Prayer Requests

Do you need a prayer? Or, does someone you know need a prayer? The power of group prayer is amazing. Submit your prayer requests below. Requests will only be accepted on this page. After review, it will be posted here so that our community of listeners can join us in praying for these needs.

All prayer requests are reviewed and may be edited for clarity before being posted. Please note if you do not wish your request to be made public.

Remember to join us daily at 3:00 PM to pray “God Bless America, God Bless the World” and for the special needs listed below. And, may God grant you an abundance of His blessings today and every day!

536 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. I am requesting prayer for my son who has chronic pain and needs to use pain medication every day. It severely limits his activities. Thank you

  2. I ask for prayer for my sons, Josh and Caleb, my husband John, and my brothers Mike and Did, that God reveal himself to them, bringing them to be men of God.
    I ask for specific help and healing for a grandson J.R. who is 10, has many challenges and is not served in his school district. I pray for my grandchildren to know Jesus.

  3. Almighty God, heal and restore communication between Bobby and Dee. We Ask This Father God In Your Precious Son’s Name, My Lord Jesus Christ. !
    Bobby, a former Marine who served our country in three wars…and is in denial of having PTSD, but he does! I Am Here For Him. He was blessed to survive the horrors of war…God Brought us Together For A Reason!
    Please Help Us Become One and Restore What Our Lord Brought Together!
    Many, Many, Many Blessings To You In Jesus Name! DeeπŸ˜‡πŸ™πŸŒΉ

  4. I’m requesting prayer for my dear Aunt Anna. She has a form of lymphoma that has returned. She is a lovely Christian who prays for the world. Her heart is so gentle and kind.
    Our dear friend and Pastor Larry Hill has started treatment for esophageal carcinoma. He’s coming to see Dr Nemeh in August.
    Thank you BFL, Markay

    • May God bless you and your family, your Aunt, and Paster Hill. May He grant each of you the healing that is needed according to His will.

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