Prayer Basket Requests

Do you need a prayer? Or, does someone you know need a prayer? Leave your prayer intentions and requests below in the comments. We will see that they make it to the prayer basket at the next Dr. Nemeh healing service.

All prayer requests are reviewed and may be edited for clarity before being posted. Please note if you do not wish your request to be made public.

Remember to join us daily at 3:00 PM to pray “God Bless America, God Bless the World” and for the special needs listed below. And, may God bless you, today and every day!

494 thoughts on “Prayer Basket Requests

  1. Please pray for Bronwen O. She was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma while also finding out that she was pregnant with her 3rd child at age 44. The baby has been born and is perfectly healthy. She is now undergoing treatment. Please pray for her healing, faith and strength for her and her family.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Bronwen, her new baby and whole family. May God grant them strength and complete healing as according to each person’s needs and His will. We pray in Jesus name. Amen.

  2. I ask for prayer for my daughter, Leigh Ann and her fiancé Sheldon. I pray for healing of their relationship and her acceptance of his family. I pray for my daughter Kristi, her husband Alan and her children. I ask for financial blessings, healing of her cancer and back problems, healing of her husband’s pornographers, alcohol and drug addictions. I ask for healing of my husband Johnny and our marriage. Healing for my sister, mother, and brother.

    • You and your family have been lifted up in prayer. May God bless and heal each of you according to his individual need. Relationships are always difficult, we pray that each of you is able to be at peace.

  3. I am asking for a prayer for Brenda. She has a mass on her right breast and an abnormal Pap smear. Biopsies will be performed in January, but I am asking God to heal her before then. She is 54 and expecting her first grandchild in mid-January. Thank you!

  4. Please pray for my mother-in-law, Dorothy, who has recently moved to assisted living. She is recuperating from a fall. She is in a state of depression and I feel is losing her faith in Jesus.

  5. Prayers and blessings for Nicole and Brianna both of whom are suffering with lupus. A special prayer for the Morales family. God bless you all!

  6. I would like to ask for prayers, for myself, my white blood cell count is low asking God to work with me here, and thanks in advance 🙏😊.

    • Prayers for you that God might correct your blood work and heal you according to His will that you can better serve Him.

  7. Please pray for my sister, Rita, who has something wrong with her neck and is in terrible pain. Also to pray that the Holy Spirit dwells within her! Thank you so much !!!

    • Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and heal Rita and Lana according to God’s will that they may be able to better serve Him.

  8. Please pray for the following people for healing:
    Benny Salgado, dementia
    Wendy Vaquero, nueropathic pain
    Maria, cancer
    Miguel Salgado
    Taii and family

  9. Prayer for my 89 yr old Father ( Andy) who is has been diagnosed with A Typical supraventricular Tachycardia ( a rapid heart beat) now between 105-115 beats per minute.They have tried a variety of drugs & have shocked the heart but it has not stayed in rhythm continuously.
    The next step would be to electro shock the heart which for a 89 yr old is precarious at best. I would like prayer to bring the heart back into rhythm 60-90 beats per minute. He also has some swelling in his ankles feet do to the irregular heartbeat.
    Also prayer for my Brother, John, hit by a car walking while car was going 50 MPH. Lucky he is alive but has a shattered Tibia, Broken vertebra in his neck, broken ribs & a torn scapulla (Shoulder Injury). Thank You.

  10. Please pray for Joe P. Who has cancer and is in the hospital with a fever that continues to spike. Medical staff cannot find the origin despite numerous tests. May the Lord continue to embrace and encourage him in his journey. We ask this in the name of Jesus.

    Thank you all for the beautiful job you did in sharing Blind faith Live with others. It has completely transformed my life!

  11. I am asking for a prayer request for my bladder situation and my friends with cancer, Dottie and Connie, and for the rest of my family thank you please heal me.

  12. We request prayers for our grandson, Nathaniel, due mid January. He has occipital encephalocele so quite a bit of his brain is growing outside his head. His head is 10 weeks smaller in development than it should be. He is not expected to live much after birth. We are asking for a miracle healing for baby Nathaniel. Thank you!

  13. I’d like to pray for a dear friend named Sharon who has pancreatic cancer. She’s undergoing chemo and is very weak. I pray that the Lord may heal her and comfort her. Please add her to your prayer basket. Thank you.

  14. I am asking for prayers for dottie,cancer,conny possible cancer,jimmy,alchol,and family,nick,dale,nick,and kelly and nick ,to know God and my husband and myself bladder issues,thank you for past healings.and my dentist ,cancer,and the whole world.thanks you so much for this prayer request line.

  15. I am requesting prayer for my husband, Chuck, who is awaiting results of an esophageal tumor biopsy. The doctor is almost certain (95 % probability) the lab will identify the biopsy as cancerous and excision of the tumor is definitely necessary. I am hopeful my husband will be healed by prayerfully invoking God’s grace and mercy. I am also asking for greater faith to accept God’s holy will. Thank You for the prayer support. We look forward to the return of the inspirational Blind Faith Podcasts when the time is right.

  16. I am submitting this prayer request for someone that the Lord has been laying on my mind for some time now. His name is Jared. Jared will turn 25 years of age on November 17th. Jared was diagnosed with mitochondrial myopathy at age of 2. He was driving a power wheelchair by age 3 and has been on life support 24 hours a day since age 3. This has not stopped him as his physical body is not good, he has a brilliant mind. This past summer he obtained his graduate degree in Physics. His thesis was titled “Exploring Quantum Chaos in a Spin ½ atom driven by a 3D Chaotic Magnetic Field. We appreciate your prayers.

    • We lift Jared up to the Lord and ask that He bless Jared and heal him of mind, body and soul according to His will that Jared may continue to thrive in spite of his disabilities. God bless him and his family. What an inspiration!

  17. Please pray for Liz, who is a hoarder. May she receive the strength and wisdom to declutter her life.
    Please pray for Dorothy, who fell and broke her wrist. She is having surgery today on that arm. Thank you for your prayers, in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    • Blessings and healings requested as needed for Liz, Dorothy and you. May our dear Lord look after, protect and heal according to His will. God bless you all.

  18. My husband and I are believers and followers of Christ. My husband, Tim has struggled for 7 years with Occular Stem Cell Deficiency, ongoing infections and corneal abrasions that have significantly affected his vision. Please pray for God to deliver a mighty miracle to restore his vision and protect him from future eye afflictions. My God is faithful and we need all that can and will obediently get on their knees and petition for Tim. Thank you!

  19. Praying for healing for my mother. Build up her immune system, she was hospitalized a couple of months back with pneumonia has not been able to get rid of the cough. Lord I look to you for your healing touch. Asking in Jesus name. Amen.

  20. I want to ask for a prayer to love Jesus more, better and without limitations. I’m not very good with charity of my mind or heart. I want to join my heart with Jesus. I want to surrender each and every day. I want to do His will what He wants. Ask Our Precious Lord to help me with this in my life. In Jesus Glorious name!

    • We offer up prayers for all your requests. May God bless and heal each according to their individual need and His will.

  21. For my Sister n law, a free clinic nurse and brother with type 2 diabetic. A brother from another mother who is a marine Corp sniper. I want prayers for all of them and prayers for their pain of life. Healing! So much pain! Healing of their minds and healing of their experiences. Please Lord their intentions were for good. In Jesus name.

  22. For our list of sick parishioners at Holy Redeemer by the Sea in Kitty Hawk, NC. There are so many sick on our list so just want unite our prayers to yours at your next healing service. Thank you! In Jesus Name!

  23. I have a friend that suffers from Lupus. She comes to work daily without complaining. You see her struggling without complaint. Please find it in your hearts to ask Our Lord for a healing for this young lady. In Jesus name. Amen.

  24. I met this young lady who introduced me to the ministry of Dr. Nemeh thru Divine Mercy. She suffers with Kidney disease and her husband has abandoned the family and is asking for a divorce. Her son of 15 years is also suffering with Kidney disease. Please include them in your prayer petitions for a healing of this family. In Jesus name. Amen😍

  25. I have an earthly angel named Anne that needs a healing from arthritis. It’s a severe arthritis that keeps her from doing things I know she would do for the Lord. I pray for a healing for her. In Jesus name. Amen 😍

  26. For my friend, Maria, for a healing of her back. She has been suffering with back pain for years and needs prayer for healing. It hurts me to see her like this and I feel so helpless to relieve her suffering. In Jesus I ask for a healing of her suffering. Thank you for hearing my prayer! 😍

  27. Please pray for the physical healing of my body….the wrists,knees,bladder,kidneys and stomach/bowels…..the whole body healing and may all receive their prayers blessed ten fold for your thoughtful prayer help. Thank you Philip, Beth, Dr. Nemeh and Kathy plus staff….so much love and gratitude to all you do!

  28. Asking prayers for my nephew Jeremy he is suffering from multiple illnesses,the worst right now is an infection in his legs and he is unconscious. Thank You 🙏❤️

  29. I would like to ask prayer for my sister Carolyn in Cincinnati who is dealing with double pneumonia and heart issues and many other health problems that have been life long thank you .

  30. Please pray for my friend. She is a wonderful mother of 2 children experiencing many challenges. I ask that you pray to bring her son, a freshman in college, home this weekend. She could also use prayers for her son to be accepted to another university closer to home. This woman has more challenges that I can submit here but ask that you pray for this immediate request for her son and keep the entire family in your prayers. With sincere appreciation. Wishing God’s peace to all.

  31. Please pray for Karin T. in Valrico, Florida. Her husband is not well either and they have 2 in college. She’s had stage 4 breast cancer but now it’s spreading to other areas. Please if you can get this prayer to Dr. and Kathy Nemeh before the next healing service as she has been in ICU and not doing well.

  32. Please pray for baby Nathaniel R. He is due January, 2018. My son, Jim and wife Ericka, recently found out the baby has occipital encephalocele. They are with a fetal specialist. Please pray that this precious baby can be healed. Thank you!

  33. Please pray for a friend’s sister, Kim, battling her last months of terminal cancer. Holy Spirit and St Joseph, give her the courage and strength to be in your peace without pain.

  34. I humbly ask that you might keep Kevin Jeans-Gail in your prayers, he was swimming in the ocean and was driven my a wave into the shore and now has several broken vertebrae and might not ever be able to walk again. Thank you and God Bless all the work you do! Holy spirit continue to reign and lead us!

  35. I am now asking for prayer for my marriage. My husband, due to Diabetes and Heart Disease, is no longer interested in intimacy. We are 62 years old. And this is very hard for us. I don’t feel his love although I know he does love me. I pray for peace , acceptance and joy and his good health.

  36. Please pray for R. that the Lord will deliver him from pride, self righteousness, insecurity, paranoia and all negativity and all that flows from that. May God bless him abundantly with humility, wisdom, maturity and grace and true forgiveness for all, remove the scales from his eyes and fill him with love and gentleness for all God’s children. Please pray for him that he be healed in all ways and live as God made him. Also, please pray for healing for me from the extreme anxiety that I’m trying to overcome and that the Lord will fill me with his healing love and joy, that I may live as the person God made me to be. Thank you and God Bless you all.


  38. I was just commissioned as a Eucharistic Minister. Please pray that I may always serve the community of my church and the Lord with a strong sense of humility, and that I may be blessed with a deeper appreciation of God through this service. I’m worried that I’m so focused on the task of not dropping or spilling, and I’m not giving the Lord enough of the praise He deserves. I feel like I’m sinning against Him, which I never ever want to do. Please pray that I have special help with this ministry.

