Miracles Come in 3’s


Miracles Come in 3’sMiracles Come in 3's

The three women had driven more than four hours to a Dr. Nemeh healing service. The results were so incredible that they hope to bring a bus load to the next service. Issues of a narrowing esophagus, leg injuries, and rheumatoid arthritis had been reversed. The miracles come in 3’s in this Miracle Moment. All three ladies laughed with joy as they told their stories.

Carol Schoherr, Cathy McPhail, and Linda Campbell had a reason to believe in miracles. A friend with a detached retina, had vision restored at the previous Nemeh service. The faith of the women was rewarded.

NBC News Prayer Study

We revisit the latest clinical study demonstrating the power of prayer. Simply put, believers get better quicker. A part of the story is about a paralyzed priest. His doctors said he would never move again. They were wrong. Prayer turn the tide and the priest is now walking.

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