Issam’s Insight – Has Evil Ever Healed Anyone?


I would think that evil would want to heal, if Dr. Issam Nemehonly to confuse us. The laws God put into place won’t allow it. Also …
*Is everything Dr. Issam Nemeh says biblical?
*Who brings up God first … Dr. Nemeh, or the patient?
*Does evil have reason to be afraid of us?

Issam’s Insight – Don’t Believe Me, Believe the Works


Are all 33,000+ factions of Christianity Dr. Issam Nemehfollowing the Holy Spirit? Not logical, right? So, who do you follow?  Also…
*Is God telling the Christians to get out of the Middle East?
*How can we live in heaven now?
*How can we get better results with our prayers?

Hudec Dental, Cleveland

“I am hoping to lead you in a group floss, right after lunch!” I even showed them my little container of white string. John Hudec held an all day event Hudec Dentalat a local Holiday Inn for his employees. Guest speakers were invited to come and talk about dedication. Everyone I spoke to commented on what an uplifting day this was. It has also led to many new email friends and podcast listeners!

Blue Skies from Now On – BFL 80


BFL.BlueSkiesI got fired. Forget about looking for the silver lining. Go for the blue sky! God’s hand is in everything. He either created it or allowed it. It’s our job to accept it. Not easy sometimes. Here is a replay of my farewell address two years ago.

Who or what is your anchor when things get choppy? Is it a person or a place or a thing that you go to? There was a time when Continue reading