    • Prayers offered for you and blessings requested. Ask the Holy Spirit to watch over you and help you as you minister to God’s people through this most blessed sacrament. Offer it up with humility and He will guide you.

  39. Hello, I ask for prayers in our Lord Jesus’ name for the healing of Heleena’s Jaw – she has a tendon that has deteriorated on one side of her face that is now affecting her hearing and makes it difficult for her to eat.

  40. Prayer basket request for my husband Al serious eye infection, for my children and for myself and my friend Dottie with cancer and thank you for always being here

    • For you, Kathryn, and all of your prayer requests, we send up our request in Jesus’ name that each of you is healed according to their need and that God bless each of you.

    • Prayers sent up for you and your daughter, Rachael, that she might receive relief from the pain and a complete healing of her neck.

    • Prayers offered for you and your son for healing as each of you needs. May God grant them according to your need and His will. Amen.

  41. I have had chronic fatigue for 17 years that comes and goes, it’s debilitating. Please pray for me Dr.Nemeh for a complete healing.
    Thank you Philip and Dr. Nemeh and the whole family for BFL.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Noreen, that you may receive relief from your chronic fatigue and healing according to God’s will. Blessings.

  42. I’d like to request a prayer for Jimmy. Please pray for his recovery from an accident. His right leg needs a surgery but his family can’t afford it. Please Dr. Nemeh pray for him. He’s the eldest of 5 sibling, his mother is a single parent, his family needs him. Thank you.

    • Prayers offered for Jimmy, his siblings and his mom for blessings and healing according to their individual need. But especially for Jimmy so that he may receive the surgery necessary and complete healing and use of his leg.

    • Prayers sent up for you and your cousin as well as her mother that all receive the blessings and healings according to their needs.

  43. total healing for John’s wife
    physical and emotional healing for Gary’s daughters
    guidance, protection, and deeper relationship with God for Steve’s daughter

  44. Please pray for my husband Bob. He has had ulcerative colitis for over 16 years.
    Now it is worse than ever and he is constant pain. Please ask the Holy Spirit to heal him. Thank You

  45. Please pray that me digestive system be healed and the internal strep infection I have be healed also. I pray for wisdom and guidance in all matters pertaining to me health. May my faith be strengthened through this healing.

  46. Father of 4 has pancreatic cancer with a short time to live. He is dedicated to his family and doing everything he can to make their life as whole as possible. I have only met a few times but can see the dedication in his presence.
    Thanks. Latest podcast is very inspiring.

  47. Prayer for our friend Buzz Baraga in Colorado (originally from Cleveland) who is fighting cancer but is at this moment (Wed 8/23) undergoing heart surgery. Asking the Holy Spirit to heal Buzz, strengthen him and his wife Sandy. God bless you all. We thank Jesus for using you all and for being the Healer❤️

  48. Can you please add prayers for baby Helianny (hydrocephalus condition), Sofia (microcephaly), and Ruben (cancer). Thank you and may God bless all of you always!

    Ps: my best wishes for your upcoming book! I am sure it’s going to be wonderful and very enlightening!

  49. I hope you are well thank you for the podcast and all you do I listen and gain so much from it.
    Can you please put a prayer request in the basket for the healing of my son Reilly and me?
    Many thanks and peace.

  50. I would be grateful if you could add Lorenzo Pichi’s name to the prayer basket. This young man needs deliverance from addictions and anger. For the whole family I have been praying for restoration and harmony. I know our good Father’s answer is on the way, amen.

  51. Please, pray for my two sons, both have children and have walked away from their marriage of 25 yrs and 27yrs. they both go to church and are very good sons, and do not have other women in their life. I pray every day for them to come back to their homes where they belong, thank you and Gods Blessing to you all.

  52. Please pray for my dad who has a tumor in his kidney and is diabetic and my mom who suffers from arthritic pain all over her body.
    My mother in law is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and bravely fighting it.
    I also ask for continued healing for my daughters, Disna and Klaudia. Thank You!

  53. I have waited so long to be able to take a vacation with my kids next week. My large dog had an injury and in lifting her I injured my lower back and am in excruciating pain. I am trusting God to heal me so that I can enjoy my vacation. Seems I need a miracle every week with this aging body that thinks it is still young. I was just at the healing last weekend in Livonia.

  54. Please pray for Cartie, who has just been diagnosed with cancer, he’s been my significant other for 22 years. He is 67 and helps his 85 year old mother with whom he lives. Please pray that this disease has not spread through his body and that he can withstand treatments. He is a good, caring man, always willing to help others in need. Now, he is in need. Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated. Thank you so very much. God bless you and all others suffering from this disease.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Cartie, and his mother with requests for healings according to individual need. Cartie sounds like a wonderful man, may God reward him with healing.

  55. My mom and I are being attacked by evil….which tells me their time is short, since evil is coming after us little guys. It’s little stuff like situations spiking up to try to anger us, …but even to the point where my mom will hear evil saying things while she’s trying to pray her Rosary. Anyway, I’d like to pray that we have extra strength to overcome the situations that are now rising against us, that we may not fall off the holy path. Thank you!

  56. Prayer request please for son James, Meredith Corson Sydney Axeton, Nick Dale and Nicky, Kelly and Nick, Al and kathy, neighbors Mary and Anna and friend with cancer Dottie thank you dr. Nemeh and Kathy.

    • Prayers have been sent up for all of your requests that each may receive complete healing of mind, body and spirit according to individual need. May God bless you all.

  57. Please pray for my family, that God will supply our spiritual, physical and emotional needs. May God help my husband to find employment. Thank you very much! Blessings to all!!!

    • Prayers have been sent up for all of you that each may be healed according to need. We will share your request to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket as well.

  58. Please pray for my 32 year old son, Jacob S. He’s had ADD since childhood and his emotional/mental problems are now debilitating and his extreme anxiety has him convinced he is losing his mind. He will not take medications because he insists they can’t help him. I want so badly to get him to one of Dr. Nemeh’s healing services but just leaving his apartment causes him great anxiety. We are so worried and would greatly appreciate your prayers for him. Thank you so much.

    • I will pray for Jacob. My son has had anxiety his whole life and it is so hard to watch as a loving parent. Send his picture to Dr. Nemeh at Questions

      Who prays for me?

      Dr. Nemeh does his best to read and pray for each prayer request.
      Do I get a response?

      Due to the high volume of prayer requests, we cannot respond to each individual request.


      Submit via Mail
      Path To Faith offers a free prayer requests program where anyone may write their petitions and requests for prayer and mail them to this address:

      Path To Faith
      Attn: Prayer Requests
      P.O. Box 26044
      Fairview Park, OH 44126

    • Pam, we’ve been praying for your son and your family. I am collecting the requests now to take to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket tomorrow and will include yours. I think that it was also placed in the August 6th service. God bless you all.

  59. For Michael K, who passed away last Saturday. I’d like a special prayer for his family and for him, if he’s stuck in Purgatory.

  60. Please pray for Monica K who is suffering with pulmonary hypertension. The medications for treatment of her condition causes stress on her kidneys and her condition does not stabilize. The doctors appear to be giving up on her.

    Thank you for all your efforts in spreading the word about Dr. Nemeh and his message. May God bless you and the Nemehs for all they do.

    • Prayers sent up for Monica for complete healing of mind, body and soul according to God’s will. We shared your intentions to the prayer basket in Dr. Nemeh’s office as well.

  61. Dear Mr. Keller,
    I will be grateful if you could add my dear mother Turkan Erel’s name in Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket. She has gone through two ventriculoperitoneal shunt operations for NPH. The neurosurgeon told us that he could replace the shunt with a different one as it is not working. I just don’t know what to do.She has poor balance and difficulty in walking, she is incontinent and has cognitive problems. After the second operation she does not talk at all. Please, help me help my mother.
    Isil from Istanbul Turkey

    • We’ve lifted up you and your mother in prayer and placed your intentions in the prayer basket at Dr. Nemeh’s healing service this past Sunday. We just weren’t able to get all of the individual prayer requests released on the website before copying them for Sunday. Sorry for any frustration that may have caused you. Please know that you continue to be in our daily prayers and that we have shared with Dr. Nemeh.

      • Thank you all for being there for us. The Blind Faith Live podcasts bring the light of hope in my days of extreme darkness of despair and frustration.
        Although we are far away, I believe with his beautiful heart Dr. Nemeh will hopefully be a channel in my mother’s healing.
        Could you perhaps put my mother’s name again in this Sunday’s prayers basket? Thank you and God bless you.

      • There is no healing service this weekend, but we happen to be at the office so we will place it in the office prayer basket. God bless. Continued prayers lifted up for you and your mother.

  62. Asking for prayer for my daughter Kristi W. She is 33 years old and mother of 4 children ages 11 to 6. She has thyroid cancer and is under care at MD Anderson hospital. She has nerve damage from surgery, bulging discs in her back from scoliosis, does not have a thyroid gland and this causes physical and emotional ailments. She has a lot of pain. Please pray for her healing and pain relief.

    • Prayers sent up for Jennifer, you and her family. We did miss this prayer request when I copied the prayer basket for Sunday’s healing service as it was originally submitted elsewhere on our webpage. Know that you all are in our prayers, especially Kristi and I will share this to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket in his office.

  63. Please pray for my Uncle Jay, he had a kidney transplant, which so far it’s doing ok…..But after his surgery, he had 2 strokes, which now he can’t speak very well, nor he can’t walk well and he has some use of his right hand…..he is a very good catholic, so I ask of you, to please pray for him, for his healing…..pray that our Lord will place his hands on him…..thank you so much…

  64. I also request prayers for my goddaughter/niece Bella, 9 yrs old. She underwent a 3.5 hour MRI yesterday to help diagnose her illness. Thank you!!

      • Thank you for putting our sweet Bella in your prayer basket. She has been diagnosed with severe neuroblastoma. Thank you all for your love and prayer support.

      • You are most welcome. Know that our prayers continue, asking for God’s blessings.

  65. Dear Kathy, Dr. Nemeh, Philip and All,
    Please pray for my sister Ann’s family. They have been carrying crosses for a long time. Husband Rich is battling bladder cancer and now possibly prostrate cancer. Their son Michael has battled depression for over 12 years. Son David was abruptly dismissed from the seminary and suffered much emotionally/physically. Daughter Maria has suffered hearing loss since kindergarten. This is a caring, wonderful family who needs prayers for healing. Thank you so much for your prayer support!! God bless you!

  66. Please intervene for me and save my life please! Send me a complete healing of my entire body. Please send me the miracle of health that I’ve been praying for for over 30 years. Non stop suffering burning on fire in my cranial nerves supplying my entire mouth throat and neck into my digestive system, breathing …causing paralysis. Only you God can help me and I’m begging you to please intervene for me.

    • Sherry, we are sorry for all your pain and suffering. Prayers sent up for a complete healing of mind, body and soul. May God grant you relief. We’ll also add you to the prayer basket tomorrow.

  67. Please pray for my father who fell and broke his hip. Please pray for God’s favor regarding a court case. Please pray for success with my new business, so I can help others. And please prayer for my children to come back to the faith.
    Thank you and God bless.

    • Prayers for you, Jill, your father and all your intentions. May God grant healing and resolution according to His Will.

  68. I am praying for my niece in Cincinnati who has fibromyalgia, r-arthritis, and severe back issues. All this and 5 children to care for. But she has a beautiful attitude through all of this. Prayers for her please. Thank you and Amen

    • We pray for you both and your niece’s family but especially for healing her. We’ll see that she gets added to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket.

