Stethoscopes & Collars…I’m Calling You Out – Blind Faith Live 52


I have here, 52 weeks of miracle stories. So, where’s the clergy? Where are the doctors? All I hear are crickets. How is it that those who are regarded as the heads of our physical and spiritual well-being show no curiosity about these remarkable, miraculous healings of the body and soul? Their silence tells us much about the state of our church and our medical professionals.

Kristin DawsonMiracle Moment – The doctors that I referenced above cannot reverse a horribly painful affliction known as RSD. Suicide is not uncommon among the afflicted because of the relentless pain. But add Kristin Dawson to the list of those who have shed this horrible disorder, thanks to God and the prayers of Dr. Issam Nemeh. (This is where you read the first paragraph above and shake your head again.)

Issam’s Insight – The doctor’s thoughts on why the medical world, as well as clergy, refuse to look at all the possibilities of healing that come directly from God.

Keeping it Real with KathyLeBron JamesLeBron James and Dr. Issam Nemeh have something in common … and it has nothing to do with a basketball or a prayer book.

You’re All That I Need to Get By – Blind Faith Live 51


Try this … sit on a dining room chair, raise your feet so that your legs are straight out and parallel to the floor.

Is  this normal?

Is this normal?

Now, hold them there for one hour and twenty minutes.

I think that the Holy Spirit broke a record on this one. Although I have seen many patients receive a similar healing, an hour and 20 minutes might have broken the record.

Miracle Moment – This anti-gravitational Miracle Moment belonged to Lori Brezec. Mike & Lori BrezecShe had been dealing with the pain of fibromyalgia in her legs for more than ten years. Add to that, neuropathy for the past four years, and you can see how Lori was overdue for a miracle. She got it. Plus, the Holy Spirit proved he has a greater gravitational pull than the Earth!

Issam’s Insight – Stressing the need for our prayers to have fewer words and more feeling, Dr. Nemeh is showing us, once again, the best way to connect to God. We are adding lanes to our highway connection to heaven!

Only Time – Blind Faith Live 50


Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose, only time … Enya

Here is the most powerful message yet on how to add lanes to your highway connection with God. We revisit the assignment Howard Storm received from Jesus in his near-death experience. If your faith and connection to God feel stuck in the mud, or if your relationship with God is the same now as it was a year ago … five years ago … 10 years ago, you need to hear this.

Kati Russell is our Angel Lady. Kati RussellShe, too, had a near-death experience that opened the door to her ‘Angel Art’.  Do you know your Angel’s name?  Kati just might be able to tell you.

Miracle Moment – Linda and Laura Seber also have an Laura & Linda SeberAngel story which is wrapped around a miracle.  A bicycle accident for Linda resulted in ten months of
agony … until she walked into the office of Dr. Issam Nemeh and met a real Angel.


Issam’s Insight – There are varying levels of connecting to God because we have varying levels of surrender to His will. Hear one of Dr. Nemeh’s strongest insights yet. Also, the new Christian-Jewish-Muslim Church.

Devil in Disguise – Blind Faith Live 49


Does everybody ‘go to the light’ when they die? Apparently not. Marcia & HowardThis week we talk to Howard Storm whose near-death experience took him far from heaven … to a demonic place filled with darkness. Howard, a lifelong atheist, had a life-changing near-death experience. His story shows us that God never gives up on us … even after death. Debra & Michel

Miracle Moment – Debra and Michel Kyles can thank William Shatner for their miracles! Although the TV program, “Weird or What”, isn’t in my top 100 favorites … a program that they did on Dr. Issam Nemeh has led to many healings for this couple, including a neck injury and the need for kidney dialysis. Phasers on stun(ning). (Segment begins at 55 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – The story of Howard Storm (above) has Dr. Nemeh talking about the Fallen Angels and their continued evil influence on us and the world. Also, what can we do to shorten the stay of those in Purgatory? Can those with mental illness be returned to normal? (Segment begins at 41)

I Say a Little Prayer for You – Blind Faith Live 48


Be careful of what you pray for … He is listening!  It’s been true in my life and perhaps in yours. Samia ZumoutAugust 15 of 1999 is the day I said a prayer that has resulted in this website and podcast of Blind Faith Live! Today, I talked to my friend, Samia Zumout, who had a similar experience in 1990 in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. What was intended to be a quick stopover in what has become holy ground, turned into a life-changing week-long stay. The miracle that she saw was nothing compared to the miracle that Samia experienced inside her soul. I don’t want to ruin the devastating surprise that has changed her life and deepened her faith. Please listen … and I guarantee you that you will be inspired by Samia’s journey.

Jessica RobinsonMiracle Moment – In this episode, which is about the power of prayer … Jessica Robinson had no idea of how many people were praying for her, many of them complete strangers. All that matters is that the ‘deep inoperable brain tumor’ is now referred to by her doctors as ‘all is well.’

Issam’s Insight – What’s the most powerful prayer you can say? Also, why saying the name ‘Jesus Christ’ can have varying levels of success in terms of healing.