Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me


Issam’s Insight –  Stop Loving YourselfDr. Issam Nemeh

Is it time to pick up your cross? Listen, as you can almost hear the eyebrows being raised as Dr. Issam Nemeh told the crowd to ‘quit loving yourself.’ “How can I love myself? This life is not about loving myself. Christ said ‘pick up your cross and follow me’.” We are here tofollow Christ. We are here to ‘love one another as I have loved you.’ In other words, humble yourself before God and be willing to die for Him and each other.

It’s All About Me!

In a world that tells us that we are to build up our ego and our self-image, here is a message of true Christian love. Jesus did not walk this earth for his own self glory. There was not an ounce of ego. If our goal as a Christian is to perfectly reflect Christ, then loving ourselves is at the bottom of the priority list. Serve God. Serve others. Let the Holy Spirit take us wherever He wants us to be. Evil’s job in this lifetime is to make us believe that everything is about us. He wants us to continually feed our ego. Christ is telling us the exact opposite.

Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Me

An excellent morning ritual was taught to us by Charlene Kalo. Charlene has been featured twice in our Miracle Moments. Charlene begins each day with the prayer “Well Jesus, let’s go. Today is your day, not mine.”

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