  69. I ask the Lord, Jesus Christ, to be with my husband as he recovers from a cardiac arrest. May Jesus make himself known to him so that he knows that He is there and always has been there for him. All he needs to do is ask.

    • We continue to offer our prayers and ask God for complete healing of mind, body and soul. God bless you both!

  70. I have a prayer request for our family for Meredith and Jim and children, Nick and Dale and son, Kelly and Nick, Kathryn and Al, our parents my neighbors and Dottie with cancer breast cancer second time., thank you for having the prayer basket

    • We send up our own prayers and will also add your requests to the Dr. Nemeh Prayer Basket. Blessings and healings to all.

  71. Please pray for brother has brain tumor that is growing. He is going in for gamma knife and radiation. You have truly helped many. Thank you.

    • You’re intentions will be placed in the prayer basket on Sunday and prayers sent up for you and all of your special intentions for individual healing according to needs. God bless you all.

  72. Dear Dr. Nemeh and Mrs. Nemeh,
    You have helped so many I know. Please pray for a very intelligent young lady that dedicated herself to tutor others so they could graduate high school.
    She is currently in hospital for evaluation and therapy for mental disorder.
    Please pray she heals. She admits she needs help and has a problem. Not drugs or alcohol. Please pray for her. Thank you.

    • Denise, we’ve sent up prayers on behalf of your young friend and ask for complete healing. Also, for our Blessed Mother Mary to watch over her, guide and protect her. We’ll share your intentions in the prayer basket tomorrow.

    • Prayers for healing as needed sent up for you, Carol, Charles and Gary. Blessings to all of you and peace be with you. We’ll add your intentions to the prayer basket.

  73. Asking God to restore Margherita’s family. May they have harmonious and loving relationships with each other. May the Holy Spirit guide and strengthen Margherita. In Jesus’ name I pray, amen.

    • God bless you for reaching out for others. We pray for complete healing of mind, body and soul and lift each member of the family up for their individual needs for healing according to God’s will. Grant them His peace and the help of the Holy Spirit to guide them. We will place your request in Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket.

    • We continue to send up prayers for Kris and pray for healing. We’re hoping that she has had improvement. But, nonetheless, will include her in the Dr. Nemeh prayer basket.

  74. Please pray for me my name is Lisette, i am a colon cancer survivor and I had attended one of Dr. Nemeh’s healing services shortly after my surgery. I need help again, I am now facing a multiple myeloma diagnosis. I know that through prayer and faith all things are possible.

    • Prayers offered on your behalf for complete healing of mind, body and soul. We’ll share your request in the Dr. Nemeh prayer basket as well.

  75. I’m asking prayer for my daughter Melanie who has had a problem sleeping for nine months now she has been doctoring it in taking sleeping pills, but they’re not working. She is becoming depressed and exhausted thank you in advance, she is a follower of our Lord.

    • So sorry for her discomfort. Prayers sent up on her behalf and we will add it to the prayer basket at the healing service Sunday.

  76. Asking for healing prayers for my friend Kathy S, who was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that has spread to her liver and lungs.

    Also if I could ask for prayers for myself, I will be going in on Monday for a bone morrow biopsy.
    And asking healing from sebaceous hyperplasia.

    Thank you for all that you do, many would be lost without Dr. Nemeh, Kathy, Philip and Beth and all of these insightful podcasts. Please know I pray for all of you. Sincerely, Natalie

    • Prayers offered for you and your friend, Kathy, that our Lord will grant you both complete healing of mind, body and soul according to His will. Thank you for your continued prayers for all of us. We will share your prayer request in the prayer basket tomorrow.

    • Prayers offered for Venezuela and all people afflicted throughout the world. May God bless and protect them all so that they may serve Him according to His divine plan.

  77. Please pray for 26 year old Kristie, mother of two, who has cervical cancer. Also for 11 year old Lexi who has RAD and epilepsy, learning and behavior problems. Thank you for this opportunity to post prayer requests. God bless.

    • God bless you, Kristie, and her family. Prayers sent up for a complete healing for her and blessings for her family. Also, for Lexi and her family. May God grant them each healing according to their needs. We’ll add it to the prayer basket tomorrow, as well.

  78. Asking for prayer for our grandson., Trenton. He is being denied medical care. The good Lord certainly knows this child and situation.
    My Aunt Anna, who is an angel here on earth, has metastatic cancer that has reoccurred.
    My children, Lisa and Rodney, who suffer from Lymes disease, and migraine headaches.
    My step children, who suffer, Brandon, Autumn, Jessica, Ray, their spouses, and children who are all very special to God, but, wise choices and healing needed for each and everyone of them to make life changing decisions.

    • Prayers offered for all of you and your special needs. May God bless and heal each one according to His will and send the Holy Spirit to guide them and watch over them in future decisions.

  79. I’m also asking for prayers for Dawn who was just dx. with spinal stenosis and pain.
    My brother, Jay, with knee pain and Theresa who has severe pain and depression.
    By Jesus stripes they are healed amen.

    • Prayers offered for you, Dawn, Jay, and Theresa that each is granted a healing as needed. We’ll share in the prayer basket tomorrow.

  80. Asking to please put my son in your prayer basket, who has just lost his job,his name is Rommel King.Thanks to all who take part in these services may God bless you all.
    Thanks to the Nemeh family and the Keller family without these podcast,many of us will be lacking.God bless.

  81. I saw this on FB and recommended they call Dr Nemeh. Please add this child to the prayer basket along with your prayers.
    MY KID HAS CANCER…Please pray to the lord Jesus Christ for a miracle…she’s just turned 11… and they’re going to amputate her leg… They’re found Cancer all throughout her body..her other leg her lungs.. it’s a rare aggressive cancer.. they said chemo will not help… They’re going to try a new drug… please Pray for Hailey pray for the doctors at dornbeckers Portland Oregon.
    Thanks Philip.

  82. A young girl of 13 needs prayers she is a cutter and a bit of a wild child , she is out of control and hurts people. Her mother needs prayers also. Thank you 😊 Connie Sposetta .

  83. Asking for prayers for my husband and marriage. Praying for a true conversion with the desire to live and walk in faith. Worldliness, materialism, ego and greed overshadow the sacrament of marriage. Praying for a child and marital healing. Amen and thank you.

  84. Going deaf all of a sudden. In the past 6 months losing hearing badly? Doctors could not figure out why? Put me in the basket please. Whatever Jesus wants to do, leave it or fix it. I can live with his decision!

  85. Hi Philip and Beth
    Could I request a prayer of healing for myself, my son Reilly and blessings for my brother Geoff and his wife Summer?
    Many thanks and bless you

  86. For Chris Graff, who is 35 with a cancer in his arm. The Cleveland Clinic doctors said they’ll have to amputate. I’d like to request a special prayer for him, (with hopes of reversal), for his wife and child, and that he has special help for when his wife gives birth to their second child.

  87. For 6 year old Jensen Greco, who was hit by a car on Sunday. He is in stable yet very critical condition at the Metro Pediatric ICU. Jensen is currently being sedated due to having a breathing ventilator injuries consist of broken ribs, a collapsed lung, severely bruised spinal cord, broken cheek bones, broken jaw, broken pelvis, cracked cranium, swelling in the brain and bleeding in the brain stem.

  88. Prayers for Dawn Mancuso who is starting chemo for lung cancer at 80 years old tomorrow 7/6. Please add her name to prayer basket.
    Thanks Philip

  89. Prayers for Nick Giardino, Janet and Jeff Mancuso, and Dominick Lionetti.
    Can you please put their names in the next healing service prayer basket.
    Thanks Philip.

  90. Hi Philip,
    Joy here from Michigan. I have 3 prayer request’s friend Lynne for healing of cancer
    2.My friend Gary healing of kidney cancer and possible dialysis
    3.Joy painful joints I think from my chemo
    Thank you Philip see you July 29 in Michigan

  91. My daughter Rachael was seriously injured on Oct 7, 2016 in a car accident leaving her paraplegic. She had a T5 burst, it is our prayers that she is able to walk again and resume her dream of being a foster parent. She was bringing a foster baby and his biological mom home from an accident when the accident occurred. I know in my heart that it is by the grace of God she is still here and that no one else suffered as many injuries as she did and that everyone else that was hurt has recovered from their injuries. I thank God everyday for the miracle of her life but I know she desires to walk again soon.

  92. My wife and I have multiple prayer requests: Taylor and Logan for spiritual healing; Karen with pancreatic cancer; Bill R. and Bill W. with prostate cancer, Barbara with ovarian cancer; Dorothy with degenerative disc disease undergoing surgery; Larry with kidney cancer; and Lindsey with Parkinson’s Disease. Thank you for this and we will see you in Nazareth!

  93. I feel pain in my left leg…I think its tendinitis….due to a antibiotic medication call Levofloxacin 500mg….given to me by a doctor…its been almost a month and the doctor told me after the medication flushes out of me the pain will go away…no such luck…I don’t want to be taking pain pills all the time…..I NEED HELP…..I’M CRYING ALL THE TIME…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME…..

    • We’re so sorry for your pain and have lifted you up in prayer for a complete healing according to God’s will so you are able to fulfill His role for you. We’ll add you to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket on 6/25.

  94. Hello asking for prayers please..for an emotional prayer. For God to send me a Godly husband and the honor of a Hannah miracle, as I long to be a biological mommy to healthy babies. Your prayers and those of Dr. would be such a blessing.

  95. For my marriage and the conversion of my husband, that he may come back to the faith. For healing of my mind, and for a special blessing upon my parents for their 38th wedding anniversary.

    • We lift you and your husband up in prayer and call upon God’s intervention to heal you both as needed. We’ll add you to the prayer basket on 6/25.

  96. First of all, I thank God everyday to have found BFL, for what you do and for Dr. Nemeh and your families. Please, I’d like to request a prayer for my son to receive a healing in mind, body and spirit. He’s going through something, please pray for him that the Holy Spirit may complete him in mind, body and soul.
    Thank you very much and; God bless you always.

    • We appreciate your prayers. Know that you and your requests are always in our prayers and we especially send up requests that your son will be fully healed according to God’s will. We will share your request with Dr. Nemeh 6/25.

  97. Please pray for a family friend, John B, a 30 year old young man who recently got diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. It is very serious and he is currently undergoing chemo. All prayers are appreciated. God bless you and your work.

    • Prayer sent up on your behalf as well as for your friend, John. We will add him to the prayer basket on 6/25.

  98. I am a paraplegic, paralyzed from the waist down. I believe that our Lord Jesus can heal me through Dr. Nemeh. I do not have the money to come to a healing service. Thank you so much for praying for me. My paralysis was the error of two doctors. My Pediatrician missed my growth on my spine (thought it was a growing birth mark), the second was the surgeon trying to remove it and nicked my spinal cord when I was 13 months old. I hold no hard feelings at all for these doctors, they are only human. God is using me like I am. I’m ok with it if He chooses not to heal me. However God can use me better is OK with me.

    • Prayers sent up that God will heal you according to His will to best serve Him. Blessings and continued prayer. We will share your request with Dr. Nemeh 6/25.

  99. Prayer request for my granddaughter, ella, who overdosed and is in hospital in maryland. So many lost souls wandering and wondering what to do on planet earth. May the holy spirit revive them. Come holy spirit. Come into all who live.

    • We have lifted you and your granddaughter in prayer, asking for her recovery. We will also share your request in the prayer basket 6/25.

