Original Sin Begins with Our First Breath


Issam’s Insight with Dr. Issam NemehDr. Nemeh
With our first baby breath, we begin to disconnect from our heavenly home. Original Sin, listen as Dr. Issam Nemeh connects it with our slide into the fallen nature of this physical world. Make no mistake about it, God wants us to take that Continue reading

Ashley Nemeh Singing Voice, a Gift from Blessed Mother


Mother Mary appeared to the NemehAshley Nemeh Ave Maria family in the summer of 1988. She also delivered the gift of a beautiful singing voice to Ashley Nemeh who was only six-months-old at the time. Listen as Kathy Nemeh tells the story of the night Mary visited the family while they were staying in Syria. Continue reading

Earth, a Fixer-Upper – BFL 125


earth, a fixer-upperThe world was perfect. Harmonious. Then, it went under new management and pretty much went to, well … Hell. It became a real fixer-upper! Jesus Christ came and began Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – Building Your 8-Lane Highway to Heaven


The rules are simple for building your 8-lane highway to Dr. Issam Nemehheaven. There are only two:
1) Put God first.
2) Love one another as Jesus loves us.
That’s it. The supernatural will automatically kick in.
Also, how surrender is not a destination, but an ongoing journey that can always be improved upon.

“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil …


“I Saw Mother Mary in Her Black Veil”I Saw Mother Mary

… I almost fell off the table.” – Tatiana Kostanian

Tatiana, a patient of Dr. Issam Nemeh, describes the moment the Blessed Mother appeared in the treatment room Continue reading

God’s Billion Year Secret – BFL 124


Christ DiedGod’s Secret – Christ Died

God kept a secret for billions of years. Seriously. Billions. At the moment Christ died, the mystery of the ages was revealed. The Angels were the first to realize who Jesus Continue reading