God Wants You to Know – BFL 65


Message from GodIt was all there in the early church. Miracles, martyrdom, and an understanding of what life as a Christian was all about. Christians understood that they, like Christ, were reconciling the evil done by the fallen angels. The early Christians knew that it was only a matter of time before the influence of evil would end. Continue reading

Prayer for Healing

Question for Dr. Issam Nemeh:  

“I pray and sometimes wonder if God is listening. You pray, and so much happens! What’s the difference?”

I have been hearing that for years now. They will say that theDr. Nemeh Bible says ‘Pray in my name and the prayers will be answered.’ What the Bible says is true. But we need to understand that certain laws apply. We need to understand…

  1. Who God is
  2. Total surrender
  3. Praying with no doubt

The truth, of who God is, Continue reading

The Ultimate Healing – BFL 64 – Revised


It’s all about seduction.

Dr. Issam Nemeh has reminded us many times that the real battle is over our mind. The ultimate healing is of our mind. We either surrender our mind to the seductive pull of this world or surrender ourselves to God. Gotta admit … God doesn’t sound nearly as fun.

But wait…miracles are seductive too! Miracles get our attention. They make us ask ourselves, “how did that happen?” Miracles point us to Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the miracles tell us who God is, how much He loves us, and Continue reading

Were You Expecting More from Life?

Philip Keller’s message delivered at a recent Healing Service:

I saw a movie a while back called, “Boyhood”. At the Philipend of the movie, the mom, after years of struggle and suffering, looks back on her life and says something that I think a lot of people can relate to. “I just thought there would be more,” and she cries.
‘I just thought there would be more’. That stung me. Because I realize, that if you are truly just part of this physical world, and your ‘spiritual switch’ is not on, that is exactly what life can feel like. No matter how many times Continue reading

What Happens When I Die? – Blind Faith Live 63


Angels? Heaven? Jesus? Yes, to all the above.

I was listening to another podcast, TED Talks, and heard Matthew O’Reilly, a critical care EMT, discuss his observations in watching people transition at accident scenes from the living, to the dead. He noticed the need of the individual to be forgiven, to be remembered, while at the same time accepting their fate with peace.

I share my own very personal story of a close friend who did not accept his fate of death. He was angry. Through him, we learn more about Angels, Jesus, and the importance of our state of mind in determining our destination following death. We also learn that our prayers for our deceased loved ones have enormous power.

Miracle MomentRoy & Bonnie NuttFifteen years of pharmaceutical’s most powerful pain drugs still left Bonnie Nutt, a nurse, in excruciating pain. An automobile accident, in 1999, had left her spine in the shape of an ‘S’. In Dr. Nemeh’s medical office, the Holy Spirit Continue reading

The Attack is on America

Dr. Issam Nemeh’s message delivered at United in Prayer for the Middle East on Sunday, September 21, 2014 –

“When I hear that people are being killed all over the world and when I hear that my own people are being killed on a daily basis, my heart bleeds. I cry over it every day.Dr. Nemeh, United in Prayer
This reminds me of Jesus, when they told Him about his friend, Lazarus, dying, He cried. In His humanity, He cried. But let’s not forget one very important thing, Lazarus was resurrected afterwards.
Don’t underestimate the power of your intercession. Look at the fact, the truth, God the Almighty One became a human being. That’s how important it is for us to be human beings living on this earth. Through His sacrifice, He reconciled everything back to the Father. He opened the doors of heaven to everyone. And like St. Paul put it, we complete in our body what is lacking in the cross. For me as a Christian, a truth Christian , when I belong to the body of Christ then I offer my life totally to God and I offer my life to every single human being on this earth. Continue reading

How to Love Your Enemies – Blind Faith Live 62


The answer comes to us in a talk given by Kathy Nemeh Kathy Nemeh, United in Prayerat the “United in Prayer for the Middle East” held on Sunday at St. Monica’s Church in Garfield Heights, Ohio. As a fourth grader, Kathy’s family moved into a new neighborhood where they were not welcomed. A sign greeted the family as they pulled into the driveway of their new home. It read, “go home”. What did Kathy’s parents say? “Love them back”. Click ‘play’ to hear how love won out, and how the little girl who was holding the ‘go home’ sign was tearfully transformed.
(Segment begins at 12 minutes) Continue reading

God Cannot Resist Our Prayers – Join us September 21

United in Prayer – September 21, 2014 – St. Monica Church

Dr. Nemeh“We are very powerful as human beings. Our intersession for this world, God cannot resist. Let me tell you. There is no way, especially when we really sit down and we focus on the good things.

That’s why we thought maybe we would have a meeting where people will get together and will be focusing on that prayer for the Christians all over and focusing on prayer for this country because evil is coming here. Be warned, evil is coming, because this nation is the best nation on this earth where the goodness is. That’s how the whole nation was established. And, it is the last stronghold for Christianity. Continue reading