nemeh
Get ready for the next attack from a dark faction of science. They will be providing ‘proof’ that God is just in your head. The problem is, many will believe them. Dr. Nemeh is on a mission to provide the information for all, that we are both physical and spiritual beings.
(Segment begins at 24 minutes)

1 thought on “Laughing & Sleeping Through Childbirth – BFL 99

  1. What another beautiful story being shared. I wish I had known Kathy Nemeh during my two deliveries. Let me just say I wasn’t napping or laughing at the time of my two boy’s deliveries. Gifts from God. What a beautiful gift from God and Mary our Mother having children. I know Shannon and Mike and what an amazing family they are Blessed with. Two wonderful parents. And Lisa, such a beautiful young mom you are to Jack and the most beautiful little boy Jack is. God has truly Blessed you and Shannon. Love the story and Kathy is one of a kind. We love her and as I always say, Dr. Issam Nemeh and Kathy Nemeh are Gifts from God. Thank you Philip and Beth for all the amazing stories you bring to us daily and share. May God keep blessing you both with the Holy Spirit and health. Love to all, Kathy Kuack (Quackers)

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