Prayer Basket Requests

Do you need a prayer? Or, does someone you know need a prayer? Leave your prayer intentions and requests below in the comments. We will see that they make it to the prayer basket at the next Dr. Nemeh healing service.

All prayer requests are reviewed and may be edited for clarity before being posted. Please note if you do not wish your request to be made public.

Remember to join us daily at 3:00 PM to pray “God Bless America, God Bless the World” and for the special needs listed below. And, may God bless you, today and every day!

62 thoughts on “Prayer Basket Requests

  1. In addition to our personal prayers for your intention, we will add him to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket 2/26.

  2. You and Amanda have been in our prayers. We will also add your intention to the Dr. Nemeh prayer basket tomorrow 2/26.

  3. We’ve been praying for your intentions and will include them in Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket tomorrow, 2/26.

  4. Please add my brother’s name to prayer basket. He is in a lot of pain. He’s name is Rafael Alvarez. Thank you and God Bless.

  5. Please add my sister’s name to the prayer basket — Michele was just diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called acoustic neuroma that causes headaches, hearing loss, and constant tinnitus. The surgery options are all scary and she is having a difficult time moving forward with treatment. I know our Heavenly Father can heal her without surgery, so I am praying that she receives a complete healing if it is God’s will.
    God bless Dr. Nemeh and his entire ministry for all the good work they do.

  6. Please pray for Suresh to normalize his blood sugar level, restore healthy vision, and regain healthy weight.

  7. Prayers for my almost 3 year old daughter, showing signs of anxiety and some hand flapping. Help calm her brain and body so she can engage fully in life. Thank you.

  8. Please add the name of my sister Sandi Massey to your prayer basket. She has cancer in several areas of her body. Thank you.

  9. Please put Laurie Schlegel’s name in the prayer basket

    Please put Carol Mehlenbacher’s name in the prayer basket


  10. Thank you. Pls include me in your prayers as I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for past 11 years and recently diagnosed with inflammed heart due to anemia.
    Now I have very less energy left and I want to be healthy and normal for my family especially my son. Pls accept this prayer request and God bless all with health and peace.

  11. Please pray for hospice’s patients, their families, friends and caregivers, so that Jesus give them peace, strength, and a lot of joy in the last stages of their journey. Thanks!

  12. I would like ask Dr. Issam Nemeh to pray for me to God for all my health problems and wishes to be heard and granted in the name of Jesus Christ and through Holy Spirit.
    Thank you and God bless for all what you do to help people.

  13. Thank you for your request and your thoughtfulness. In addition to our prayers we will add your intentions to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket 2/26.

  14. Please pray for all my family and friends who have all had their fair share of trials and tribulations and health problems over many years. I would like them all to be healed so they can be healthy and find peace and tranquility in their life.

  15. God bless you and your brother. In addition to our prayers we will add your names to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket 2/26.

  16. Please pray for my brother Domenic so that he can regain good health and find peace and tranquility in his life. He has suffered from chronic pain and severe depression and needs to heal so he can move forward in his life in a positive and pain free direction. He believes in the word of the Lord and is devoted and committed to praying every night.

  17. You’ve been in our prayers and we will add your intention to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket 2/26.

  18. In December 2008 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a severe brain injury, multiple fractures, and severe bleeding in the brain which was made worse by the blood thinners, which I take for my mechanical heart valves. Since the motor vehicle accident I have chronic pain 24/7, neuralgic pain, and insomnia. I get very little sleep because of my chronic pain and I feel poorly most days and most of the time. There has also been much stress in the family like the death of my mother and recently my daughter got divorced all of which has contributed to my stress level. Please pray for me so I can be healed from the chronic pain and find peace in my life. I have always been a strong believer in the power of prayer and I believe in God.

  19. God bless you and your intentions. In addition to our prayers, we will add your request to the Dr. Nemeh Prayer Basket 2/26.

  20. Please pray for an end to abortion and the conversion of sinners. For healing of Ofelia, David and Pauline.
    For the miracle of healing and loving communication for Mike and Mon and the honor of a Hannah Miracle. For biological babies which will be consecrated to the Lord as Hannah did Samuel.

  21. We received this after the last healing service but have kept your intentions in our prayers. We will add it to Dr. Nemeh’s Prayer Basket tomorrow, 2/26. Thank you for your prayers.

  22. Please pray for my cousin, Lori, who has debilitating back and leg problems ans mental health issues.

    Also, I would appreciate a small prayer for my gastric problems and pain.

    Your family and The Nemeh family are included in my 3:00 daily prayer for our country and the world.

    Thank you!!

  23. We received this too late for the last healing service but have kept you in our thoughts and prayers. We will add it to Dr. Nemeh’s Prayer Basket tomorrow 2/26.

  24. Kristi, you and your son have been in our prayers and we will add you to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket tomorrow, 2/26.

  25. Please Pray for my 11 year old son Max.
    Pray for him to be recovered from autism and epilepsy. Pray for him to be verbal and to live a healthy happy life! Thank You!

  26. Please pray for 7 year old Sullivan who has cancer. And also 10 year old Lexi who has RAD-epilepsy-behavior and learning problems. God bless.

  27. I ask for the intersession of the Holy Spirit through Dr. Nemeh to heal my wife, Cindy Fields’, back problem. She has seen several doctors and it seems like surgery is becoming the suggested andidote.
    We am blessed with two strong healthy sons, that could use a prayer also. But I see the son of a couple every week taking their son, about 15 to communion. He has some kind of autism and my heart breaks to see them struggle. Please add him to the basket too, his Mom’s name is Ania.

