Left or Right? Do Religious Leaders Know the Way? – BFL 172


BFL_LeftOrRightKnow the Way?
We are at a fork in the road. It’s decision time. Do religious leaders know the way? Was it easier in the beginning of the Church? The apostles performed miracles.People just needed to follow the miracles. The Holy Spirit was at work. Jesus was still walking with the apostles. Manifestations were obvious.

What about now? How do we know that we are being led down the right path without the miraculous? What do we do when the Spirit seems to be leading us in a different direction?

Miracle MomentJuliann
Juliann Pallesco was told by her doctors that her type of brain tumor doesn’t just go away. Juliann’s autistic son suffered from a digestive disorder that also, doesn’t just go away. Add two more miracles to the many thousands that continue to occur at healing services conducted by Dr. Issam Nemeh, “the physician of unshakable faith.”

2 thoughts on “Left or Right? Do Religious Leaders Know the Way? – BFL 172

  1. Hi Heidi, please don’t be sad, when you truly belong to Jesus the world will reject you, that’s the mark of the true Christian, the more we suffer as Christians, the more blessings we receive and the stronger we become. Just let us keep praying for everybody and God will bless you and everyone around you.

  2. Philip I tried once to get Dr. Nemeh in my catholic church. I heard nothing back. I thought maybe I had not explained it well enough so I tried again. I got some vague reason for rejection. I was so disappointed. I can’t even get through to many in my family that I love and that have seen my many healings. That really makes me sad.

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