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Miracle Moments

Don and Philip

The power of our intention is highlighted here. Don and Gail Carlson brought a picture of a five-year old boy, a literal bubble-boy for years. Dr. Nemeh prayed over the photo. And now, Mason is outside playing and riding a bike just like any other child his age.

In the other case, a name written on a piece of pHollieaper and placed in the prayer basket led to a complete healing. A growth wrapped around the larynx of Hollie Kotwicki was suddenly gone.

Add your prayer request in the comments below or under the prayer tab select prayer basket requests. We’ll add them to the prayer basket at the next healing service.

17 thoughts on “More Names in the Prayer Basket

  1. Please keep my dear friend Tina in your prayers. May she also find a better place of work with great pay and benefits.

    Also my friend Max, he had open heart operation.

    My sister -in- law, Hema , for her pains
    Request healing on my right neck /shoulder area.

    Thank you holding them in your prayers.

  2. Please pray for my cousin Rob Lucas who is young with a young daughter. He is battling cancer and he needs a miracle. Thank you so much for loving and caring enough to put his name in the prayer basket.

  3. Please pray for Joseph Zurawik, Alexandra Zurawik and Lisa Zurawik and that Jesus uses the Zurawik Law Firm to help his people.

  4. Hi Phillip, thank you for doing such a great services with Dr Nemeh. I also would like to ask to put those ppl names in the basket.
    Michelle Lehmann 16 yo, suffering from some strange eating disorder
    Marzena Lehmann mother of her
    Napin Angphasee friend in Thailand with severe asthma(often can not breath)
    Makiko Yoshimura (chronic fatigue syndrome)
    Thank you again

    • We received this after the last healing service but have kept your intentions in our prayers. We will add it to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket tomorrow 2/26.

  5. I am asking for prayers for God’s healing and strength for my best friend’s husband, Bob Andersen, in Milwaukee, WI. Bob had a heart transplant 9 yrs. ago. Within this last year he was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. He has had 45 radiation treatments and his numbers keep going up. Recently, he has been going through chemotherapy. Last week’s PET scan shows that the prostrate cancer has gone into the bones. My friend, Diane, could also use prayers.

    • We got this too late for the last healing service, but have kept you in our thoughts and prayers. We will add your intention to Dr. Nemeh’s Prayer Basket tomorrow, 2/26. God bless.

  6. Hi Philip,
    I would like my wife, Lilian Fong, and myself, Godwin Wong names to be placed in prayer basket. I shared the link with others who also need prayers. I hope they will try and have faith in miracles. Thank you and the Nemehs for praying for us sinners.

  7. I hope this is the prayer basket. Thank you for praying for malia who is a practicing traditional catholic mother of 8 living children. her family has not responded to a request that she do a skype prayer healing with dr. Nemeh but they are unaware and weary from all the various healings they have tried. Quite understandable. Please keep her in your prayers. She has so much to offer to her community. Thank you so much.

    • We didn’t get this before the last service, but we have been praying for your intentions. We will add it to the Dr. Nemeh basket tomorrow 2/26. God bless.

  8. Thank you Phillip! Please pray for our niece Jeanette, her husband and their baby. She is 7 weeks pregnant and is having complications. It is their first baby.
    Thank you for prayers!
    May God continue to bless you and your Ministry!!!

  9. A prayer for Ben Kinsella of Toronto Canada who is 24 year old hospitalized and suffering from an unknown lung ailment . His parents, Gerry and Sandy are greatly distressed.

  10. Please include the following people in your prayers for healing and accepting God’s will:
    Patricia Lamb who is dealing with progression of Parkinson’s disease.

    Jim Toomey who coping with spinal degeneration, and his wife CarolAnn who is dealing with vision problems.

    Sandra Solomon who has a form of blood cancer which thickens her blood, and her husband Kent who has congestive heart failure and excessive fluid retention.

    Donald Thomas who has congestive heart failure, pulmonary problems and is in hospice care. Please also pray for his wife Mary who is his primary caregiver.

    David Skelly who has suffered a series of strokes which has rendered his left side only marginally useful. Also pray for his wife Katherine who is recovering from knee injuries incurred in an auto accident. Katherine is David’s primary caregiver.

    Elizabeth Chludzinski who is suffering depression after the death of her husband, and may also be suffering from early dementia.

    Joan Kopczewski who is suffering fatigue from mitral valve prolapse and is strongly concerned about it getting worse.

    Joy Gallagher who is bedridden after a stroke she sustained several years ago.

    Thank you for including them all in your prayers.

    • Robert, God bless you for thinking of so many people who are in need of our prayers. We join you in praying for God’s blessings to be showered upon them. May He grant them healing.

  11. Philip,
    You hear it all the time, but thank you for what you do. Thank you for posting this short episode. Just what I needed. Names for the prayer basket – Ron Lafond, Lisa Szpak, Krysta Tremblay, Darrel Nelson, Mark Szpak, Ted Szpak, Ed Szpak, Cindy Sheehan, Kim Hogan, Heidi Anderson, Darleen Wisniewski, Michael Beaule, Donna and David Follansbee, Stacy, Marcio Mederios, Julia Naum, Denise and Rick Mcmahon, Tina Szpak

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