  100. Asking prayer for my son, Rodney, who has Lymes disease that has affected his heart, mind and digestion. My daughter, Lisa, who has terrible migraines, since age 4. She is in medical school, so stressed out.
    My husband, Artie, also has Lymes, and injuries from an auto accident, over 30 years ago.
    My friend Wanda, who has lung, kidney, with metastisis, is my co-worker, who is such a kind and wonderful person.
    I feel selfish to ask for a prayer for myself, there are so many needs in this world of those who are so sick, suffering. I recently became very ill, thinking food poisoning, but the sickness has continued. I feel constant nausea, fullness, and severe back pain. My job is very strenuous and I lift constantly, some days a totally of 700 to 800 pounds or more. Years ago,I was healed from tennis elbow, instantly, and know without a doubt that this healing is wonderful.Thank you Dr Nemeh, Kathy, Philip, Elizabeth, and all at BFL. Markay Kifer

    • Prayers sent up for all of your intentions. May God heal each according to their need. We will share your requests with Dr. Nemeh 6/25.

  101. Need prayers osteo in knees can hardly walk. Respiratory problems shortness of breath. I truly believe that with prayers God and Dr. Nemeth’s prayers will help this. Thank you.

  102. Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus for Leigh, Greg and Jude.
    Also for Carter R and Mandy B. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Prayers sent up for individual healing of those you hold in your heart. We will also share your requests with Dr. Nemeh 6/25.

  103. Hi Philip,
    Can you please pray for and put a name in the prayer basket for me?
    Peter B – age 54 – just diagnosed with lukemia and is in hospital awaiting treatment plan. Thank you! Lori

    • Prayers sent up for Peter for healing according to God’s will. We will also share your request with Dr. Nemeh.

  104. Prayer request for Nancy T of Bethesda, MD. Recently diagnosed with brain tumor and when surgery was performed they discovered they could not do anything surgically for her. Now she is starting radiation and chemotherapy. Nancy is an incredible person – close to God and the devoted mother of an autistic son who benefited tremendously from her dedication to getting him help any way possible. As the saying goes, “she doesn’t deserve to suffer like this”, but, we all know that God can make apparently bad situations turn out miraculous. If it be God’s will, may Dr. Nemeh and Kathy’s prayers for Nancy be answered. We trust in his divine wisdom and pray for understanding whatever the outcome. Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and heal our loved one, Nancy, as a witness to your divine presence to those closest to her.

    • Prayers sent up for Carl. Blessings requested for all. We will also add your request to the prayer basket 6/25.

  105. God Bless!
    Please pray for my son, Bob, as he will be having a colonoscopy on Tuesday, June 6 because of some abnormal digestive/intestinal symptoms. Also, pray for his father, Bob, as he continues to battle Pulmonary Fibrosis.
    Thank you ever so much and God Bless you all for all your prayers and hard work. Love and Prayers

  106. Please pray for my friends Frank M who is now developing prostate cancer, Victor M who just had an operation, Delores C who has kidney stones with lots of pain diabetes and other stomach problems. Rommel and Sonia K who will like to have a family. Alsen I who needs special prayers in his life. And many of whom I have thought about at any time during the day. Thank you.

    • Prayers sent up for you and all of your special requests for your friends. We’ll share your intentions in the prayer basket on 6/25.

    • Prayers sent up for Patty. May God heal her according to His will. We will also share your request with Dr. Nemeh at the healing service 6/25.

  107. I would like to ask for prayers for my daughter with autism, and for my brother and his wife who are dealing with infertility/cancer.

    * And I would like to thank you so much for these podcasts!!! I feel like through listening to them I have received a bit of a miracle myself! I have struggled with my weight frequently throughout the years. Listening to these podcasts have changed my thinking in so many ways, and I feel as though I am growing in “the mind of Christ.” This has translated into more self control and motivation for me, and I have lost about 35 pounds so far! Thanks for following HIS plan for you!

    • For all your family’s individual needs, we send up prayers. We will also share your requests in the prayer basket on 6/25.

  108. Please pray that my son and his wife may be blessed with a child. That’s all I can ask for I know how powerful prayers can be. Thank you.

  109. Please pray for my girlfriend Erin who suffers knee pain and thyroid issues as she makes it through each day as an awesome pediatric occupational therapist helping the little ones. Please pray for my damaged nerve in my neck which numbs my right index finger among one of the symptoms. We pray everyday at 3 pm for America and the world and the Nemeh’s and you Philip for this wonderful work! God Bless!

    • Thank you for your prayers. Know that we continue to pray for you, your girlfriend, and all of our listeners on a regular basis. We will also share your special prayer request in the prayer basket on 6/25.

  110. I need prayer for my family. 5 year custody battle out of state. My daughter is now 14 and is with me for the summer and wants to stay. She is depressed and has tried taking her life so please pray for her and I’ve been praying to God to soften the heart of her dad and let her stay I really don’t have a way to travel all the way across the states for court so I’m. Praying for miracles.

    • Prayers sent up for you, your daughter and your family for a peaceful and healthy resolution. Your prayer request will be shared with Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket on 6/25.

  111. Dear Dr. Issam Nemeh, Please pray for recovery of my Dad, Lip poon. He suffered a stroke last month and is paralyzed down his left side of his body, and limbs. Thank you and God bless.

    Philip, Thank you for your podcast.

  112. My basket list please, Nick’s foot, dale and nicholas, als feet and back injury, Jims body and spirit healing, and corson, Sydney, axeton, Meredith ,kellys body and spirit health, als dad alzheimers and melba, rose, to be patient with als dad’s alzheimers, whole world s pain, people from church who I see that are sick,myself please,thanks for my faith and dr. and kathy, and Beth and Philip, all my family and friends get healing, and faith, thanks for past healings. and Jerry’s progress, only I know how you have helped us in the past, thank you. I will always pray now, rosary every day, hopefully, you have saved my soul I love my faith now in a new way,thank you,kathryn, my friend’s son who died, and her family, Ashly, Skip, Meredith.

  113. Please pray with me for 90+ year old Barbara who lost most of the sight in both of her eyes a few weeks ago after a visit to the eye doctor that included dilation. Please also pray for her son Bryan, who has been suffering from bone cancer and has not been able to visit his mother in the past year (and she has not been able to visit him). I have been praying that they would be able to see each other, literally, again in this life. She is a believer and so is her son. I ask Our Blessed Mother for her motherly intervention in turning the water into wine. Thank you so much for your prayers.

    • We’ve sent up prayers for you and your friend and her son. We will also place your intentions in the prayer basket on 6/25.

  114. I am making my best effort to follow your instructions to set my intent before submitting my prayer request. I plan on attending a healing service but I wanted to submit this prayer request in the event that I’m unable to make it. I would like to submit it for a reason quest for my 14-year-old daughter, myself, and for Richard. We are each broken in different ways and need the help of God’s hand to heal and restore our mind body spirit and hearts. Thank you for praying for us. And thank you God may your will be done.

    • God bless you, Lucy. We all need to focus on the love behind our intent. We will continue to hold you in our prayers as we do all of our listeners. And, we will include your prayer request in the healing service basket on 6/25.

  115. Please pray that my husband of 42 years will have a complete recovery from open heart surgery, weakened lung capacity, and severe restless leg syndrome. My 30 year old daughter is also in need of prayers. She suffers from muscular dystrophy and is confined to a wheelchair, and recently was very ill with pneumonia and found she has heart problems. May the Lord bless them both with good health!

  116. Please pray for our good friend of the family (Janet W.) who is battling cancer. We agree in Jesus name that she is healed above and beyond what we could ever ask or think. Amen!

  117. Please pray for my dear friend, Chiann. They say she may need back surgery to keep from having permanent nerve damage to her leg and foot. Praise be to GOD!

  118. We need your prayers. My sister, Nancy, has had, for many years, an illness that doctors cannot identify. She suffers constantly with nerve pain over most of her body. She is trying very hard to get off of opiods that are prescribed by her doctors. She also suffers from severe acid reflux.

    Also, I have several health conditions with which I struggle. Diabetes, digestive issues, eye problems, tendonitis, degenerative knee, back and leg pain, umbilical hernia. My energy level is very poor due to these conditions.

    Thank you so much. God bless.

    • You’ve been in our thoughts and prayers. We will also place your intentions in the prayer basket at Dr. Nemeh’s healing service on 6/25.

  119. Please pray for Earl “Dusty”, who is a Vietnam War veteran. He served as an infantryman in Vietnam in 1968-69 and has been plagued by his war experiences since then. His platoon went on patrol in the jungle one day and did not return again for more than 30 days. Today he describes his experience as:” Wounded in Vietnam, grazed head wound, knee and foot wounds. Infections and cellulitis set in on the knee and foot wounds.. I have severe PTSD from the war. Anxiety, hypertension, high blood pressure, nightmares, hallucinations, suicidal ideations, on and off and on again problems with alcohol, Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and most recent an Ischemic Transient Brain Stroke (two of them actually). ”
    His wife Virgina (Ginny) tells of waking up at night with “Dusty” under the bed with a machete in his hand reliving one of his jungle experiences. This occurred 40 years after his military discharge. He has written 2 books (“Condemned Property” and “Payback Time”) trying to call attention to the failure of the Veterans Administration in providing adequate physical and emotional care to injured veterans.
    Please pray that he may be freed of continually reliving the horrors and experiences of war and may gain peace of soul and heart, and that he may be able to feel that he is a child of God.

    • Prayers sent up for Dusty and his wife. Such a sad story. We ask the Holy Spirit to intercede on his behalf that God will heal him completely of mind, body and soul. Blessings for you and your family. We will continue to pray for you and your whole family and ask Dr. Nemeh and Kathy to do the same.

  120. My husband has been suffering from high blood pressure for 15 years and the recent lab results shows that he has proteinuria and his creatinine levels are out of range. Doctors said that his kidney function is slowly deteriorating. I believe that Jesus can heal him. Also, please for my son who is four years old has been getting recurring ear infections recently. Lastly, I have been suffering silent reflux for three years due to stress and I feel there’s a lump in my throat. Some days I can’t catch up the breath. Asking for God’s healing upon our family.

    • Prayers sent up for you, your husband and son. Blessings and healings asked for all as needed of mind, body and soul. Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and grant our request. We will share your intentions with Dr. Nemeh and Kathy.

  121. Please pray for my friend, Tamar and her family, especially the 2 older boys whose actions have brought so much heartache and financial problems on the family. May the Holy Spirit open their eyes and change their hearts so that they repent and change their ways. They are all suffering.

    • Prayers sent up for your friend, Tamar, and her family. Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus and inspire the boys to change their ways. Bless their thoughts and actions and heal them of mind, body and soul. We’ll add them to the prayer basket on Sunday, too.

  122. Please pray that my wife of 51 years will be healed of the pain in her knee. We listen to your podcast and have been to a healing service.

    • Prayers sent up for you and especially your wife, that God will heal her physical pain as well has mind and soul according to His will. Blessings asked for your entire family.

  123. Please pray for my friend, Janet. She has cancer and the doctors say they can’t do anything more for her. But we know that God can! God bless and Amen.

    • Come Holy Spirit in the name of Jesus, bless and heal Janet of mind, body and soul according to the will of God. We continue to pray and lift Janet up and will include her in the prayer basket at Dr. Nemeh’s healing service tomorrow.

  124. Please pray for my father, Doug. He’s had two heart valve replacements over the past two years and is going back to The Cleveland Clinic for tests they think may be a leak in his valve. We agree with The Holy Spirit that He is completely healed and the tests come back flawless in JESUS name, Amen. Thank you in advance and God bless you Philip and Dr. Nemeh! (And Kathy and Beth)

    • We’ve been sending up prayers for you your father, Doug, asking the Holy Spirit to intervene on his behalf for complete healing. Please let us know how he is doing. We will add him to the prayer basket at the healing service tomorrow.

