Prayer Requests

Do you need a prayer? Or, does someone you know need a prayer? The power of group prayer is amazing. Submit your prayer requests below. Requests will only be accepted on this page. After review, it will be posted here so that our community of listeners can join us in praying for these needs.

All prayer requests are reviewed and may be edited for clarity before being posted. Please note if you do not wish your request to be made public.

Remember to join us daily at 3:00 PM to pray “God Bless America, God Bless the World” and for the special needs listed below. And, may God grant you an abundance of His blessings today and every day!

499 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. Prayers for my husband who has been suffering with severe back pain for the last 8 years pain meds and spinal stimulator not helping running out of options Thank you Genie

  2. Dear Lord Jesus
    My son has a congenital nerve malformation in his brain. If not treated it might cause a stroke.
    The Neurosurgeon will be carrying out a brain embolization on the 1st week of Jan 19. Please be with the doctors and his team guiding them during the procedure so that all will be well with my son.
    If you will Lord, please heal my son so that there is no need for embolization

    • My 9 year old son is recovering from a stroke that was caused by a malformation in his brain. His survival and recovery is miraculous… but it has been 7 rough months with many residual impairments. When I read this, my heart went out to you. Brain injuries are so traumatic. I pray for complete restoration for your son….. I’m so glad it was caught before it resulted in a stroke. I’ll keep him in my prayers. If you can post an update, I would love to hear how he is doing.

  3. I’m in my 60’s and my girlfriend is a few years younger. Recently we stopped seeing each other because we do not see eye to eye on some things. More importantly, my ninety year old mother who I take care of and is of sound mind, literally hates my girlfriend who has never said or done anything to my mother. This finally broke my girlfriend after a year of dating.
    I am so very much afraid of losing my girlfriend who is the love of my life. I need and would like a lot help in prayers. I still love my mother and I also love my girlfriend very much. Please pray for us.

  4. Please pray for me. I’m not sure if my first request went through. I’m struggling. I need a financial miracle now and for this ringing in my ears to stop.

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