God’s Lost & Found Dept. – BFL 78


BFL_LostFoundAs I listened to a third grader read the Scripture about how God, as a good shepherd, will leave the flock in order to find the lost sheep, I couldn’t help but remember how he came to find me back in 1999. As I eagerly followed Him back to the flock, I looked around only to find that my wife Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – Passing the Jesus Test


Has Dr. Issam Nemeh been given his own power to heal? Dr. Issam NemehIf so, does he tap it? This will have you thinking about the gifts that God has given you and what you are to do with them. You will see how every day is its’ own gift and its’ own test of our ego.

St. Basil Mens’ Fellowship, Brecksville

“It’s been a long time sinceSt. Basil Jim McIntyre & Philip Keller, Trapper Jack I’ve been surrounded by this much testosterone,” is how I began my talk. The St. Basil’s mens’ group invited me and my former news man from radio days, ‘Infoman’ Jim McIntyre, to speak about our falling away from the church as well as what brought us back. What a great bunch of guys! They even fed us breakfast!St. Basil Mens' Fellowship

Can You Sing ‘Let It Go’? – BFL 77


BFL.LetGoIt’s not everyday you get a chance to hear Kathy Nemeh sing the Disney song, Let It Go, from the movie, Frozen … but you should listen to this podcast anyway!

Actually, this episode is about letting go of whatever holds you back from being Continue reading

Issam’s Insight – The Path to a Successful Resolution


We all know that willpower gets us only so far. Dr. Issam NemehSo what’s a better way? Dr. Issam Nemeh helps us tap into our spiritual side to help us with our physical needs.

What happens when during a healing prayer, someone Continue reading

Miracle Moment – Kathy Larizza


Kathy LarizzaHow did a ‘grossly deformed foot’ suddenly become normal? That’s what Kathy’s doctors wanted to know. We initially met Kathy Larizza several years ago at a Dr. Nemeh healing service in which she came out of her wheelchair Continue reading