Mother Mary Came to Me – BFL 42


Blessed MotherIn October 1988, Blessed Mother Mary appeared to the Nemeh family while they vacationed in Syria. The night’s events were life changing, Dr. Issam Nemeh was given his ecumenical directive by Mary. The symbolic vision that Mary gave Issam that night conveyed the message that he was to go about his work of gathering as many souls as possible through the miraculous works of Jesus, before the next phase is to begin … which will be soon. Their daughter, Ashley Nemeh, was given her singing talent that night, in a most spectacular way. Ashley has just written and recorded a special Mary song.

Issam’s Insight – Not everybody gets ‘the Mary thing’. Dr. Nemeh gives us perhaps the most clear definition of who Mary is. You will come to understand why Mary is called the Mother of the Church. Her perfect connection to her son, Jesus, also meant she felt everything he felt, including the Passion.

Happy Mother’s Day! A special thank you to all of our moms … including, of course, our Heavenly Mother!

4 thoughts on “Mother Mary Came to Me – BFL 42

  1. Philip, living in a time when more is available that discounts the Bible stories, it is refreshing to hear the words who have consistent faith. I just started listening to your program with Episode 40 and am enjoying the old and new ones very much. Thanks for all you do. God bless…..Margaret

    • Margaret,
      Welcome! Glad you are enjoying Blind Faith Live! Everything here reconfirms the Bible.
      God bless, Philip

  2. Thank you for the wonderful program related to our loving blessed Mother. I certainly will continue to listen to Blind Faith Live podcasts. My faith grows with each podcast. Thank you so very much!

    • Thank you Harold. More about our Blessed Mother is bubbling up during this month of May. Her signs are everywhere! Stay tuned!
      God bless, Philip

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