Miracle Moment – Baby Gia


Gia Gregorio was born without irises in her eyes.Wendy & Gia Instead of blue or green eyes, Gia’s eyes looked black. This condition can be very serious. The retina was not fully developed. There were cataracts. There was the fear of glaucoma. Add to that, the scarier possibility of mental and physical disabilities. Indeed, at six months of age, Gia was barely moving. Wiggling her fingers in front of her eyes was the extent of her physical abilities. Plus, Gia seemed totally disconnected. There was no interaction with anybody. Everything changed on a day when 7000 others were being turned away from a church healing service. Kathy Nemeh said, “Let the baby in.” That was to be the first of many miracles for Gia and her mother, Wendy.

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