  125. Please pray for Josh and Ginger. They are allowing the influence of drugs and crime to ruin their lives and cause great difficulties and heartache for their families. Thank you and God bless you!

  126. I request prayers for the sister of a dear friend. All members of this family suffer from some sort of mental illness. My friend has been quite successful in fighting her own bi-polar problems, esp. through her own faith. But her sister was just again institutionalized due to her schizophrenia. She has lost very much weight and is presently in great darkness and seeming to be going backwards, not eating and against help. Mental illness is so very sad.

    • Yes, mental illness is very said and hard to understand. Prayers have been sent up for you, your friend, her sister and family asking for God’s blessings and healings according to His will for all. We will also place your prayer request in the prayer basket in the morning at the Dr. Nemeh healing service. God bless you for considering your friend.

  127. Need prayers. On May 12th I am going to have surgery for a urethral stricture, I am praying for a successful outcome, it doesn’t look good, they say from all the 29 years of self catheterization. I hope I can make it to the surgery for cathing has become almost impossible be due to obstruction. I have been to see Dr. Nemeh at his office and have been to healing services in Livonia Mi.

    Since I have seen Dr. Nemeh I have lost my Daughter to addiction, I take care of her kids this is why I can’t be sick, also lost both of my parents who I took to the healing service. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Nemeh and need prayer for my grandchildren (Katelynn and Emily) for all three tragedy’s. Also pray for me that I can be there for them. Look forward to seeing Dr. Nemeh in MI. July 30th. Thank you for your attention to this matter and God Bless.


    • Kevin, prayers have been sent up for you asking for a successful surgery with complete and quick recovery. Dear Lord, guide the hands of the surgeon. We also ask Blessed Mother to blanket you and your family with her mantle of protection. Please keep us posted, our prayers will continue.

  128. Please pray for my granddaughter, Clare. No tests available and no known medicines cure lymes disease. We only assume it is what afflicts her. Headaches, fevers, throwing up-going on 2 years-after a tick bite. She is only 10 years old. Thank you so much, God bless.

    • Dear Danielle, prayers offered for your granddaughter. Lymes disease is awful. We know that Dr. Nemeh has treated several people with this disease and has had success with reversing it. I don’t know where you live, but you might consider attending a healing service or making an appointment at his medical office. The schedule and contact information is available at

  129. I am asking for prayer for my son’s deliverance from addiction. The heartache that those who love him are enduring is taking its toll. I am trying my best to keep us all together. This is bigger than me and I desperately want my son back. I ask that he feels Jesus love and healing presence in his heart and is able to overcome this illness. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

    • May God bless you, Linda, and especially your son. We ask that God grant you complete healing of mind, body and spirit as each is in need. We also ask Mary, our Heavenly Mother, to pray for you and your family and deliver you from all of these burdens. Consider praying the rosary, especially during the month of May and the anniversary of her appearance at Fatima, if you don’t already. It is a powerful weapon!
      We’ll share your prayer request with Dr. Nemeh.

  130. I ask for prayer for my 16 year old daughter who is dealing with heartache. She lost her Grandparents at ages 4, 6, 8, and 10 and her beloved Dad at age 14.
    This breakup is a loss that is a rejection directed solely at her and is so difficult for her.
    I ask that she feels Jesus healing and loving presence in her heart.

    • Prayers sent up for your family, especially your daughter who has suffered so much loss and heartbreak at such a young age. May God bless her and comfort her, heal her in mind and spirit, and grant her His peace. Blessed Mother Mary, we ask that you blanket her under your mantle of protection and guide her for you understand the pain from loss. We’ll ask Dr. Nemeh and Kathy to pray for all of you as well.

  131. Dear Philip, On April 29 I asked for prayers for my friend Eli, who had had a massive heart attack and was put in a sedated coma. Because his heart had stopped for seven seconds and there was massive damage to his heart, he had a 2% chance of recovery. I am very happy to tell you that he has had a complete recovery with no brain damage. All Of his doctors said it was a miracle. I thank you and Dr. Nemeh for your prayers.

  132. A school mate from many years ago has been in a devastating car accident. She was a passenger in the car and is in the hospital in Wilmington, NC. Please pray for Virginia’s full recovery. She rescues many animals and helps so many in her daily life…thank you so much.

    • May God bless you and your friend. Prayers sent up for a full recovery and healing of mind, body and spirit. She sounds like she has good heart and pray that our Heavenly Father will reward her for her kindness. We’ll share your intention with Dr. Nemeh as well.

  133. Please pray for my sister, Ann. She is 80 years old and has fallen and injured her hip. She lives by herself and I am very worried about her.

    • Prayers sent up for you and your sister. May God bless you both and grant healing of mind, body and soul. And, may Mother Mary provide protection. We’ll share your intention with Dr. Nemeh.

    • Prayers sent up for you and Dawn, may God bless you both and grant healing of mind, body and soul. We’ll add this to the prayer basket in the morning.

  134. A healing is needed for my friend Dave who was in a motorcycle accident on Sept. 7, 2016. He had head trauma that has greatly affected his ability to speak and move. There is not much hope for a full recovery except through the Holy Spirit! Please pray for his healing. You continue to inspire me through Blind Faith Live! God bless you all. Thanks.

    • Blessings for you for supporting Dave with a prayerful heart. Prayers sent up that the Lord will heal him in mind, body and spirit. Come Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus intervene on Dave’s behalf. Your intention will be added to the prayer basket tomorrow. God bless.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Anne and Nicolas for God’s blessings and healing for each of you according to the need. We’ll also place your request in the prayer basket on Sunday.

  135. I would love a prayer for my son, Ashton, who is dealing with some heartache, my niece, Kristina, who is dealing with so many mental health issues and my Aunt Mary who isn’t responding well to cancer treatment. I ask that they all feel Jesus’ love and healing presence. Thank you.

    • We’ve sent up prayers for all of you and your families. May God grant complete healing of mind, body and soul for each as needed. Your request will be placed the prayer basket on Sunday.

    • Sent up prayer for you, Alicia and Jason. May God bless you all and heal your mind, body and soul. We’ll also share with Dr. Nemeh.

  136. Hi Philip, could you please add in the basket a prayer for “Marian De Lima,” she is fighting against cancer. Thank you! God bless you and your family.
    Ps: I love your podcasts!

  137. Please pray for my brother Brian to be healed of IPF Pulmonary Fibrosis of his lungs. The doctors say he needs a lung transplant. Please pray for a miracle healing.

    • Prayers offered for you and your brother for his healing and complete recovery. God bless you both. Added to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket as well.

  138. Please pray for my sister-in-law, Kathy 35 years old, who suffers from frequent debilitating migraines and for my friend, Joe, who recently found out he has a mass in his lung that needs biopsied, only 32 years old. Thank you for all you do, and thanks be to God.

  139. Would you kindly put me on your prayer list or basket. Am suffering from shortness of breath and all bones in body are hurting. Thank you, Carla.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Carla. And we will share your request in the prayer basket at Dr. Nemeh’s healing service on Sunday.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Bob, and your neighbor, Julie. Dear Lord, bless and heal Julie of her afflictions according to thy will. Heal her mind, body and soul. We will share your intentions in the prayer basket on Sunday as well.

    • Prayers have been offered for your special intention and will be placed in Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket at the healing service on Sunday.

  140. Asking for prayers for Deidre, who is a beautiful 22 year old young lady who has cancer. The doctors have told her there is nothing more they can do.

    • Prayers sent up for Deidre, as well as for you, Linda, as you hold so many of your friends in your heart. Prayers for healing of mind, body and spirit. God bless her. We will share this in the prayer basket on Sunday at the healing service, too.

  141. Please pray for our son, Conrad Charlie (6), who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Thank You Lord Jesus for Your Healing upon Charlie. Amen.

    • Prayers offered on behalf of your entire family and especially for a healing for Charlie. May the Lord bless you all and grant complete healing of mind, body and soul. We will also forward your request to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket at the healing service in Cleveland on Sunday.

      • Thank you for your prayer. May Our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your services in Him even more. Amen.

  142. Please pray for my husbands deliverance from his addiction and the heavy oppression that goes with that addiction. Please, Please pray for our boys for Godly guidance and encouragement. Our home feels more like a prison. He claims to be a Godly man and there is no doubt he loves us, he would do anything for us, but its the emotional and verbal abuse feels like a dark and heavy blanket constantly over us, bearing its weight and depravity.

    • Jewels, our heart weighs heavy for you and your family. We’ve sent up prayers for all of you and will pass along your request with the details you provided to Dr. Nemeh and the prayer basket on Sunday. May God bless you and the Holy Spirit guide and protect all of you.
      Something that may help you in your own prayer life, is a book by Stormie Omartian, “Power of a Praying Wife”. My friends and I found it very helpful when facing difficult or challenging times. God bless you. We’ll be praying for you.

  143. Requesting prayer for 86 Helen Willard, broken hip and extreme dementia after a months of strokes and heart failure in nursing home. They don’t want to operate on her frail body in hospice. She is ready to go home with dad. Praying for the workers who can’t control her and for God to call her home.

    • Blessings to you and your family for healing as needed. May God bless Helen, heal her according to His will and at his designated time welcome her home to eternal life. We will share your intentions in the prayer basket on Sunday.

  144. Please pray for John who has lost 50lbs in the last four months, is weak and short of breath, the doctors haven’t figured out what is going on yet. And for Carol who has migrains and thyroid issues. Randy who has severe psoriatic arthritis and Jennifer with back and bowel pain.

    • Prayers have been sent up for all of your intentions and for you as well. May God bless and heal each as needed in mind, body and soul. We will also share your intentions in the prayer basket on Sunday.

  145. Asking for prayers for my father that just had surgery on his ulcer & praying for complete healing. Also asking for prayers for a friend that’s in the military to keep him safe. Praying that Jesus really hears me & the angels guide and protect me & my whole family. Praying for peace in the world. Amen.

  146. Please pray for my brother-in-law Jim, who was just diagnosed with leukemia today.
    Also, for his wife and the whole family as they seek God’s guidance and direction.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Linda, your brother-in-law Jim, and his whole family. May the Holy Spirit provide the guidance that is needed and may God bless and heal each of you as needed. When things like this happen, we know that the whole family is affected. We will also share this in Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket at the healing service this Sunday.

  147. Aloha,

    My Father (Doug) is recovering at home from his second heart valve replacement. I truly believe that our prayers and intentions will heal him in all ways. By Jesus stripes and by His shed blood Doug is healed!
    Thank you Jesus for your pure love and mercy for us sinners.
    Thank you for your prayers. Have a wonderful day; God bless you all.

    • Scott, you and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers, especially your father. We will also share this with Dr. Nemeh by placing your request in the prayer basket at the healing service this Sunday. Thank you for your kind thoughts and may God bless you always.

  148. Requesting prayers for Sarah who in her early twenties recently had a stroke. Although she survived a serious operation this past week, this young girl was left paralyzed on the entire one side of her body. We pray that the Holy Spirit, through so many prayers, brings healing and grace to Sarah and her family.

    • God bless you Joe for your support of Sarah. Prayers sent up for her and her family, that she might receive a complete healing. We will share your intentions with Dr. Nemeh.

    • God bless you Gayle for your service to others. Prayers our sent up for Todd and his family that our Heavenly Father will heal him and protect his family.

  149. Aloha,

    My friend Ashley is sick. We agree in JESUS name that no weapon formed against her shall prosper. Thank you Lord for your healing touch upon Ashley spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Amen.

