Original Sin Begins with Our First Breath


Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Nemeh
With our first baby breath, we begin to disconnect from our heavenly home. Original Sin, listen as Dr. Issam Nemeh connects it with our slide into the fallen nature of this physical world. Make no mistake about it, God wants us to take that first breath. He requires us to become embedded into thisphysical existence. Our job then becomes to find our way back to Him.

We do this by following his Son Jesus Christ. We do this by ‘spiritualizing our physical consciousness.’ That is, realizing that we live a duality. A physical as well as a spiritual existence. By our willingness to pick up our cross and follow Christ, we are part of the redemptive process. We are neutralizing the evil in the world, just as Christ did. We are playing our role in bringing peace to this world… Until our last breath.

2 thoughts on “Original Sin Begins with Our First Breath

  1. So if Jesus neutralized the mind of the devil, where is the devil now? Is he still here on earth or is all the evil contributed to the other fallen Angels?

    • It is an ongoing process. Jesus reconciled what Lucifer had done. Correcting the mistake. We join in this redemptive process by following Christ. Although Lucifer certainly felt the impact of Christ dying on the cross, his evil influence is still felt. One by one, we believers take a bite out of their influence. Eventually, Lucifer and the fallen angels will be completely neutralized and have no influence on this earth or in this universe.

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