Looking for a Speaker … I have a Story to Tell!

I am blind. I thank God every day for the blindness. Why? Philip KellerThe blindness led me back to my faith.

Are you in need of a speaker for your group or organization? I have a story to tell that will inspire and transform. Using my trademark wit, I tell the story of leaving the Church for 15 years. What brought me back? My future wife, Elizabeth, for sure, and a cry out prayer in August 1999. God was apparently listening! The prayer began a domino effect that used my blindness to lead me back to my faith, and ultimately to the creation of this website and weekly podcast that is heard around the world.

I promise that you will never catch me reading my speech from the podium … I can’t! My story comes from the heart and showcases the eternal mercy, love, and transformative powers of the Holy Trinity.

There are many testimonials and comments on these pages from my speaking engagements and broadcasts for your review.

If there is a date that you would like me to set aside, please contact me. I look forward to the opportunity to share my story and inspire others.

God bless,
Philip Keller
‘Trapper Jack’

Speaking Sample – click here

*Over the past few years, I have had the opportunity to share the stage with Trapper Jack as we opened Healing Services. I would offer a prayer and he would share his faith story. His developing blindness was accepted as a gift from God because it strengthened his faith and opened up for him the opportunity to share his gift with the people of God. I encourage him to share his faith story and pray that many doors will be opened for him to evangelize the hearers.
— Most Reverend Roger W. Gries, O.S.B.

*Philip Keller’s presentation, with a mixture of faith, stories and laughter, inspired and motivated our parish community. Trapper’s ability to find God present in everyday life and his personal witness to miracles helped us to realize that grace and love, faith and prayer can be life-changing. A great storyteller and entertaining speaker, Philip Keller is using God’s gifts to bring Good News to the audiences fortunate to hear him.
— Fr. Dan Schlegel

*We remain extremely grateful for the time that you afforded us. Your words and life experiences are truly inspiring for all of us who are fortunate enough to hear and witness them. I am deeply honored to have had the chance to experience you in person. Thank you again for the motivation, faith, hope and love that you shared with us. Hudec Dental is a better place now because of you.
— My sincere thanks and gratitude, Mike Hudec

*You are headed for a wide audience! Never lose your authenticity and humorous honesty. It’s a pleasure to listen to you.
— Love and blessings, Therese McShea

*Philip Keller was the Lenten speaker at our Parish in 2014, he shared his journey back to his Faith and Church through the “blessing of his blindness” as he states. Philip used humor to communicate his deep faith and captivated the audience with his easy style and humor.
— God Bless You, Pat Pell

*What you are doing is so vital and important in my life. If it’s like that for me then I’m certain there are thousands of people whose lives are being changed by Blind Faith Live. You may not yet realize how big what you are doing is. I thank you so much. Thanks be to God for this good work!
— Yours in Jesus, Debra in Seattle

*Thanks Philip for providing such a great show! I’m currently stationed in Afghanistan for the Navy, and I know that this part of the world is filled with evil influences. Listening to your podcast show via an RSS feed is a breath of fresh air here.
— Sincerely, Sook, Attapol Sookma, LCDR USNR

*You make me laugh so hard and I’m learning so much!
— Love, Joy

*I knew the day you left radio, God had plans for you!!!
— Kathy Kuack

*You were so inspirational. Hearing stories such as yours gives me such hope. Keep doing whatever you are doing. You are like a snowball getting larger, and going faster, while going downhill. Absolutely beautiful.
— Dana Beagle