    Friends & Family: as most of you know, I have been sick for the past 6 weeks or so with no real answers. I had a PET scan done on Monday and we met with my oncologist on Tuesday. My cancer has come back in my spine, rib, liver and lymph nodes. The plan is to start chemo later today – and I will receive chemo once a week for two weeks in a row, with a one week break. This will continue until the chemo no longer works, then we will reassess. There aren’t a lot of options except to pro-long my life as much as possible and to make me comfortable while doing so. We’ve looked into clinical trials and I am not a candidate at this time. We ask for privacy right now, as this is extremely difficult to process and we are trying to spend as much time together as a family as we can. Please understand that we may not respond, but it’s nothing personal – we just need time. Prayers and well wishes are always appreciated.

    • Blessings to you, Scott, for reaching out on behalf of your friend. Prayers sent up for Ashley, may God bless her, heal her according to His will and bring her comfort. Blessings and peace asked for her family as well. We will share your intentions with Dr. Nemeh, too.

  150. My name is Nirmala Kaleekal Varkey. Kindly pray for me and heal me and my family especially my husband to become good father and husband. I don’t know his character. We are suffering with black magic and evil spirit attack. Especially if we are sick when we go to hospital they said no problems. Our Financial situation is very back and too much debt. Now I have problem in my Job, searching job but not getting, Kindly pray for us Please…..Our children education also not well. Please support me.

    • Nirmala, you and your family have been lifted in prayer. May God bless you, heal you in body, mind and spirit and lead you out of your current situation that you may find His peace and comfort.

    • May God bless and heal Sanders according to his will and provide peace and comfort to his parents and family.

  151. Please pray for my chronic pain due to myofascia disorder, adrenal and oxidative stress and chronic inflammation due to malabsorption. I have to rely on supplements for rest of my life and so far they aren’t solving the pain. Thank you all for everything.

    Also for personal intention. And for a friend who is caretaker for husband with last stage brain cancer and she has just had a stroke herself. So much stress everywhere these days! God bless all and hope for ending the pain in all those who suffer much.

    • Prayers sent up for you, Chris, and your friends that God may ease all of your pain and restore your health and theirs. Yes, there is so much pain in the world, physical, mental, and spiritual. We pray everyday that there will be peace and comfort for all. #GodBlessAmericaGodBlesstheWorld We will also share your intentions with Dr. Nemeh.

  152. please pray for Theresa, depression , weight problem and doesn’t know God yet
    also could you pray for me (Joy) that I will have normal lab results and a faithfull conscience that I know I am healed Amen. Thank you

  153. Please urgent help needed..please pray for my Aunt Nuha..she’s suffering a lot and admitted .. troubled lungs and breathing difficulty, believed to have pulmoary fibrosis, most of the time she’s on oxygen machine.

    • Prayers sent up for you and your Aunt, that you may receive graces from God for a complete healing. We’ll share your intentions with Dr. Nemeh.

  154. May I please ask that you pray for Richard. He is experiencing many health issues including prostrate cancer. Thank you with all my heart.

  155. Please say a prayer for my friend Stephen Fields in the UK, he has cancer and drs. told him he has 3-6 months, also a friend here Terri Bobak has been ill too long with no answers from her drs. she is worried her cancer has come back but so far no one knows anything even after months of testing. Please pray for them and bless you all.

  156. Please add the following names to the prayer basket
    Marlies Sterns. (She has a heart condition)
    Also Danielle Mehlenbacher and Chris Kibler.

    Thank you..

    • May God bless you Carol for reaching out for others. Prayers sent up for you, Marlies, Danielle and Chris that God will heal and bless each of you with His graces as needed according to His will. Prayers offered by Dr. Nemeh as well.

    • Prayers sent up for Zachary and your request shared with Dr. Nemeh that he receive God’s graces and healing. For you and his family as well.

  157. I’m asking for prayers for our daughter’s struggle with anorexia. For the past 12 years She has been in residential treatment centers and with professional therapists without success. We pray daily for her healing. We ask for Dr. Nemeh’s prayers through the Holy Spirit for Jesus to heal her. We know and believe all things are possible with our loving Lord. Thank you, Phillip, for BlindFaithLive!

    • Thank you for listening Harold. Prayers sent up for you and your daughter and all of your family. This is a tough battle to fight and we ask our Dear Lord to walk with you and heal your daughter completely. We will pass your intentions along to Dr. Nemeh.

  158. For my husband, that his mind may be healed and that he be brought closer to the faith. For a special blessing over our marriage and our family. Also, for my mom. That she may grow deeper into her faith and love of Christ. And finally, for healing of my foot.

    • Prayers sent up in your name for you and your husband. May He grant you healing of mind, body and soul so that you can be a blessing to each other.

  159. Please pray for my husband, Wendell, who has excessive compulsive disorder. He is a hoarder and has problems with organization also. This puts a strain on our marriage and creates anxiety in me.

    • Prayers for you, Mary, and your husband. May He heal Wendell of his addictions and heal you both in mind, body and soul and help you to be a blessing for each other. We’ll share your request with Dr. Nemeh too.

  160. Please add prayer request for my friend Melba who has dementia, my granddaughter Sydney who is having a speech or hearing issue a two and a half years old , my Soldier he has issues, my husband back and feet problems now, my son Nicholas and his young family , my daughter kelly and Nick, her boyfriend, for spiritual guidance, Uncle Mike with throat cancer and the rest of our family and friends too many to mention and myself please. And peace to the world for everyone who is not well to have healing.

    • God bless you Kathryn for thinking of so many others. Prayers sent up for you, Melba, Sydney, Nicholas, Kelly, Nick and Uncle Mike. #GodBlessAmericaGodBlesstheWorld

  161. Please pray for Ashlynn Faber. She is a 6-1/2 year old child who was diagnosed with brain cancer two years ago. After conventional treatment she was deemed cancer free but has been undergoing scans/testing every three months since then. A few months back it was discovered on the scans that the brain cancer had returned and this time appeared to be even more aggressive. Her mother Becky has been using some alternative medical treatments and relying heavinly on Jesus and the power of prayer and even has a prayer room where she goes daily for “battle” upon behalf of her little girl. In approximately a week they are returning to St. Jude’s in Memphis where Ashlynn will once again have scans/testing to assess the progress of the tumor. The doctors are pushing for more aggressive treatment and chemo and radiation. Becky does not want to put her little girl through all of that again and is believing for a Miracle for Ashlynn. Please pray that the tumor has been completely eradicated in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit! Here is a video about some of her journey from the facebook page that has been set-up to document their journey thus far. Thank you. ttps://

    I would also like to request prayers for healing of breast cancer for my sister-in-law Ann Colbert Redman. She had surgery to remove the lump from her right breast which was cancerous and a lymph node.. The results of the biopsy indicated that they did not get a clear margin around the area where they resected the tumor so she has to had another surgery this coming Monday April 3rd and the biopsy also indicated that the cancer had gone into the lymph node. Please pray that the cancer will be removed completed and for complete healing for Ann. Thank you.

    • Prayers continue to go up for you, Michele, Ashlynn and Ann and their families. May God bless them and grant them complete healings. We will share your requests with Dr. Nemeh. Please keep us updated in any progress that’s made.

  162. Please pray for my wife Joan. First a prayer of thanksgiving for identifying the food that has been the source of intestinal upsets for more than 25 yr. Then a prayer for healing of her heart. She has a mitral valve prolapse which has caused two instances of atrial fibrillation, one of which required cardioversion. When she has a normal heart rythym she tires quickly.

    Please pray for our daughter Renee. Again first a prayer of thanksgiving for 4 years of successful post operative cancer medical treatment. Please pray for healings regarding muscular dystrophy affecting her legs, and probable surgery for recently developed fibroids.

    Thank you for your podcasts describing God’s works among us, and the discussions with Dr. Nemeh about his views about our relationships with God and each other.

    • God bless you Robert, your wife and daughter. So sorry you have so much suffering in your family. Our prayer go up for all of you and your intentions will be shared with Dr. Nemeh.

  163. Hi Philip, thank you so much for your beautiful work and for making this online prayer basket possible! May I please request that the following be added to the basket.

    Brock Joseph Chadwick,6, who has been diagnosed with a high-grade glioma, an aggressive form of brain cancer.
    Also, Mary Ellen Ritchie, recently diagnosed with ALS, Andrew Nalley, Alexa Hughes, Alaina Walton, Jennifer Mattingly who is recovering from breast cancer, Waylon Bucci, 5, strabismus and double vision.

    Thank you so much! God Bless you!

    • Prayers sent up and shared with Dr. Nemeh for you, your family, Brock, Mary Ellen, Andrew, Alexa, Alaina, Jennifer, and Waylon. God bless you and may He grant you healing of mind, body and soul.

    • Prayers for you and your cousin that he may have a complete and speedy recovery of his stroke. God bless you both. Your prayer intention will be shared with Dr. Nemeh.

  164. I pray for my adult daughter, Lisa Maria, to be healed of the physical (endometriosis and cyst in her right ovary). Also healing from the emotional trauma she experienced at the loss of her 50-year-old sister’s passing Feb. 3, 2016. Also healing for the whole family in particular sister Sandra and fam., brother Giovan and fam. and for yours truly, their Mother and Dad.

    • Maria, your family is in our prayers and will be shared with Dr. Nemeh. May God bless and heal each and everyone of you.

  165. Please pray for our son, Chris. He has been suffering with ulcerative colitis for 1 1/2 years, and we pray that he can just get back to being a 16-year-old young man with big dreams and a huge heart. God has already blessed us with many things, and for that we are grateful. Please Lord, heal our son and give us this day what we need to get through this. Thank you God for all the beauty and goodness in our lives, and for the gift and grace of Faith. Thank you for your prayers, and God Bless. Chris and Kathy

    • May God continue to bless you, Kathy and Chris, and grant that which you ask, the healing of your son, Chris. Prayers go out for all of you. And your request will be shared with Dr. Nemeh.

  166. Please pray for 3 year old Annie Taggart who has osteogenesis imperfecta. And also for the success of the “Princess Annie Benefit Ball”. God bless.

  167. Please pray for my father-in-law, Chuah Chong San, to open his heart and mind to accept Jesus.

    Please pray for my son, Dominic Lee, to be healed from all food allergies, gluten allergy and eczema. Pray for him to attend Church services.

    Please pray for my wife, Amanda, to be healed of deafness in her right ear and floaters in her right eyes.

    Thank you very much for your prayers. God bless.

    • Prayers for all of you, may God grant you His blessings and complete healings. We will also share your requests for prayers with Dr. Nemeh.

  168. Please pray for a healing of longtime back and hip problems. Also for my brothers and sister-in-law, who all have back and joint problems. Thank you and God Bless!

  169. Hi Philip, Elizabeth, Kathy and Dr. Nemeh! I love you guys so much and pray for you everyday at 3pm along with America and the world! Thanks for bringing so many of us closer to Jesus! I ask that Kristi might be added to the prayer basket. She is suffering from Huntington’s Disease and is the mother of 4 girls, on top of that she and her husband have fallen away from the church. I ask that we pray for her healing but more importantly that she come to know Christ!

    • God bless you, Lizzie, and prayers for a complete healing for Kristi. We will share your intention with Dr. Nemeh this week.

  170. Prayers, please, that you present this prayerful plea to holy God. I do not know how it can be done or if my prayer will be answered, but I hope and pray and ask you to pray for relief in some form for my whispered prayers. And please pray for my grandchildren as well as all of humanity, for conversions and forgiveness. Thank you, Dr. Nemeh and all.

