How to Love Your Enemies – BFL 62


The answer comes to us in a talk given by Kathy Nemeh Kathy Nemeh, United in Prayerat the “United in Prayer for the Middle East” held on Sunday at St. Monica’s Church in Garfield Heights, Ohio. As a fourth grader, Kathy’s family moved into a new neighborhood where they were not welcomed. A sign greeted the family as they pulled into the driveway of their new home. It read, “go home”. What did Kathy’s parents say? “Love them back”. Click ‘play’ to hear how love won out, and how the little girl who was holding the ‘go home’ sign was tearfully transformed.
(Segment begins at 12 minutes)

Miracle Moment – the pictures just begin to tell the story of what happened to Kristin Dawson following her jaw surgery. The miracles just won’t stop for Kristin!

Kristin, a selfie after surgeryBack in Episode 52, we heard Kristin talk about the reversal of her incredibly painful RSD.  Just ten episodes later, Kristin, 5 days after surgerywe hear her explain how God is reshaping her entire face, plus other Kristin, just a month since surgerychanges in her body that have stymied her doctors.
(Segment begins at 29 minutes)


Issam’s Insight – Abuse of women…is this just an NFL problem? Hardly. What is the core issue? Evil has a target…men. Men seem to be losing manliness, but gaining rage. The NFL may not want to hear that Christ is the answer to the problem, but Dr. Issam Nemeh makes it very clear in Issam’s insight that the goal of evil is to destroy the family through its attack on men.
(Segment begins at 41 minutes)

1 thought on “How to Love Your Enemies – BFL 62

  1. Thanks so much for the update on Kristin. When I heard her original story, knowing that a 25 year old could live with so much while remaining so uplifted, was a wonderful inspiration to me. She continues to be.

    As it Kathy Nemeh. Whatever she encounters in life she turns into a blessing.

    Please continue the podcasts. I look forward to each Tuesday to see what new story is available. And I do enjoy all the music – what a variety.

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