The Fool on the Hill – Blind Faith Live 44


Who is the fool on the Hill?  Listen to this episode and let me know who you think it is.  We continue the conversation over whether Maria Divine Mercy truly receives her messages from Jesus Christ … or from evil.  Does Jesus really believe that Pope Francis will soon turn his back on Him?  She lifts Catholicism while casting a wary eye on the Vatican.

Miracle Moment – Liz Simmons HAD Multiple Sclerosis for twenty years. It’s gone! She HAD Liz Simmons
irreversible Optic Neuritis. It’s gone! She was one of the three women who saw the icon of the Blessed Mother come to life in the office of Dr. Issam Nemeh.
(Segment begins at 41 minutes)

Blessed Mother Picture
Issam’s Insight – In conjunction with my thoughts on Maria Divine Mercy, Dr. Nemeh restates what is soon to come … the global examination of conscience, the second outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the second coming of Jesus Christ, rapture, and yes, a huge controversy within the Church that will split the believers.
(Segment begins at 52 minutes)

Speaking Words of Wisdom – Blind Faith Live 43


Mother Mary came to me, speaking words of wisdom … Let it be. Are we channeling Paul McCartney? No, but this has suddenly turned into a two-parter with a surprise ending.

Miracle MomentPhyllis Miller, Tricia KamanPhyllis Miller and her daughter, Tricia Kaman, share their miracle stories that involve the Blessed Mother at The Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue, Ohio and healing services with Dr. Issam Nemeh. Serious issues of dementia, kidneys, and ruptured discs have been healed.
(Segment begins at 11 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – Dr. Nemeh reveals more from his visit from the Blessed Mother in 1988. Why is she soon to have him build a church? You will hear of the Mary icon that came to life and Mary’s role as we near the end of this evil age.
(Segment at 4 and 26 minutes)

Also in this episode…
I have a book report. I’ve been saying that no one else is delivering the same message as Dr. Nemeh … Then, I started reading, “The Book of Truth.”  Wow! Is the church about to make a huge U-turn?

Mother Mary Came to Me – Blind Faith Live 42


Blessed MotherIn October 1988, Blessed Mother Mary appeared to the Nemeh family while they vacationed in Syria. The night’s events were life changing, Dr. Issam Nemeh was given his ecumenical directive by Mary. The symbolic vision that Mary gave Issam that night conveyed the message that he was to go about his work of gathering as many souls as possible through the miraculous works of Jesus, before the next phase is to begin … which will be soon. Their daughter, Ashley Nemeh, was given her singing talent that night, in a most spectacular way. Ashley has just written and recorded a special Mary song.

Issam’s Insight – Not everybody gets ‘the Mary thing’. Dr. Nemeh gives us perhaps the most clear definition of who Mary is. You will come to understand why Mary is called the Mother of the Church. Her perfect connection to her son, Jesus, also meant she felt everything he felt, including the Passion.

Happy Mother’s Day! A special thank you to all of our moms … including, of course, our Heavenly Mother!

The Hill Where the Lord Hides – Blind Faith Live 41


Sally Field on David Letterman ShowDid you know that actress Sally Field’s brother is one of the top scientists in the world? On a recent appearance on the David Letterman Show, Sally mentioned that her brother works with the huge atomic sub particle collider at CERN in Switzerland in the search for the so-called ‘God’ particle. You’ll get a kick at listening to Sally Field tell Dave how this collider stuff works!

This opens the door for us to discuss how many people will be brought to Christ through science! It is after all… The Hill Where the Lord hides.

Dr. Jeffrey Rediger has often been utilized by both Dr. Mehmet Oz and Oprah Winfrey as a man who understands both God and science. He is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, a psychiatrist, and holds a Masters degree in Divinity from Princeton. He is currently writing a book about Dr. Issam Nemeh and the impact that love has on healing. He is asking the question, “why aren’t we researching the people who heal the quickest?”
(Segment begins at 7 minutes)

Les PowersMiracle Moment – Les Powers was a non-Christian who became a believer in Christ through a miracle that happened decades ago. He is a man who was a seeker and found the truth. I met him at a recent Dr. Nemeh healing service shortly after being relieved of pain and taking off his back brace.
(Segment begins at 24 minutes)

Issam’s Insight – this physical world holds only some of the answers to our most penetrating questions. It’s the spiritual world that not only holds many answers, but also, all the possibilities. Dr. Nemeh loves talking science! While scientists scratch their head on why all the atoms in the universe, don’t just fly apart, he understands that it’s God’s love that binds everything together. Our mind is from God’s mind, which gives us access to Him in order to participate with God in creation itself.
(Segment begins at 34 minutes)

How to Live in Heaven…Now – Blind Faith Live 40


Colton Burpo with Dad, ToddOur instructors today are two 4-year-olds. For both Colton Burpo, who is depicted in the movie, “Heaven is for Real,” and Akiane Kramarik, a gifted painter, their visits to heaven either happened or began to happen at age four. Their stories intersect with a painting that Akiane created when she was eight years old. Akiane KramarikThe painting, entitled “Prince of Peace,” is exactly what Jesus looks like according to both Colton and Akiane. Yes, it is significant that both were four years of age when heaven was unveiled to them. Jesus said that we all need to be children in order to reach heaven. What does that mean?
(See Issam’s Insight below)

Miracle Moment – Sara has suffered for years with nerve damage causing headaches and paralysis of her left leg. Her doctor recommended that Sara come to a Dr. Nemeh healing service as some of her other patients have had remarkable recoveries after seeing Dr. Nemeh. Add her to the list. I talked to Sara right after her prayer at a healing service in Columbus, Ohio, and again on the phone a couple of days ago. She is still in shock! Sara smile…it’s all real.
(Segment begins at 32 minutes)
Issam’s Insight – Why would a heavenly experience happen for a four-year-old, but not for you or me? Those experiences are actually possible for all of us. Listen as Dr. Nemeh explains what happens to us at about age five that can limit our spiritual experiences. The key is to keep our spiritual side always open, so that Angels, Saints, and Jesus Christ himself are always a visible possibility throughout our lives.