  171. I need prayer for my sister who has been diagnosed with Merkel Cell Cancer. It is on the right side of her nose, near her eye. She is going to Mayo Clinic for treatment. My prayer is that the cancer has been caught early enough, and that it has not spread to her lymph nodes. I pray this in Jesus’ name. I thank you, Jesus, for this healing.

  172. Asking for prayers for Marilyn, the wife of my youth [now divorced] and our son Chris. Please, healing for all of the wounds from our past together and all other wounds from life in general. Physical, mental, and spiritual.Thanks so much.

    • Our prayers go out to you Richard and your entire family for complete healing. We will also share your request with Dr. Nemeh.

  173. Please pray for my father and mother. My dad suffers from severe pain in his back and legs. My mom suffers from arthritis. It also hurts me because I love both of them so much. They are both older and would like for them to be without pain the last years of their lives. Thank you.

    • Jo, we offer our own prayers for your mother and father. We will also include them with the prayer requests we’re dropping off at the doctor’s office since the next healing service is not until 4/30. God bless you and your family.

  174. Prayer for my son Matt, who always worked hard to get excellent grades in school, but his social anxiety has held him back from finding a job. Jesus I trust in you. I love him more than life itself.

    • Your son, Matt, has been in our prayers. Hope that he is doing better. We will also include your request with the prayers we’re dropping off at Dr. Nemeh’s office because the next healing service isn’t until 4/30.

  175. Please pray in agreement for healing of
    1. Vitreous detachment (shrinkage of vitreous in eye) both eyes more on the left side,
    2. Migraine episodes with visual disturbance.
    Thank you and God bless.

  176. Please pray for healing for Janet Shindler. We talked with you after the healing service on March 12. Janet had one of the surgeries on March 20 and was doing very well. However, she has developed fluid in her lungs and is still in ICU. Please offer her up in prayer once more. The service was so powerful, I continue to feel the peace and love offered from Dr. Nemeh that day. I feel as though I have been healed from a spiritual malady of which I was not even aware. I had come for healing for my grandson, and I am happy to say he has been having some wonderful days. My heart fills with joy at the thought of his healing. Love to all, Sharon

  177. With great love and faith Im asking for prayers for my husband his whole mind, body and spirit be healed. He needs surgery on his whole body. Pray for his complete healing. I pray for my mind, body and spirit be healed. Humbly ask for my tummy area, hips, back, mind to be healed and our home to be blessed. We Thank you, we love you, have mercy on us and please forgive us Lord Jesus. Guide us with your precious light. Amen.

    • Laurie, this request as well as your private requests will be placed in the prayer basket on 3/26. Prayers for all of you.

  178. Please I ask for continue prayer for Norma Wooding who has cancer lives in the uk ,Marcelle Gittens who has highpertension to the lungs,loic Griffith a back injury,Joyann Springer who has lupus.Others who has an illness Marva King!Anthony Sivers ,Ian Clarke,Norma Hutchinson,Gregory and Gloria Russell,Magaret Griffth,Coral Sivers and Elaine Jones.Prayers for my son and his wife Rommel and Sonia King to have a family in Jesus Name.Friends and family whom I have not seen or heard in along time please put them in the prayer basket as well Terry and Deborah Jones ,Alsen Ince ,Lorraine Davis,Sharon Gittens and Kathy Cox.Maybe I will see them and they are well .May their all be bless.Thank you.

    • God bless you, Valerie, for thinking of so many others. We will add you and all of them to the prayer basket on 3/26.

      • Thank you Philip for the prayer basket those who were put in some of them who were ill have improved, one has gone on to be with Jesus, I know she is in a good place.I have heard from some that I have not heard from in a long time and promise to visit. May God bless Dr. Nemeh and family, you and your family, all the helpers and their families. All those who where ever put in the Prayer Basket at any time, may God bless you all. Love to the Blind Faith family. Thank for the Episodes

      • God bless you and thank you for the update. We continue to hold all the special intentions requested as well as those held in the hearts of our listeners up to God for healing according to His will and purpose.

  179. Please pray for our nephew Dean Miller. He was diagnosed with ALS and is failing fast. He lives in Cincinnati. Thank you, Bonnie

  180. Please pray for my granddaughter Megan Keefe. She had a terrible fall on St. Patrick’s Day. She is at Metro Hospital in critical care. We love her so much.
    Thank you, Bonnie

    • Bonnie, we’ve all been praying for Megan. We will add her to the prayer basket 3/26 as well as your nephew. God bless you all and heal Megan and Dean according to His will.

  181. Please pray for my father’s mental and physical health. Please help restore his faith and help him work through his work issues.
    Please pray for my cousin Barbara, her daughters Simone & Naomi as they donate their bone marrow to save their brother’s life. Please pray for their brother Francis.

    Thank you for your prayers!

  182. Please pray for my wife, Debbie, who has been diagnosed with posterior cortical atrophy and early onset dementia at the age of 59.

    • Prayers for you and your wife. We will take your request to the healing service 3/26 and add it to the prayer basket for Dr. Nemeh and Kathy to pray over.

  183. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant now for almost 2 years. In September my OBGYN discovered a large mass on my left ovary that ended up being ovarian cancer. As of now, the cancer was contained to only that ovary. Thank goodness. My left ovary/fallopian tube and the mass were all removed. I am also battling with endometriosis on the remaining side.

    I am currently going through IUI treatments; we get one more chance at IUI before having to do IVF (in vitro). I am not sure on the exact date of when the next IUI will be but my prayer is that we will have success on the 3rd round and not have to do the IVF(which is not covered by our insurance, very invasive for me, etc.)

    I attended a healing service in February and plan on visiting Dr. Nemeh possibly before my next IUI procedure if it works out that they have an appointment.

    I am really struggling to see the light and stay positive right now. Battling depression and anxiety.
    I know this is long and there are many people who need more prayers before mine, but I would appreciate the prayers and positive vibes. Thank you for this wonderful ministry.

    • God bless you and your husband, Nicole. Know that you’ve been in our thoughts and prayers and your prayer request will be added to the prayer basket 3/26. We pray for peace of mind and God’s intervention for healing.

    • Please stay upbeat and positive! It’s hard to get pregnant when you are stressed. I know because it happened to me. The month after we gave up worrying about not getting pregnant, I was pregnant weeks later. I’ll pray for you too!

  184. Prayer basket request for Denise E (former patient known to Dr. Nemeh) with a plethora of physical and emotional health problems.

    • Blessings to you Jack and thank you for your prayer request for Denise. We will place it in the prayer basket on 3/26.

    • God bless you, Lorrie, and Gaby. Blessings to you both. Your request will be added to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket on 3/26.

  185. Please put these names in the prayer basket for the healing service March 26. Virginia Brickman–needs healing from cancer.

    Vicki Cambalia–she has rheumatoid arthritis

    Thank you.

    • God bless you Carol and your friends, Virginia and Vicki. How thoughtful of you to make a prayer request for them. I’m copying this for Dr. Nemeh’s 3/26 prayer basket.

  186. That my clear vision be restored in my right eye and that my cough and infection disappear. I ask this through the intercession of Mary. God love and bless you all!

    • Blessings Jackie, prayers for complete recovery. We’ll take your request to Dr. Nemeh’s healing service tomorrow and put it in the prayer basket.

  187. Please pray for my family and everyone, that we may be healed, my female problems, my poor husband, and my children and grandchildren, and all the world who are in pain, and my fear. Thanks for bringing me back to my faith, it feels good to understand God’s plan for us in Kathy and Dr’s, and Beth and Philip’s words.

    • God bless you Kathryn, you husband and all of your family and all of your needs. We will add your requests to the prayer basket tomorrow, 3/26.

  188. Please pray for the recovery of Steve Greene who fell from a 12 ft ladder and landed on his face and knee. He has undergone a facial reconstruction and kneecap reconstruction.

    • May God bless you for your intention and grant Steve a full and speedy recovery. You will both be in our prayers this week and we’ll add your prayer to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket at the healing service on 3/26.

  189. I ask for prayers for my grandaughter Katelyn, who has epileptic seizures she is a sweet little girl of 8 yrs old. I also ask for prayers for my son Jeffrey that has IBS, for my son Andrew who has had 2 open heart surgeries, for my other 3 sons Matthew, Justin and Dominic that our Lord keeps them safe, and for my husband who has left us after 38 yrs of marriage my he find his way back to God. I ask this through the intercession of our Blessed Mother. Love will prevail. Colette

    • May God bless you, Colette, and give you strength to get through your days. We offer our prayers for your granddaughter and ask that each of your sons be granted healing and protection per their needs. We will hold each and everyone of you up in prayer this week and place your requests in the prayer basket at Dr. Nemeh’s healing service 3/26.

    • May God bless you and give you strength to get through your days. We ask for healing for your granddaughter and that each of your sons be given what they need to heal and be protected. We offer our requests in His name and will continue to pray for all of you. We will add your requests to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket at the 3/26 healing service.

  190. Please pray for my bother. He has brain tumors and cancer. Please pray for our whole family and all who need it.
    Thank you

    • God bless you and your family.You will be in our prayers this week and we’ll add your intentions to Dr. Nemeh’s Prayer Basket on 3/26.

  191. Please continue to pray for my family. Maria, Socorro, Rafael, Tracilyn, Mary Bahnsen. And for me healing of the mind.

    Thank you

  192. My daughter needs help. She is having her first baby she waited so long for. The doctor has scared her to death and took her joy. He says a blood test came back bad and advises she terminate the pregnancy. She doesn’t want to. She is devastated, as are we. Please pray for this baby to be perfect. Thank you.

    • God bless your daughter and her baby. Let us all join together to ask God’s grace and blessings. We’ll add your request to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket at the healing service this weekend.

  193. Please pray for my son Levi. Shortly after he was born we were told he would be blind. His Drs. can’t give us an official diagnosis and say his original diagnosis wasn’t correct. We have been told the vision he has is stable (he has low vision because of his condition) but he could likely have issues with retinal detachment and the near sightedness will continue to get worse as he grows- it is already significant. He is 11.

    I know God has a plan for him. Praying for him daily.

    • May God bless your son, Levi, and your whole family and grant him healing. Let us all join in prayer that God’s plan be revealed. We will add your request to Dr. Nemeh’s healing service prayer basket this weekend.

  194. Thank you Jesus for a successful cornea transplant in the right eye.

    Need prayers again for Leroi. He will be undergoing a cornea surgery now in the left eye on Monday 13 March at 9 am.

    Thank you Jesus for the donor and the successful operation.
    God bless Dr. Nemeh, Philip Keller and the whole team.

  195. Thank you Jesus for a successful cornea transplant in the right eye.

    Need prayers again for Leroi. He will be undergoing a cornea surgery now in the left eye on Monday 13 March at 9 am.

    Thank you Jesus for the donor and the successful operation.
    God bless Dr. Nemeh, Philip Keller and the whole team.

    • Okay, prayer warriors, please join us in prayer for the success of Leroi’s surgery and for all the requests listed in our Prayer Basket and all the others we received. May God bless each and everyone of you, watch over you and grant you and your families His protection.

  196. My prayer is for a student at Miami University. His name is Jordan Martin. I pray that he overcomes whatever illness he has that is extremely limiting his diet and an injury that has kept him from playing football.
    Thank you so much!!!!

  197. Hi! Blessings to all!
    Please pray for the complete healing of the body, mind, soul and spirit of my husband, my children and mine. We need to make some serious decisions, but I need to know that what I choose to do, I will stay in God’s Will for us. Especially for the best interest of my children. With God’s grace, I feel like I can hang on until Jesus comes for us if He comes this year. But if He doesn’t then we really need the healings and to move forward. I need all the help and strength from the Lord.

