One-Two Knockout Punch


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam NemehKathy & Dr. Issam Nemeh

It’s a one-two knockout punch! Miracles do happen through the prayers of Kathy Nemeh. For many years, those of us close to the Nemehs have seen the miraculous healings happen through the prayers of Kathy as well as the more publicized cases of Issam Nemeh. Kathy has minimized these events in order to give all the attention to God’s work that is being fulfilled through her husband.

Many of us have waited, not so patiently, for the signs indicating a shift to a more complete story of this husband-and-wife 1-2 knockout punch. You will enjoy the spirited exchange between the Doctor and Kathy.

2 thoughts on “One-Two Knockout Punch

  1. I have been waiting for Kathy “to jump in” for awhile now. I remember one healing service, about a year back, that was running real late. She came up to me and my friend and asked us if we were still waiting for our prayer, I felt compelled by the Spirit to say “Why aren’t you up there prayin?” but my mind jumped in telling me It was arrogant and not to say a thing. So I am saying it now Jump in Kathy! God has called you and we need you. Your prayer is as good as your husband, same Holy Spirit indeed. I personally do not need your husband to pray for me again after you pray for me. Think about how many more people can be helped if there is two of you. Also, as it is mentioned in this podcast, you have a different approach and that is just what some people might need to open up and surrender. Next healing service, I am coming to you for prayer 🙂

  2. Kathy Nemeh is so humble, open and honest. We love what she brings to the healing service. We appreciate how open she is about feeling, “Who am I?” and it makes us love her more. She gives us so much insight into how to be childlike in our faith. She prayed for me and I felt so much spiritual and emotional healing take place from the moment she approached me. I felt a huge chunk of despair lifted from me that I felt on every level. I felt the Holy Spirit strongly through both Kathy and Isaam. I know Kathy’s motive is to help at every moment and her heart is overflowing with a desire to help. I have been blessed with healing through both of their prayers. I sense Kathy is concerned about the length of time some of us have been waiting at the healing service, so she moves to try to lift the pain she is sensing.

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