  28. For Fr. Dan Begin who is dealing with cancer, please pray that he may be healed so he can return to our church. We need him and his guidance so much. Thank you

  29. Prayers for Dr Nemeh and the ministry helpers. Prays for Tim, Matt, Heidi and Greg for self confidence, faith, love direction, service to others friendships and careers. Prayers for mom to be called home or go to assisted living. Prayers for strength as caregiver and financial help for Tim to heal and retire.

  30. Please add these names to your prayer basket.

    God bless…
    Christina Palumbo

  31. Please pray for healing of vitreous detachment both eyes but especially the left eye.
    Healing of migraine episodes with visual disturbance.
    Pray that I find a a marriage to a Catholic woman.
    Thank you and God bless.

  32. Prayers for Linda to help her resolve health issues that have exasperated from mold poisoning.

  33. Please pray for my friend Sandi Pandy, (please don’t publish her name), who has a cancerous tumor in her colon. She has been fighting other cancers. She will be having surgery Tuesday 2-14-17 to remove the tumor. She finally found a doctor who would operate because it is so invloved. There will be 5 doctors in on her operation because it is so involved. Pray for her and the doctors.
    Thank you.

  34. Prayers for my wife Sherry to help her struggle with depression. Give her the comfort to know that God will take care of her.

  35. Prayers for our friend, SandI Pandy. She is having a very hard surgery on Tuesday . She has been battling cancer for several years now. There are 5 doctors involved to remove a very hard tumor on her colon.

  36. Gayle’s MS. Jesus , I trust in you. Where else would we go? You are the Divine Healer.
    Complete healing of Jim’s COPD, severe asthma, and lung damage.
    Jesus, I trust in you!

  37. We’ve copied your prayer request and will place it in the prayer basket on Sunday. God bless you.

  38. I would like prayers to remove the lump that comes and goes on my left side near the incision from the cesarean I had 35 years ago.

  39. Please add the following names to your prayer basket
    Vicki Cambalik
    Gary Schlegel
    Thank you so much…God Bless

  40. For John’s blood pressure to be normalized. For John and Barbara.
    Prayer for Steve Potter and Karen Andrews-pancreatic cancer.
    For Sam and Kelsey to be married in the Catholic Church.

  41. Please pray for my daughter and I, we are going through a spiritual warfare. I’m the mother and sick, my daughter, can’t get over her father’s death. We are dealing with family and people, that are so negative. The devil is using other people against us. We need your help. Please pray for us. My daughter and I are saved my the grace of God, but my daughter has lost her way, I pray for her, after her dad committed suicide, 2012, she has given up hope. Please pray for her, and me. Bless you. I know you can help us through God, I know how important love is.

  42. Please pray for my bones. I have osteoporosis. Took medicine for eight years and it did not help. So now I stopped it and am praying for the healing of my bones. I believe in the power of prayer. I thank you for this podcast. I listen to every post you make.I read Dr. Nemeh’s book. I believe Jesus is working through him. Two days ago I slipped on the ice on my deck. Please pray me back to health.

  43. Dear Dr. Nemeh, please pray for my mom who is a diabetic and very hard to control.
    Also pray for my brother who is having problem with his eyes, fingers and legs.
    For Emnanuel for complete healing. I brought him to see you twice. He told me that you and Kathy were the angels at the healing service in New York. I got completely healed that day. I will never forget God’s blessing. God bless. Thank you.

  44. I have had several signs that I am interpreting that I should see Dr. Nemeh for my back and I was devastated that I couldn’t make this service. Then I listened to a podcast this morning “Prayer Basket Requests” so here I am asking for a healing for my back. I have had an issue with sciatica for nearly 2 years. I’ve tried two different treatments (therapy) with no results. I saw a chiropractor for a bit with limited results. I am asking for relief from the pain of sciatica which moves from my lower hip to my upper hip to lower back and causes pain in my neck. It’s not devastating pain, but it sure is aggravating. Thank you for adding my prayer request to the prayer basket. I still hope to see Dr. Nemeh (and YOU, Trapper Jack–I miss you on the radio!) as soon as my schedule allows and listen in person to the talks, witness the healings, and experience the prayer service. God bless you all.

  45. Prayers for Ken’s complete remission. For Nina and all those suffering with mental or physical health issues that God may ease their pain and heal them. And, may He bless the caretakers.

  46. Please remember: Peggy Auer, cancer
    Naomi Satterfield, fibromyalgia, heart, and several other things.
    Jack Sauer, going blind, pulmonary, heart.
    Bobby, sister Marti and Toni, mom

  47. For my broth- in- law Ken that his leukemia may go back into remission; for my friend’s daughter Nina ( who is having some mental health issues- bipolar), that she may be stabilized so she can begin to enjoy a more normal life with her family. May the Lord bless these and all her are struggling with mental or physical health issues.

  48. May God bless and protect you and your mother and heal you both according to His will. We’ve copied your request for Sunday’s prayer basket.

  49. My mother is bed bound, unable to move arms and legs. Swelling, having high blood pressure and sometimes headache. Also she seems to have stomach problems and eye problems and is beginning dementia. Tend to forgot or confuse situations. I am the only person working and I need a prayer for me also. Please put us in the basket for prayers. I know how powerful is God and I know He is going to heal my mother and I through the prayers. Thank you and God bless you.

  50. This and all of your requests have been copied for the prayer basket on Sunday. God bless you.

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