    Thank you very much!
    I Love you all in Christ!

  198. Please pray that my muscle twitching stops and that my emg gives a good result next week and rules out any serious disease. Thanks

  199. Please pray for sweet Rajan who is a Catholic in a non friendly Christian area of India. He is in and out of the hospital. Please pray for him as he is currently in the hospital. I pray for sweet Ofelia who is in constant pain and for David who has leg pain. I pray for those longing for marriage. For God to give us faith of Abraham to just do God’s will without fear. The loneliness is terrible. And I ask for a Hannah miracle for those longing to be biological mommies. May God hear our prayers.

  200. Hello
    Please pray that I finally find a stable and great job as I am very poor and I have debts to repay in 3 days!
    Thank you!

    • God bless you. You are definitely in our prayers. And, we ask everyone to join us in lifting you up in prayer that God grant you what you need.

  201. For my Aunt Peggie. She has seizures and other medical issues. I would like a prayer for her, and that she be brought closer to our Lord, that she may be a beacon of faith to bring her family back to the Catholic faith.

  202. Please pray for my son Nathan paulson who had a concussion a few years ago and since has had health problems. He constantly is seeing chiropractors and doctors but nothing is curing it. Dizziness and pain and headaches. It is interfering in his job where he might have to look at other options!! Please put his name in dr Nemeh prayer basket.

  203. Please pray for my husband Gene Ploss. He has a lot of health issues, because of his diabetes. Please pray for my granddaughter. Samantha Scadden. She is having surgery on March 7th for brain swelling at the base of her brain. She has Chiari Malformation. Surgery will also be done at the same time to repair a bulging disc in her neck. Thank you.

  204. Please pray for the healing of Leroi eyes. Lord please heal the corneas in both the eyes, strengthen the stem cells and for taking care of the thinning of the cornea in the right eye. Also Lord please restore the tear glands. Thank you Jesus, Love you Jesus.

  205. Dr. Nemeh may God Bless you. I am requesting prayers to heal my wheezing as doctors cannot pinpoint what is causing it. Also prayers for my knees as I am having problems walking. Am praying that God will listen to your prayers too. Thank you so much.

  206. Please pray that my sister-who died trajically over 50 years ago be in heaven witth the angels and saints glorifying God. (I had a dream about her last night. To me it indicated that she was with God).

  207. Dr Nemeh please pray for my brother, Joseph Hanzes. He has had fibromyalgia and scoliosis for 30 years (or longer) and is in constant pain. High doses of pain killers offer little relief.

  208. Please add my brother’s name to prayer basket. He is in a lot of pain. He’s name is Rafael Alvarez. Thank you and God Bless.

  209. Please add my sister’s name to the prayer basket — Michele was just diagnosed with a type of brain tumor called acoustic neuroma that causes headaches, hearing loss, and constant tinnitus. The surgery options are all scary and she is having a difficult time moving forward with treatment. I know our Heavenly Father can heal her without surgery, so I am praying that she receives a complete healing if it is God’s will.
    God bless Dr. Nemeh and his entire ministry for all the good work they do.

  210. Prayers for my almost 3 year old daughter, showing signs of anxiety and some hand flapping. Help calm her brain and body so she can engage fully in life. Thank you.

  211. Please put Laurie Schlegel’s name in the prayer basket

    Please put Carol Mehlenbacher’s name in the prayer basket


  212. Thank you. Pls include me in your prayers as I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for past 11 years and recently diagnosed with inflammed heart due to anemia.
    Now I have very less energy left and I want to be healthy and normal for my family especially my son. Pls accept this prayer request and God bless all with health and peace.

  213. Please pray for hospice’s patients, their families, friends and caregivers, so that Jesus give them peace, strength, and a lot of joy in the last stages of their journey. Thanks!

  214. I would like ask Dr. Issam Nemeh to pray for me to God for all my health problems and wishes to be heard and granted in the name of Jesus Christ and through Holy Spirit.
    Thank you and God bless for all what you do to help people.

  215. Please pray for all my family and friends who have all had their fair share of trials and tribulations and health problems over many years. I would like them all to be healed so they can be healthy and find peace and tranquility in their life.

    • Thank you for your request and your thoughtfulness. In addition to our prayers we will add your intentions to Dr. Nemeh’s prayer basket 2/26.

  216. Please pray for my brother Domenic so that he can regain good health and find peace and tranquility in his life. He has suffered from chronic pain and severe depression and needs to heal so he can move forward in his life in a positive and pain free direction. He believes in the word of the Lord and is devoted and committed to praying every night.

  217. In December 2008 I was involved in a motor vehicle accident and suffered a severe brain injury, multiple fractures, and severe bleeding in the brain which was made worse by the blood thinners, which I take for my mechanical heart valves. Since the motor vehicle accident I have chronic pain 24/7, neuralgic pain, and insomnia. I get very little sleep because of my chronic pain and I feel poorly most days and most of the time. There has also been much stress in the family like the death of my mother and recently my daughter got divorced all of which has contributed to my stress level. Please pray for me so I can be healed from the chronic pain and find peace in my life. I have always been a strong believer in the power of prayer and I believe in God.

  218. Please pray for an end to abortion and the conversion of sinners. For healing of Ofelia, David and Pauline.
    For the miracle of healing and loving communication for Mike and Mon and the honor of a Hannah Miracle. For biological babies which will be consecrated to the Lord as Hannah did Samuel.

    • God bless you and your intentions. In addition to our prayers, we will add your request to the Dr. Nemeh Prayer Basket 2/26.

  219. Please pray for my cousin, Lori, who has debilitating back and leg problems ans mental health issues.

    Also, I would appreciate a small prayer for my gastric problems and pain.

    Your family and The Nemeh family are included in my 3:00 daily prayer for our country and the world.

    Thank you!!

    • We received this after the last healing service but have kept your intentions in our prayers. We will add it to Dr. Nemeh’s Prayer Basket tomorrow, 2/26. Thank you for your prayers.

    • We received this too late for the last healing service but have kept you in our thoughts and prayers. We will add it to Dr. Nemeh’s Prayer Basket tomorrow 2/26.

  220. Please Pray for my 11 year old son Max.
    Pray for him to be recovered from autism and epilepsy. Pray for him to be verbal and to live a healthy happy life! Thank You!

  221. Please pray for 7 year old Sullivan who has cancer. And also 10 year old Lexi who has RAD-epilepsy-behavior and learning problems. God bless.

  222. I ask for the intersession of the Holy Spirit through Dr. Nemeh to heal my wife, Cindy Fields’, back problem. She has seen several doctors and it seems like surgery is becoming the suggested andidote.
    We am blessed with two strong healthy sons, that could use a prayer also. But I see the son of a couple every week taking their son, about 15 to communion. He has some kind of autism and my heart breaks to see them struggle. Please add him to the basket too, his Mom’s name is Ania.

  223. For Fr. Dan Begin who is dealing with cancer, please pray that he may be healed so he can return to our church. We need him and his guidance so much. Thank you

  224. Prayers for Dr Nemeh and the ministry helpers. Prays for Tim, Matt, Heidi and Greg for self confidence, faith, love direction, service to others friendships and careers. Prayers for mom to be called home or go to assisted living. Prayers for strength as caregiver and financial help for Tim to heal and retire.

  225. Please add these names to your prayer basket.

    God bless…
    Christina Palumbo

  226. Please pray for healing of vitreous detachment both eyes but especially the left eye.
    Healing of migraine episodes with visual disturbance.
    Pray that I find a a marriage to a Catholic woman.
    Thank you and God bless.

  227. Please pray for my friend Sandi Pandy, (please don’t publish her name), who has a cancerous tumor in her colon. She has been fighting other cancers. She will be having surgery Tuesday 2-14-17 to remove the tumor. She finally found a doctor who would operate because it is so invloved. There will be 5 doctors in on her operation because it is so involved. Pray for her and the doctors.
    Thank you.

  228. Prayers for my wife Sherry to help her struggle with depression. Give her the comfort to know that God will take care of her.

  229. Prayers for our friend, SandI Pandy. She is having a very hard surgery on Tuesday . She has been battling cancer for several years now. There are 5 doctors involved to remove a very hard tumor on her colon.

  230. I would like prayers to remove the lump that comes and goes on my left side near the incision from the cesarean I had 35 years ago.

  231. For John’s blood pressure to be normalized. For John and Barbara.
    Prayer for Steve Potter and Karen Andrews-pancreatic cancer.
    For Sam and Kelsey to be married in the Catholic Church.

  232. Please pray for my daughter and I, we are going through a spiritual warfare. I’m the mother and sick, my daughter, can’t get over her father’s death. We are dealing with family and people, that are so negative. The devil is using other people against us. We need your help. Please pray for us. My daughter and I are saved my the grace of God, but my daughter has lost her way, I pray for her, after her dad committed suicide, 2012, she has given up hope. Please pray for her, and me. Bless you. I know you can help us through God, I know how important love is.

  233. Please pray for my bones. I have osteoporosis. Took medicine for eight years and it did not help. So now I stopped it and am praying for the healing of my bones. I believe in the power of prayer. I thank you for this podcast. I listen to every post you make.I read Dr. Nemeh’s book. I believe Jesus is working through him. Two days ago I slipped on the ice on my deck. Please pray me back to health.

  234. Dear Dr. Nemeh, please pray for my mom who is a diabetic and very hard to control.
    Also pray for my brother who is having problem with his eyes, fingers and legs.
    For Emnanuel for complete healing. I brought him to see you twice. He told me that you and Kathy were the angels at the healing service in New York. I got completely healed that day. I will never forget God’s blessing. God bless. Thank you.

  235. I have had several signs that I am interpreting that I should see Dr. Nemeh for my back and I was devastated that I couldn’t make this service. Then I listened to a podcast this morning “Prayer Basket Requests” so here I am asking for a healing for my back. I have had an issue with sciatica for nearly 2 years. I’ve tried two different treatments (therapy) with no results. I saw a chiropractor for a bit with limited results. I am asking for relief from the pain of sciatica which moves from my lower hip to my upper hip to lower back and causes pain in my neck. It’s not devastating pain, but it sure is aggravating. Thank you for adding my prayer request to the prayer basket. I still hope to see Dr. Nemeh (and YOU, Trapper Jack–I miss you on the radio!) as soon as my schedule allows and listen in person to the talks, witness the healings, and experience the prayer service. God bless you all.

  236. Please remember: Peggy Auer, cancer
    Naomi Satterfield, fibromyalgia, heart, and several other things.
    Jack Sauer, going blind, pulmonary, heart.
    Bobby, sister Marti and Toni, mom

  237. For my broth- in- law Ken that his leukemia may go back into remission; for my friend’s daughter Nina ( who is having some mental health issues- bipolar), that she may be stabilized so she can begin to enjoy a more normal life with her family. May the Lord bless these and all her are struggling with mental or physical health issues.

    • Prayers for Ken’s complete remission. For Nina and all those suffering with mental or physical health issues that God may ease their pain and heal them. And, may He bless the caretakers.

  238. My mother is bed bound, unable to move arms and legs. Swelling, having high blood pressure and sometimes headache. Also she seems to have stomach problems and eye problems and is beginning dementia. Tend to forgot or confuse situations. I am the only person working and I need a prayer for me also. Please put us in the basket for prayers. I know how powerful is God and I know He is going to heal my mother and I through the prayers. Thank you and God bless you.

    • May God bless and protect you and your mother and heal you both according to His will. We’ve copied your request for Sunday’s prayer basket.

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