Let Go My Ego – BFL 58


Do you need to sit on your ego?

“All sin is vanity,” said St. John. That’s ego! Doesn’t it seem that everything in this world pushes us to expand our ego? Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, it all says ‘I am important!’

But Jesus said to put God first and to love everybody as you love yourself. Conflict? I will continue this post in a moment, but first I need to tell everybody on Facebook that I ‘like’ coffee and then take a picture of my food, and share it.

Miracle MomentDr. Patricia KaneDr. Patricia Kaine is finally being highlighted!

She is one of the reasons why Dr. Issam Nemeh received national attention three years ago, by appearing with Dr. Nemeh on the Dr. Oz show. Her terminal case of Pulmonary Fibrosis, scarring on her lungs, disappeared with her visits to Dr. Nemeh’s office. You will hear the stunned response of Dr. Oz in this episode.
(Segment begins at 20 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – The role that ego plays in heartache.

  • Is there any conflict between scripture and science?
  • What is the message when all the signs (God) point you in one direction, but you are still hit with failure?
  • If the prayers of Dr. Nemeh are enough for healing, why does he use medical tools in his office?

(Segment begins at 36 minutes)

4 thoughts on “Let Go My Ego – BFL 58

  1. Mini-rapture? Christians will be “outed” by a supernatural event. Watch the Church for any denial of Jesus Christ. When we stand up “to be counted”, we will be marked by the enemy for death and then ‘taken up’? In a past episode I thought I understood Dr. Nemeh to say that America may be the refuge for the faithful. And “the transition” may go easier in the US because of the faithful here?
    God bless and thank you so much for all you do. I love your work.

    • Yes, Dr Nemeh has said that this is the world’s Christian stronghold. The US is therefore the #1 target of evil. Pray for this country and the world.
      God bless,

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