Pulling Out Pain


Issam Insights with Dr. Issam Nemeh
If you have seen the Tom Hanks movie, The Green Mile, you will understand the analogy made of what happens when Dr. Nemeh prays for someone. Dr. Issam Nemeh is literally pulling out pain… Into his own body.

2 thoughts on “Pulling Out Pain

  1. Marykay, yes and no. I know someone who saw Dr Nemeh in the office, received partial 50% healing, and not 100%. Doctor said when this person surrenders totally it will be healed 100%

  2. When Jesus heals, the Bible says it’s complete. When Dr Nemeh explains this process of healing from God, he truly makes it so positive an experience that there can be no bad outcome. He is just wonderful to listen to. How powerful these messages are. Our acceptance and preparedness that Dr. Nemeh explains brings to life a focus, that I have only heard from Blind Faith Live.
    Thank you Philip and your team.

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