Road Trip to Rhoda Wise House


Miracle Moment – Rhoda Wise HousePeggy McDonald
Peggy McDonald wanted to die. The pain from her endometriosis was so debilitating, that she just wanted out. For Peggy, the way out began with Kathy Nemeh, with no knowledge of the disorder, placing her hand over Peggy’s intestines and saying “you have a lot going on here.” The pain and all the remnants of the endometriosis fibroids were moments away from disappearing.

Road trip! We pay a visit to the former home of stigmatist, Rhoda Wise. In the late 1930’s and through the 1940’s until her death, Jesus and St. Therese, The Little Flower, purportedly appeared several times to Rhoda. Thousands would gather outside the home in Canton, Ohio, to watch light pour down from the heavens onto the house and then out through the windows, while Jesus and St. Therese appeared to this woman who carried the painful wounds of Christ. Many miracles are attributed to visits to this home. We talked to Karen Sigler, who now resides in the Wise home and has been a part of this story for the past 32 years.

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